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    fill in some sample "Real docs" for evas_object_del -> to discuss
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diff --git a/pages/docs/ref/lib/efl/gen/c/key/evas_object_del.txt 
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+++ b/pages/docs/ref/lib/efl/gen/c/key/evas_object_del.txt
@@ -1,16 +1,42 @@
+~~Title: evas_object_del()~~
 <code c>
 void evas_object_del(Evas_Object *obj)
-Sample page for evas_object_del
+This marks the given Evas object ''obj'' for deletion (when Evas will free
+its memory). Objects are not freed immediately. They are deferred until
+after 1 or more render cycles because objects present a graph in the
+Evas canvas (one object may clip another for example) and thus must be kept
+around for update calculation. Over time such objects will be garbage
+collected by the rendering of the canvas. This will also hide the
+object, if it has been shown.
-Fill this in and argue about formatting...
+Note that if the object has more references (created by
+''evas_object_ref()'' and ''evas_object_unref()'' for example), then
+deletion will wait until all these references have been given up with
-== See Also ==
+If the object has no outstanding references, at this point the
+''EVAS_CALLBACK_DEL'' callback will be called on this object, informing
+all listeners of the callback of this deletion. At a later point when
+the object is actually really cleaned up, the ''EVAS_CALLBACK_FREE''
+event callback will get called.
+If the object had the focus at the time of deletion, the
+''EVAS_CALLBACK_FOCUS_OUT'' event callbacks will also be called at this
+Note that all objects contained in an Evas canvas are deleted when the
+canvas is deleted, so there is no neeed to go delete them separately.
+== See Also ==
 <code c>


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