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seoz pushed a change to annotated tag v1.15.0-alpha1
in repository core/efl.

        at  2937bed   (tag)
   tagging  3317dfb4c6fc82276381940cb4013a4bbc3df53d (commit)
  replaces  v1.14.0
 tagged by  Daniel Juyung Seo
        on  Thu Jul 9 03:59:51 2015 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Amitesh Singh (2):
      evas: New Evas Callback added when viewport is resized.
      ecore: Fix typo in since tag.

Avi Levin (6):
      edje: porting evas smart callbacks to eo
      emotion: porting evas smart callbacks to eo
      evas: porting evas smart callbacks to eo
      evas_clickable_interface: adding new event
      emotion: revert changes to emotion test as discussed on ML and chat
      Emotion: Adding Eo test for emotion

Bogdan Devichev (8):
      evas: fix indexation of grid (it neccessary for future tangent 
calculation) in Evas 3D examples
      evas: sphere is rotated to standard axis and fix tangents of sphere for 
Evas_3D examples.
      evas: surface primitive is normalized in Evas_3D examples.
      evas: torus is normalized in Evas_3D examples.
      evas: primitives - Changed enum for types of Evas_3D_Mesh primitives
      evas: add API for creation Evas_3D node primitives.
      evas: Evas_3D examples use new API for creating primitives.
      evas_3d: fix coverity scan CID 1302703 and CID 1302702

Boram Park (1):
      ecore_wl: get dpi after all pending events are handled

Carsten Haitzler (51):
      efl - emotion modules - unbreak due to EAPI changes
      ecore - ecore_pipe_wait timeout broken as it never adjusts while waiting
      eina - start a much improved eina dbug infra and have eina_log use it
      eina debug - clean up protocol handling inside eina
      efl debug - start on common file for efl_debug tools for protocol
      eina debug - add comments
      eina debug - add more comments to debugd connection
      efl debug - clean up debugd and debug cli tool code proto handling
      eina - begin event log infra we can get from the new debug monitor
      eina evlog - remove stolen count - unecessary
      eina evlog - make log dumps simple binary from debugd with header
      efl debugd - fix evlog writing - dont duplicate empty blocks
      efl debug - make event log header .. nicer with a block header and size
      eina debug monitor - add types.h include
      eina debug monitor - dont shadow vars
      eina evlog - fix overflow tracking
      evas grid smart - fix coord overflows when grid size and vsize are large
      efl - add more evlog points
      eina - add comment on evlog api stability etc.
      eina - cpu count - fic cpu count to count # of cores correctly
      eina_cpu - up max number of threads to 32
      edje edc examples - remobe trailing \ from edc list
      evas font draw - fix up some whitespace/indenting/formatting
      update shaders
      evas shader generation - add comments to indicate to commit the files
      evas gl engine - dont complain if refs are still there in cache on trim
      evas - fix yuv support to no longer ignore 709 colorspace params
      emotion gstreamer1 module - support 709 color matrix properly now
      evas render2 work - begin to make rectangles deal with render 2 basic
      ecore x - remove warning on unused variable
      eina btlog - util - shut up coverity
      eina semaphore lock - don't wake up because of signals
      evas - eo canvas events - move viewport to last to match enums in legacy
      edje entry - also filter 0x7f (DEL) char on input as it's invalid entry
      more evas render 2 work - should not affect normal behavior or code
      eo - silence ERR logs on constructor fail - this is valid behavior
      efl - efreetd service move from dbus session bus to ecore ipc
      efl -> fix possible null deref in efreetd ipc
      efreetd - new ipc - re-register on reconnect
      eina module - it is not an error to ERR log to not load a .so
      ecore con dns - a failed dns lookup is not an err log event
      ecore con - fix object data referencing for deleted objects
      ecore-evas-extn : map shm for sharing render pixels conservatively
      ecore animators - improve accuracy by having a thread do animator timing
      efreet - improve edstop exec find to use the command with less args
      evas gl - dont crash if gl image internal im is null
      ecore - animator - new thread timer animator - fiux shutdown
      animator - use select not uslleep so we can wake up during a sleep
      ecore animator - use windows ifdefs/macros so it works there
      evas - image core - fix unloading of images to work again
      new animator coverity complaints - silence them

