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@@ -87,19 +87,19 @@ The level is used for controlling which messages should 
appear. It specifies the
 To set the general log level you can use the EINA_LOG_LEVEL variable:
 <code bash>
-EINA_LOG_LEVEL=5 ./myapp
 Or you can use a finer selection using the EINA_LOG_LEVELS variable:
 <code bash>
-EINA_LOG_LEVELS=module1:5,module2:2,module3:0 ./myapp
+EINA_LOG_LEVELS=module1:5,module2:2,module3:0 myapp
 This line would set module1 level to 5, module2 level to 2 and module3 level 
to 0. 
 <code bash>
 This will disable eina_log output from all internal eina code thus allowing 
you to see your own domain messages easier.


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