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There is now a development fork of git from Darcs, which aims to provide classical cvs functionality with a git backend. The Darcs developer, Juliusz Chroboczek, writes:

"Darcs-git is deliberately Darcs, not Git. All commands either work in the same way on Git repositories as on Darcs repositories, or they fail. If you're a Darcs user, you'll like darcs-git. If you're a Git user, you'll probably find it infuriating.

On the other hand, Darcs-git uses stock Git repositories; a Darcs command either works as-is on a Git repository, or fails."

At the moment, not all options are supported, but the main functions are working:

  • darcs changes
  • darcs whatsnew
  • darcs pull
  • darcs send
  • darcs record

Some functions have problems, such as 'diff' and 'changes' with any arguments.

We will see if the development fork does merge into the main branch. It's not trivial work, because of the differing principles of the repositories.
The whole message can be read here. The email also includes a tutorial to manage the kernel source with darcs and git.

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