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 ==== Window Manager ====
-{{  :shot-enlightenment.png?nolink&480}}
+{{  :shot-enlightenment.png?nolink&320}}
 [[:about-enlightenment|Enlightenment]] started as a project to build a Window 
Manager for X11. That was way back in 1996. It has grown much since. It still 
produces this Window Manager, but it has evolved to also cover Mobile, Wearable 
and TV UI needs for projects such as [[http://www.tizen.org|Tizen]] as well as 
traditional the "desktop" UI. We still push out releases, so see our 
[[:download|download]] page for more details on the latest releases, or see our 
[[:contribute|contribute]] p [...]
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ We still primarily support Linux for Enlightenment, but there 
is some effort (ba
 ==== Libraries ====
-{{  :diagram-block-efl.png?nolink&}}
+{{  :diagram-block-efl.png?nolink&320}}
 In the process of developing a Window Manager, A set of libraries were 
developed in order to achieve that goal. These libraries are known collectively 
as [[:about-efl|EFL]]. They cover a range of functionality from main-loop, to 
graphics, scene graphs, networking, widgets, data storage, IPC and much more.


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