Hi, I am just getting started with Git.  Our organization uses Subversion 
and we are thinking of moving to Git for new projects.  I think it will be 
crucial to standardize on an agreed branching workflow, which should be as 
simple as possible.

With Subversion, most of our development is on trunk, but we do use 
branches for features or personal work. We tend not to use release branches.

I have seen various workflow types. For example, GitLab documentation 
briefly describes Centralized, Feature branching and Trunk-based 
development workflows (though I can't quite see the difference between 
Centralized and Trunk-based). But there doesn't seem to be an explanation 
of the commands needed for each workflow.

Would it be possible to have a recommendation for a workflow and to point 
me to an implementation of it? That is, I am hoping to see Git commands for 
the various stages of the workflow.

Best regards

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