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@@ -28,29 +28,29 @@ EFL is a range of libraries that cover APIs to solve every 
day problems we, and
 You will use a range of libraries to make use of the above, and so learning 
the naming of these is important to know where to look. They will be in Ecore, 
Evas, Edje, Elementary (Elm), Ecore_IMF, Eet, Emotion, Ecore_Con, Ecore_IPC, 
Eio, Eldbus, Elocation, Ecore_Audio, Ecore_File and Efreet. It is very useful 
to know the names of parts of EFL and what they are responsible for:
 ^Component   ^Domain                       ^Description ^
-|Ecore       |Mainloop Input & Display     | |
-|Ector       |Vector Graphics              | |
-|Edje        |Theme Graphics & Animation   | |
-|Eet         |Data Storage & Serialization | |
-|Eeze        |Device UDev Wrapper          | |
-|Efl         |Core Shared                  | |
-|Efreet      |Standards (Fredesktop.org)   | |
-|Eina        |Core Data Types              | |
-|Eio         |Async I/O                    | |
-|Eldbus      |Dbus & Event Glue            | |
-|Elementary  |High Level & Widgets         | |
-|Elocation   |Location                     | |
-|Elua        |Lua Execution                | |
-|Embryo      |Bytecode VM & Compiler       | |
-|Emile       |Compression & Encryption     | |
-|Emotion     |Video & Audio Olayback       | |
-|Eo          |Object System                | |
-|Eloian      |Object Code Generation       | |
-|Ephysics    |Physics & Object Glue        | |
-|Escape      |PS3 LibC Filler              | |
-|Ethumb      |Image Thumbnailer            | |
-|Evas        |Scene Graph & Rendering      | |
-|Evil        |Windows LibC Filler          | |
+|Ecore       |Mainloop Input & Display     |Mainloop, low level display and 
input system, connections and IPC |
+|Ector       |Vector Graphics              |*INTERNAL* Vector rendering API 
used by Evas |
+|Edje        |Theme Graphics & Animation   |Layout and abstraction for 
graphical elements that lay out items to define a look and feel with animation 
and basic event response |
+|Eet         |Data Storage & Serialization |Data structure serialization and 
multi-key data storage in files with compression and encryption with fast 
random-access read |
+|Eeze        |Device UDev Wrapper          |A thin wrapper over UDev for 
finding devices on Linux |
+|Efl         |Core Shared                  |*INTERNAL* Core things shared 
between EFL libraries |
+|Efreet      |Standards                    |Handle desktop file, menus and 
icons from freedesktop.org |
+|Eina        |Core Data Types              |Core utilities for threading, data 
types (lists, hashes etc.) and more |
+|Eio         |Async I/O                    |Handle async File I/O |
+|Eldbus      |D-Bus & Event Glue           |Glue in D-Bus protocol handling as 
a client and server into EFL |
+|Elementary  |High Level & Widgets         |High level wrapper on EFL as well 
as a full widget set with buttons, boxes, scrollers, sliders etc. |
+|Elocation   |Location                     |Used for location and mapping 
services |
+|Elua        |Lua Execution                |*INTERNAL* Lua wrapper and 
convenience layer for running a Lua script engine |
+|Embryo      |Bytecode VM & Compiler       |A compiler and tiny VM execution 
library for the Small/Pawn language used by Edje for scripting |
+|Emile       |Compression & Encryption     |*INTERNAL* Compression and 
encryption utilities and abstractions |
+|Emotion     |Video & Audio Playback       |Wrapping Gstreamer, Xine and/or 
VLC to provide Video playback in Evas objects as well as audio playback 
controls |
+|Eo          |Object System                |Core object system for EFL with 
handling of classes, references, inheritance, safe object access and method 
execution etc. |
+|Eloian      |Object Code Generation       |Used with Eo to generate both C 
boilerplate src, and for generating bindings |
+|Ephysics    |Physics & Object Glue        |Glues the Bullet physics library 
to Evas objects and is used by Edje |
+|Escape      |PS3 LibC Filler              |*INTERNAL* Fills in missing LibC 
functionality for PS3 |
+|Ethumb      |Image Thumbnailer            |A library and service for async 
thumbnail generation and caching |
+|Evas        |Scene Graph & Rendering      |A complete scene graph and 
rendering abstraction as well as event router for UI and general graphics needs 
+|Evil        |Windows LibC Filler          |*INTERNAL* Fills in missing LibC 
functionality for Windows |
 We will make an assumption that you have a reasonable grasp of the C 
programming language here. Perhaps you might want to read the [[docs/c/start]] 
if you are new to C, or need a refresher.


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