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kuuko pushed a change to annotated tag v1.14.0
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        at  7bf2cd5   (tag)
   tagging  1011cb76df9adf516be79426bbee298eb962ae3e (commit)
  replaces  v1.13.0
 tagged by  Kai Huuhko
        on  Thu May 7 12:16:14 2015 +0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Python-EFL release 1.14.0
Version: GnuPG v2


Dave Andreoli (28):
      Now start the 1.14 development cycle
      Fix the signature of the un/highlight List callback to include the item.
      Remove a wrong line from the previous commit
      Use consistent indentation style with the rest of the code
      Image.memfile_set: do not raise exceptions.
      Correct commit count
      Fix for cython 0.22
      Fix Scroller doc
      Fix Photocam.internal_image to actually work
      Fix code to conform to recent Eo changes.
      Some tests for SmartObject callbacks
      New 1.14 property: Evas.Image.orient
      New 1.14 function: Elm.Transit.go_in()
      New 1.14 API: elm.Photocam.image_orient
      Test Elm.Image: use new EVAS_ORIENT_* enums
      New 1.14 API: 
      New 1.14 API: elm.Slider.indicator_visible_mode
      New 1.14 API: file_get for Video and Layout
      Fix elm.Video test to work again
      New 1.14 API: elm.Scroller.loop
      New 1.14 API: edje.text_class_get() and edje.Edje.text_class_get()
      New 1.14 API: item,longressed signal for Multibuttonentry
      New 1.14 signal: Colorselector changed,user
      Release: 1.14.0-beta1
      Update Changelog with recent fixes
      Changed slideshow to use new-style item data.
      Updated Changelog
      Add the data property for SlideshowItem

Kai Huuhko (90):
      Elementary.image: Add memfile support
      Elementary: Add module systray
      Examples.elementary: Update fs_entry/btn tests
      Evas: Rename Object.parent_get to smart_parent_get
      Remove tests that were infact wrong.
      Elementary.systray: Follow Eo changes
      Elementary.window: Improve documentation of Window constructor
      tests.evas: Add a valid, failing test for Rect.intercepts
      Evas.Rect: Rename intercepts to intersects, correct the algorithm
      Tests: Change test names to reflect the change from last commit
      Evas.Rect: Optimizations
      Evas: Optimize rect getters class initialization Add an iterator for Box's children
      Elementary.scroller: Documentation fixes
      Elementary.scroller: Make ScrollerWidget private
      Documentation: Add some functional coloring and visual cues
      Documentation: Switch syntax highlighting (pygments) style to monokai
      Elementary: Documentation fixes
      Evas: Bring back SmartObject
      Evas.SmartObject: rewrite because of changes in Cython 0.21.1
      Evas.SmartObject: Change tests and examples in accordance to new API
      Evas.SmartObject: Fix issues in the new API implementation
      Evas: Remove now redundant SmartObject metaclass
      Evas.SmartObject: Fix crash when Smart is re-used
      Evas.SmartObject: Add smart_get, commented out parent getter
      Evas.SmartObject: Use the correct function when deleting data
      Evas.SmartObject: Allow callback calls even when obj is NULL
      Evas.SmartObject: Add unicode/py3k safety to callback methods
      Evas.SmartObject: Switch to using C implementation of ClippedSO
      Evas: Copy SO methods member_add/del to Object.smart_member_add/del
      Evas.SmartObject: Move documentation to right places
      Make Evas.SO iterator a generic Eo iterator and move to efl.eo
      Evas.SmartObject: Trivial changes
      Evas.SmartObject: Handle object deletion in a saner way
      Move smart callback handling from elm Object to evas SO and inherit
      Evas.SmartObject: changed smart event callback add/del methods to cdef
      Evas.SmartObject: Simplify callback handler code
      Evas.SmartObject: Keep refs in a list
      Evas: Change SmartCb event_info conversions into C functions
      Evas.SmartObject: Revert SmartCb add/del mechanism partially
      Evas.SmartObject: Improve Smart cb handling
      Evas.SmartObject: Change SmartCb spec into a custom object
      Evas.SmartObject: Optimize python cb call
      Evas.SmartObject: Keep reference to Smart in the SO object
      Evas.Object: Re-order the methods into sections, cosmetic
      Evas.Object: Add more documentation for size hints from C headers
      Elementary.Object: Use Evas.Object._set_obj()
      Evas.SmartObject: Go back to the old cb system
      Evas.SmartObject: Optimize Smart calls
      Evas.SmartObject: Add smart callback introspection
      Ecore-X: Add cursor_shape_get()
      Ecore-X: Add cursor_free, deprecate screensaver_supend
      Ecore-X: Fix copy & paste error in last commit
      Eo: Add the property 'parent' Fix Cython specific options
      Evas.SmartObject: Use calloc to allocate the array
      Evas: Optimize Smart methods
      Evas.SmartObject: Fix smart callbacks with NULL event_info
      Evas.Rect: Use inline and nogil to optimize the intersection helper
      Elm.Naviframe: Add item_pop_cb, missing event_info for events
      Elm.Toolbar: Add missing event_info to events
      Elm.Naviframe: Fix item_pop_cb call
      Tests: Fix custom smart event callbacks' tests
      Fix method/prop highlight color with Sphinx 1.3
      Evas.SmartObject: Add more docs to move_children_relative()
      Update TODO and INSTALL
      Elm: Handle init and shutdown inside the module
      Elm: Add ecore events defined in elm_general.h
      Elm: Add object layer enums
      Elm: Clarify init/shutdown change
      Elm: Add forgotten versionadded
      Use atexit to shutdown eo, evas and ecore modules
      Elm.Entry: Fix compile warning and doc issues
      Elm: Move ecore events registration to init()
      Elm.Systray: Fix compile
      Elm.Systray: Fix compile warning
      Elm: Move ecore events registration out of init
      Documentation: Sphinx 1.3 compatibility fixes
      Documentation: Prettify warning/note boxes, class headers
      Evas: Fix documentation
      Emotion: Fix documentation paragraph title
      Examples: Add systray test/example to the main menu
      Evas.Textgrid: Fix memleak
      Small clarifications to ChangeLog
      Add automated init/shutdown to rest of the modules
      Remove init/shutdown from elm and emotion main tests
      Removed init/shutdown calls from tests and examples
      elm.Toolbar: Note earlier changes to events and update example
      Examples: Fixed ecore_x and dbus examples
      Bump version for 1.14.0 release


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