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 See [[about-rage|the Rage page]] for more details.
+{{:edi-logo.png?&128&nolink |}}
+== EDI (The Enlightenment IDE) ==
+EDI is a development environment designed for and built using the EFL.
+Our aim is to create a new, native development environment for Linux that makes
+getting up and running easier than ever before. With so much happening on Linux
+both on the desktop and on mobile we want to help more developers get involved 
+n the exciting future of open source development.
+See [[about-edi|the EDI page]] for more details.
 === Media ===
 If you want media like official logos, screenshots etc. please see
-[[media|our media page]] for details.
\ No newline at end of file
+[[media|our media page]] for details.


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