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stefan pushed a change to annotated tag v1.14.0-beta1
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        at  a18908c   (tag)
   tagging  ae8afa2748b7219d8382965aab599c4be1510935 (commit)
  replaces  v1.14.0-alpha1
 tagged by  Stefan Schmidt
        on  Mon Apr 13 16:26:26 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Carsten Haitzler (9):
      edje_cc - handle image sets that are empty by skipping them
      eian threadqueue - be clearer on the message struct/format limitations
      ecore x vsync - ensure drm fb is set to close on exec - intended
      evas - gl common engine - dont complain on every surace opt fetch
      efreetd - improve sanity checking for recursive icon monitoring
      efreetd - startup slowness fix for recursing directories
      efreetd - cache generators - dont unlink then rename - fix
      efreetd - fix loading of extra_icons.dirs and icon.exts to not lose char
      efreed cache - fix coverity warning on rm cleanup on sanity check

Cedric BAIL (2):
      evas: _op_blend_p_dp_neon and _op_blend_pas_dp_neon miscalculation fix
      ecore_evas: remove unwanted binary.

Christopher Michael (55):
      ecore-drm: Create all framebuffers using XRGB8888 by default
      evas-drm: Remove evas_bufmgr.c from the Evas Drm engine
      ecore-drm: Add width & height to Ecore_Drm_Fb structure
      evas-drm: Use Ecore_Drm_Fb for framebuffers
      ecore-drm: Move Eeze Udev Watch to Drm Device
      ecore-drm: Fix formatting
      ecore-drm: Add more connector types
      ecore-drm: Fix issue with edid_parse_string truncating strings
      ecore-drm: Fix formatting
      ecore-drm: Better output name format
      ecore-drm: Send ECORE_DRM_EVENT_OUTPUT on unplug also
      ecore-drm: Set mode flag for preferred if this is the preferred mode
      ecore-drm: Remove debug line from launcher
      ecore-drm: Fix output_geometry_get function
      ecore-drm: Add support for DPMS on an output
      ecore-drm: Improve drm output creation, mode detection, and cloning 
      ecore-drm: Add API function to set output gamma
      ecore-drm: Add API function to mark a Framebuffer as dirty
      evas-drm: Use ecore_drm_fb_dirty function to mark framebuffer as dirty
      ecore-drm: Delay destroy of output if there is a pending flip
      ecore-drm: Fix issue of outputs_geometry_get not skipping cloned outputs
      ecore-drm: Remove per-output framebuffers
      ecore-drm: Add API to setup the drm device for software rendering
      ecore-drm: Update drm device & output code to remove per-output dumb 
      ecore-evas-drm: Setup Ecore_Drm_Device for software rendering
      ecore-drm: Add API function to disable an output
      ecore-drm: Update device active state on VT switch and use new 
output_disable function
      ecore-drm: Skip repaints if we are VT switched away
      ecore-drm: Create drmEventContext Once during device open
      ecore-drm: Move drm headers to Ecore_Drm
      ecore-drm: Remove unused API function that should not have been committed
      ecore-drm: Move doxygen documentation to main Ecore_Drm header
      ecore-drm: Add API function to find an output at given coordinates
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return an output crtc buffer id
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return an output's crtc id
      ecore-drm: Whitespace removal
      ecore-drm: Add an API function to return the connector id of an output
      ecore-drm: Add 2 new API functions for setting and sending framebuffers
      ecore-drm: Add private structure used during pageflip calls
      ecore-drm: Modify device pageflip function to accept ecore_drm_fb 
      ecore-drm: Change @since 1.15 to @since 1.14 for newly added APIs
      ecore-evas-drm: Use new Ecore_Drm functions to get properties of the 
      evas-drm: Cleanup Engine Info structure
      evas-drm: Cleanup evas_engine header file
      evas-drm: Cleanup drm engine code
      evas-drm: Make evas drm engine use new ecore_drm functions
      evas-drm: Remove evas_drm file from build order
      evas-drm: Add back in the r, g, b masks for conversion
      efl: Remove dead configure options for drm-hw-accel
      evas: Fix CID1293000 (resource leak)
      ector: Fix Coverity CID1293003
      evas-3d: Fix Resource leak from CID1271635
      edje: Fix dereference null return value
      evas-gl-x11: Fix dereference before null check
      evas-software-x11: Fix dereference before null check(s)

ChunEon Park (2):
      evas common: NEON version of evas_common_convert_argb_premul.
      evas common: make logic same to c code version.

