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++-******~~Title: EFL Mainloop~~
+=== Mainloop in detail ===
+{{ :docs:efl:mainloop.svg?nolink |Application Mainloop}}
+The mainloop will sit and iterate forever until something flags it to stop. 
This is your "event pump" for your application and it has many stages in it for 
different purposes to allow fine-grained control over your loop. Of course 
threads can be used and interact with this mainloop almost like it was another 
process, by sending messages to it and waking it up. But first let us deal with 
it in a simple single-threaded form. The mainloop has the following stages:
+== Stages in each mainloop iteration ==
+^Stage ^Description ^Callbacks called^
+|[[#Idle]]  |Totally asleep waiting on timeouts or I/O UNLESS idlers are 
registered | [[ecore_idlers]] are called in a tight loop, one after the other 
during this time |
+|**[[#Wakeup]]** | This is a special timepoint and it is stored and can be 
retrieved with ecore_loop_time_get() | |
+|**[[#Idle Exit]]** |Coming out of the idle state due to a timeout or I/O 
event |[[ecore_idle_exiters]] all called here, if registered|
+|**[[#FD Event handling]]** |File Descriptors (fd's) are processed here (read 
from or written to) and events queued |[[ecore_fd_handlers]] callbacks called 
here (read, write, buffer) |
+|**[[#Event filtering]]** |Filter out events we don't want now that we have 
gathered all pending I/O | [[ecore_event_filters]] callbacks called here |
+|**[[#Event handling]]** |Regular event handling (in order) and events may 
still be generated and added to the queue as a result of event handling via 
ecore_event_add() or ecore_job_add() for example |[[ecore_event_handlers]] 
callbacks called here as well as [[ecore_timers]] callbacks, 
[[ecore_animators]] callbacks for animation, [[ecore_jobs]] callbacks, and 
almost all the UI callbacks (such as mouse click events, enter/leave, key 
events, other widget changes etc.) |
+|**[[#Entering idle]]** |The mainloop is about to go idle again now that 
everything has been processed | [[ecore_idle_enterers]] are called here (the 
first of which may be the [[evas_rendering]] related callbacks which will 
calculate widget and object changes, actually trigger rendering etc., depending 
on the order of idlers added via ecore_idle_enterer_add() to the end of the 
idle enterer queue or ecore_idle_enterer_before_add() which adds to the start 
of the idle enterer queue |
+|REPEAT |Go back to the top of this table and repeat | |
+== Idle ==
+Most applications spend the vast majority of their lives being idle. They are 
waiting on something. On input from the user. On data from a network to arrive. 
It is rare that applications are continually processing. Often they want to 
process in quick batches to get an update to the user as soon as possible then 
go back to sleep. Sometimes they do have specific processing needs, and those 
might impact the mainloop if executed directly in-line. EFL Has support for 
various ways of [[threads [...]
+Developers can [[ecore_idlers|register callbacks]] to be called whilst 
sleeping in idle, instead of actually sleeping. This would be pretty poor 
behavior to use often and is highly discouraged. It is a very rare day that you 
need this. If you find yourself using idlers, chances are you are "doing it 
wrong". Re-think what you are doing. If you must register an idler, ensure you 
delete it as soon as it is no longer needed, and that an idler starts and 
finishes as rapidly as possible so it  [...]
+== Wakeup ==
+== Idle Exit ==
+== FD Event Handling ==
+== Event Filtering ==
+== Event Handling ==
+== Entering Idle ==
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