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    Add contribute page, explaining how to contribute to E project. We need now 
to add Flattr and Paypal button. One option is to install flattr and paypal 
plugins here and here or let type html syntax inside markdown:
    The page is still not yet linked with the topbar.
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+~~Title: Contribute~~
+==== How to contribute to Enlightenment ====
+=== Give time ===
+If you have free time, help is welcome in different areas:
+  * Developers: See the [[docs|documentation]], subscribe to the
+[[contact|mailing lists]], create a [[|phab
+account]], have a look at the opened tasks, join [[contact|IRC channel]] to get
+help on how to start coding 
+  * Writers: to help improve the documentation 
+  * Translators: to translate Enlightenment, Terminology, Edi, ...  
+  * Designers: to help to get edje themes of all applications better
+=== Donate money ===
+Enlightenment project needs money for different reasons :
+  * Maintain servers, on which are running all the sevices : git, phab, 
mailing lists, ...
+  * Promote the project by organising or participating in events (FOSDEM, ELC, 
LinuxTag, ...)
+  * Buy hardware for developping and testing purpose.
+Enlightenment Association is a non-profit organisation, under French
+law. Enlightenment association has its own bank account and is responsible for 
running and
+maintaining the Enlightenment servers.  
+Donate to Enlightenment via PayPal or Flattr you can donnate money to the
+project through Enlightenment's PayPal account. There is no minimal amount for
+your donation.  If you click on one of the buttons below, you will be taken to
+the secure PayPal Web site.  You don't need to have a paypal account in order 
+make a donation.


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