Conrad Meyer (6):
      Ecore IMF: Add @since tags to new fields
      Evas GL: Add @since 1.14 flags to Evas_Native_Surface
      Edje: Remove excessive casts and use type Edje_Object
      ecore_main.c: Refactor purely duplicate ecore_main_fd_handler_file_add()
      autotools: use bash for gen_shaders*.sh
      ecore_audio: include libgen.h on FreeBSD to define basename(3)

Dongyeon Kim (3):
      Evas GL: reset current surface to NULL when it is destroyed
      Evas GL: remove direct surfaces hash
      Evas GL: Add missing dlopen for GLX 1.x version

Felipe Magno de Almeida (8):
      efl interfaces: Fix conditional for generation for pkgconfig for C++
      emile: Fix eina examples compilation when using a different build 
      evas-3d: Fix example compilation of evas_3d_blending
      eio model: Removed non-existent library linking
      eio-model: Fix Eio model races in tests
      eio-model: Fixed crash when files are created in the temporary dir
      eio_monitor: Removed unnecessary eio_file_direct_stat
      eio-model: Fixed concurrent access to filter_cb and monitoring empty 

Jaehwan Kim (1):
      evas_object_box: add MAGIC_CHECK when it is added.

Jaeun Choi (1):
      eina: eina_unicode_utf8_next_get should return 0

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (9):
      Evas masking: Avoid potential crashes (SW)
      Evas: Fix use of uninitialized values
      eina: Add NULL check for eina_threadqueue_free
      Evas image: Return proper path even with mmap
      Evas GL common: Only push color VBO for map when required
      Evas GL common: Fix size of vertices data buffer
      Emile: Fix memory leak
      Evas GL common: Enable vertex arrays only when requested
      Evas GL common: Properly disable texuv3 when only texuv2 is used

Jihoon Kim (1):
      eina: fix typos in doxygen

Mike Blumenkrantz (2):
      ecore-file: use hash for finding monitors
      efreetd: temporarily blacklist saving and monitoring root directory

Oleksandr Shcherbina (2):
      [evas/evas_3D] Some fixes in evas-3d-shadows example
      [evas/evas_3D] Uninitialized component of vector gl_FragColor in 
shadow_map shader

Srivardhan Hebbar (1):
      ecore_con: fix stack overflow in ecore_con_url_timer issue.

Stefan Schmidt (9):
      edje: Add since for new edje_color_class_active_iterator_new()
      edje: Add since tag for new edje_mmap_color_class_iterator_new()
      edje: Add since tag for new edje_file_iterator_new()
      eina: Add since tag for new eina_list_data_idx()
      eina: Add since tag for new eina_simple_xml_attribute_w3c_parse()
      eina_quad: Add since tags for new eina_quad*()
      eina_matrix: Add since tags to all new functions in 1.14
      build: Make sure the ecore_drm Makefile gets included after its 
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.14.0-beta1 release

Subhransu Mohanty (1):
      ector: don't apply transformation on clips in Cairo backend.

Tom Hacohen (4):
      Ector: Ship missing headers.
      Ector: clean up makefile a bit.
      Evas object: verify the parent is valid and fail if not.
      Ector: Fix distcheck.

Vitalii Vorobiov (1):
      Edje: Edje_Edit - new part addition should initialise threshold as -1

kabeer khan (1):
      ecore_file tests: Added new tests in ecore_file

mythri.venugopal (1):
      Evas GL: Add missed GLES 3.0 functions in evgl_load_gles3_api.

pierre lamot (2):
      AUTHORS: update
      ecore_cocoa: fix scrollwheel behavior

woochan lee (2):
      Delete whitespaces, fix indentation in header, eo files
      Delete whitespaces for header and eo files


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