I have a public repo using the "git-flow" branching model. Because of that all forks feature/bugfix branches should base on "dev" not on "master". And all PullRequests should target "dev".

My problem is that most of my contributors don't follow this rules. Because it is a FOSS project I don't blame my contributors not reading or understanding the contribution information. As a FOSS maintainer I'm happy about every contributor and I don't want to drive them away with to much rules and guidelines.

Most of them to "git checkout -b myfix" on "main". And PRs are created against "main".

How do you solve problems like this?

I would like to have a pre-branch-create hook. In that case I could warn if someone tries to create a new branch that is based on "main".
I warning would be enough. It shouldn't be blocking.

Do you have any advise?


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