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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ use cases that you can reproduce.
 It gives you approaches to know if the bug comes from your application or
 from EFL libraries.
+Then, if you are sure the bug does not come from your
+application, you can [[/debugging/report_bugs|report a bug]].
 In this tutorial, log level and 4 use cases will be studied:
   - [[apps_efl_debugging#Log level]]
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+~~Title: Report bugs~~
+==== Report Bugs on Phabricator ====
+    * Be precise
+    * Be clear
+    * Only one bug a report
+    * Only report a bug in 
+    * Read what you wrote
+=== Before reporting ===
+//**__Can you reproduce the bug?__**//
+Try to reproduce the bug with the latest version of the software, it could
+already be fixed. If it is not the case, make sure the bug is reproducible,
+make sure you have not changed a setting somewhere and know the way to get it.
+//**__Has someone else already reported the issue?__**//
+Check on https://phab.enlightenment.org/maniphest/query/all/ if your bug has
+already been reported, if not you can report it.
+//**__Where to report the bug?__**//
+Only report a bug in https://phab.enlightenment.org/maniphest/task/create/.\\
+Don't send bug reports and patches to the Enlightenment mailing list, bugs
+will be lost. If there is more discussion needed add a bug report before or
+after the discussion on the mailing list.
+//**__Is it a visual bug?__**//
+If reporting a visual bug, make absolutely sure you test with the default
+theme. EFL developers do not support other themes, and bug related to other
+themes must be sent directly to the theme's author.
+//**__Are there a lot of traces of valgrind,gdb,etc for your bug?__**//
+If there is a ton of output traces, please attach them as file uploads. And go
+check in [[/debugging/apps_efl_debugging|Application EFL Debugging]] and
+[[/debugging/enlightenment_debugging|Enlightenment Debugging]] sections to get
+=== Reporting bugs ===
+    - Go to https://phab.enlightenment.org/maniphest/task/create/
+    - Fill out at least the following fields:
+        * Title: A short one-sentence summary that explains the problem 
clearly and precisely.
+        * Assigned to: Ignore it, developers will set an assignee.
+        * CC: Ignore it or if you know interested users you can add them.
+        * Priority: Ignore it, set by developers.
+        * Select the project(s) in which you find the bug.
+        * Description :
+            - The way for reproducing the bug step by step: Minimized, 
easy-to-follow steps that will trigger the described problem.
+            - Actual results: What the program errors are, the log traces (if 
it is not too long)
+            - Expected results: what the program should have done if there was 
no bug.
+            - Additional information
+    - To attach a log or screenshot, etc, click on the Upload File button in 
the tool bar of description field.
+    - Read again what you wrote and create task.
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@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ Go check the current available version of EFL on each 
 === Debugging ===
-    * [[debugging/enlightenment_debugging|Enlightenment debugging]]
-    * [[debugging/apps_efl_debugging|EFL application debugging]]
+  * [[debugging/enlightenment_debugging|Enlightenment debugging]]
+  * [[debugging/apps_efl_debugging|EFL application debugging]]
+  * [[debugging/report_bugs|Report bugs on Phabricator]]


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