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+~~Title: Archlinux~~
+==== Archlinux ====
+The way to install Enlightenment on Archlinux is quite easy, use the official
+repo :
+<code bash>
+#depends on elementary
+pacman -S enlightenment
+#EFL-based terminal emulator
+pacman -S terminology #optionnal
+Many apps or efl tools are available in AUR packages, for example with yaourt:
+<code bash>
+yaourt -S clousseau-git
+If you only want elementary with efl :
+<code bash>
+#depends on efl
+pacman -S elementary
+If you want to install enlightenment from sources, make sure you get all the
+<code bash>
+#dependencies for enlightenment
+Then go to [[/docs-efl-start|Get EFL installed]] tutorial, to install
+Enlightenment from sources.
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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ course you can use stable packages for your distribution as 
   * [[docs-efl-start|Get EFL installed from source]]
   * [[distros/ubuntu-start|EFL on Ubuntu (packages and source)]]
+  * [[distros/archlinux-start|EFL on archlinux]]
 === Working with EFL and code ===
@@ -37,4 +38,4 @@ improving our API references a lot.
-  * 
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+  * 


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