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+~~Title: About EDI~~
+==== EDI (The Enlightenment IDE) ====
+[[https://github.com/ajwillia-ms/edi/releases|Download EDI pre-release here]]
+{{:edi-logo.png?&180&nolink |}}
+EDI is a development environment designed for and built using the EFL.
+Our aim is to create a new, native development environment for Linux that 
makes getting up and running easier than ever before. With so much happening on 
Linux both on the desktop and on mobile we want to help more developers get 
involved in the exciting future of open source development.
+=== Screenshots ===
+=== Features ===
+Building an IDE is a huge task so we have broken down the features into
+phases. We have completed "Basic text editing" and are working on
+"Code aware editor". Once that is done "Basic IDE" will commence. More details 
are available on the [[https://phab.enlightenment.org/w/projects/edi/|project 
+So far the main features include:
+  * Editing and saving text files
+  * Tabbed browsing of open files
+  * Opening editor in a new window
+  * Displaying directory for the project (directory)
+  * Link files out to external viewers / editors
+  * No screen waste (toolbar, menu, tab are out of the way of the developer)
+  * Info panel with logs and useful output
+  * Create new file
+  * Simple build functions
+  * Search & replace in file
+  * Line numbers & go to line
+  * Creation of new projects from name input and skeleton project files
+  * Syntax highlighting
+  * Diff rendering
+If you have ideas for features please let us know in the #edi-ide room on 
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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ We eat our own dog food. We use our libraries not just to 
make [[:about-enlighte
 {{  :shot-rage.png?nolink&240}}
-We have some of the usual suspects like a [[:about-terminology|terminal 
emulator]], a [[:about-rage|video player]], and even the start of an IDE.
+We have some of the usual suspects like a [[:about-terminology|terminal 
emulator]], a [[:about-rage|video player]], and even the start of 
[[:about-edi|an IDE]].
 Even [[http://www.tizen.org|native Tizen applications]] use EFL for their 
development because we have focused on remaining lean and still featureful. 
Unlike many traditional toolkits, we have based ourselves around a scene graph 
from the ground up, making EFL very different in nature, yet allowing us to 
seamlessly switch from software rendering to OpenGL or any other mechanism that 
can be put in a render engine for the canvas scene graph engine we call Evas, 
as well as layer widgets and  [...]


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