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stefan pushed a change to annotated tag v1.14.0-beta2
in repository core/efl.

        at  78da5d4   (tag)
   tagging  b81b29eba2f30ee2168af90cc546c5f557f5e5f4 (commit)
  replaces  v1.14.0-beta1
 tagged by  Stefan Schmidt
        on  Mon Apr 20 12:52:02 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Adrien Nader (1):
      ecore_win32: don't fail if OleInitialize() had been called before.

Carsten Haitzler (3):
      efreetd - cache - mark cd as const as it isnt needing a free on return
      emotion - gst1 module - handle long standing bad map/unmap of gst buf
      emotion gst1 module - remove printf

Cedric BAIL (9):
      evas: split software backend use of ector surface in an attempt to fix 
windows build.
      evas: split ector surface from gl generic backend in an attempt to fix 
windows build.
      eio: correct header inclusion for Windows.
      eina: remove warning from eina_str tests.
      epp: fix annotate.
      evas: more fix for include order in an attempt to fix Windows build.
      eio: reorder include to fix build on Windows.
      eio: this should not be visible outside of this file.
      eio: forgot to test when xattr tests are disable.

Christopher Michael (7):
      efreetd: If we fail to allocate space for subdir_cache, then get out
      evas-drm: Handle render mode for 4 buffers
      ecore-drm: Add pending_flip field to Ecore_Drm_Fb
      evas-drm: Mark the Ecore_Drm_Fb as complete when we get the page flip 
      ecore-drm: Fix hotplugging of outputs
      ecore-drm: Fix mouse movement across multiple outputs
      ecore-drm: Don't fetch output geometry on every mouse movement

Daniel Kolesa (2):
      eio: reorder tests linkage to unbreak debian-based systems
      mailmap: update q66

Felipe Magno de Almeida (4):
      cxx: Made automake files depend on their C counterparts for compilation
      eina-cxx: Fix compilation error on clang
      eolian-cxx: Fix dependency problem in makefile
      eio-cxx: Added Eio.hh to .gitignore file

Jaehwan Kim (1):
      eo: add eo_error_get

Jaeun Choi (1):
      evas: restore the value of "do_region" in jpeg loader as EINA_TRUE

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (20):
      Evas GL common: Fix masking of maps based on RGB+A textures
      Emile image: Fix decoding of ETC1+Alpha images
      Evas GL masking: Skip fast path if colorspace is not supported
      Evas GL common: Fix texture preload with RGB+Alpha
      Evas GL common: Fix RGB+A textures
      Evas render: Fix double-clipping issue with maps
      Evas GL generic: Fix log domain
      Evas GL: Fallback to indirect rendering if mul_col != 0xFFFFFFFF
      Evas GL: Disable direct rendering if there is a map
      Evas GL: Add some safety code
      Emile: Reduce ERR logs on invalid JPEG images
      Evas render: Fix debug logs
      Evas masking: Skip GL fast path for border images
      Evas GL_X11: Fix memory leak
      Eina tests: suppress warnings over deprecated functions
      Eina tests: fix warning about pointer signedness
      Evas tests: Add debug logs telling people to ignore ERR
      Evas: Remove callbacks in reverse order with callback_del
      Evas tests: Add callback_del order test
      Evas: Fix memory leak

Mike Blumenkrantz (2): fix syntax error
      evas sw: fix compile warning

Oleksandr Shcherbina (1):
      evas: fix possible segfault in evas_3d_node_member_add/del.

Sohyun Kim (2):
      Evas textblock: remove freed item from the line list
      edje: refactor styles_del() logic like styles_add()

Srivardhan Hebbar (2):
      ecore_con: add test cases related to cookies.
      ecore_con: add test cases for ecore_con_eet.

Stefan Schmidt (3):
      tests/eeze: Disable libcheck timeout like we do for the rest of our suites
      bindings/eo: Only install Eo.hh once to avoid failing double install
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.14.0-beta2 release

Subhransu Mohanty (3):
      eina: updated matrix_translate, matrix_scale and matrix_rotate 
implementation to do compose of the matrix in not identity matrix.
      evas: update matrix calulation as the behaviour of eina_matrix api 
      evas: update Evas_Object_VG examples to use eina_matrix api correctly 
after change.

Tom Hacohen (2):
      Revert "eo: add eo_error_get"
      Revert "edje: refactor styles_del() logic like styles_add()"

Vincent Torri (2):
      eio: headers are part of the source code and should be handle like they 
      evil: remove unused files (evil_p*) and uneeded evil_uuid.c file (managed 
by mingw-w64)

Vitor Sousa (8):
      eolian_cxx: Declaring all inherited events on the concrete C++ wrapper
      eina_cxx: Add eina::string_view class (non owning reference to string)
      eolian_cxx: Add protected methods and events to C++ wrappers and fixes
      ecore_cxx: Fix perfect forward of callback argument
      eo_cxx: Fix signal_connection disconnect crash
      eina_cxx: Fix compatibility between eina::optionals of convertible types
      eina_cxx: Add methods to get an eina::accessor from an eina::ptr_array
      eolain_cxx: Fix C++ support for new Eolian features

Yomi (1):
      edje: fix misspelling of annotate.

kabeer khan (4):
      ecore_file: improved Ecore_File_Download test.
      eio: add new tests for eio.
      ecore_file: fix crashing test of ecore_file
      ecore_file: less confusing documentation of ecore_file_download API

se.osadchy (2):
      evas: fix compilation in the Evas 3D examples.
      evas: fix bug in Evas_3D examples.

vivek (1):
      eio: add test cases for eio xattr module.


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