> >I don't know a lot about typo3, but I assume it has either a style
> > chooser, or a css template that you can edit by hand.  I think they
> > layout of the site is spot on, and I think that the colours are fine, but
> > can have a look at a slightly different style if you like.
> the design comes from a standard html template and CSS file. 
Sounds good.  Where is it edited?  Or where can I get a copy to work on?

> >I am really interested in this site, as it is the only one of it's kind,
> > and think that it could be a considerable resource for new and
> > experienced users of git to collate tutorials and things like that.  I
> > think it's invaluable for git to be able to have this centralised
> > resource, and so would be more than happy to devote some time to getting
> > it up and running.
> my reason was, to do something for the community :-)
> cu denny

Brilliant.  I'm happy to contribute!



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