Cedric BAIL (56):
      ecore_con: remove warning when not testing ftp/http push.
      evas: improve _op_blend_p_dp_neon intrinsics implementation
      evas: implement _op_blend_p_mas_dp_neon and _op_blend_pas_mas_dp_neon in 
NEON intrinsics.
      eina: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      emile: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eet: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      evas: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      ecore: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      edje: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eeze: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      efl: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      efreet: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eio: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eldbus: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      elua: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      embryo: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      emotion: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eo: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      eolian: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      ephysics: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      ethumb: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      evil: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.
      evas: implement pixel_color blending functions using NEON intrinsics.
      evas: implement _op_blend_rel_p_c_dp_neon using NEON intrinsics
      evas: implement _op_blend_rel_c_dp_neon using NEON intrinsics
      evas: implement _op_blend_rel_{p,pan}_dp_neon using NEON intrinsics
      evas: implement _op_blend_rel_mas_c_dp_neon using NEON intrinsics
      evas: do not cast uint64x1_t to int in evas_common_convert_argb_premul
      evas: fixing examples after change on Evas_3D.
      edje: use efreet for cache directory get.
      efreet: lower error message to warning.
      ecore_con: it doesn't make sense to get port on local protocol.
      eina: fixup.
      eina: use portable environment lookup.
      evas: use portable environment lookup.
      efreet: use portable environment lookup.
      ethumb: use portable environment lookup.
      ecore_con: use portable environment lookup.
      ecore_file: use portable environment lookup.
      ecore_x: use portable environment lookup.
      edje: fix back edje_watch.
      eina: handle fallback to HOMEDIR/HOMEPATH on WIN32.
      evas: define EGL_OPENGL_ES3_BIT_KHR in all case for better portability.
      eina: add the beginning of an Eina_Matrix4 API.
      eina: include dependency header cleanly.
      eina: beginning of a generic quaternion API.
      evas: forgotten header needed for make dist.
      pkg-config: fix portability issue on Windows.
      edje: remove left over copy&paste that triggered warning.
      ecore_con: fix error handling case.
      evas: silence warning.
      eina: fix copy and paster error detected by Coverity.
      evas: properly handle cleanup case.
      evas: use the right function with freetype backend.
      edje: add possibility to speed up animation per object.
      ecore_evas: fix forgotten call to post render callback.

Christopher Michael (88):
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return screen size range
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return the name of an output
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return output connected state
      ecore-drm: Add connector type to output structure
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return the connector type of a given output
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return if a given output has a backlight
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return the edid of a given output
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return output modes
      ecore-drm: Add some debug code to spit out planes and plane properties
      ecore-drm: Set output connected property in the creation function
      ecore-drm: Cleanup plane debug output
      ecore-drm: Set drm client capabilities to support universal planes
      ecore-drm: Add support for a Primary Output
      ecore-drm: Add API function to return primary output
      ecore-drm: Add API function to get an output's crtc size
      ecore-drm: Fix formatting
      ecore-drm: Add API function to find an output given a name
      ecore-drm: Add new API function to mark an output as primary
      Merge branch 'devs/devilhorns/ecore_drm'
      ecore-drm: Add API function to test if an output can go on a given crtc
      ecore-wayland: Input grab_count is unsigned int, no need for comparison < 0
      ecore-drm: Fix issue of edid parsing not ignoring string
      ecore-drm: Fix ecore_drm_output_edid_get to return a hex string
      ecore-drm: Add a 'name' field to Ecore_Drm_Event_Output
      ecore-drm: Fix finding possible crtcs
      ecore-drm: Skip not connected outputs when calculating geometry
      ecore-drm: Fix purpose of ecore_drm_output_enable/disable functions
      ecore-drm: Greatly improve drm rendering speed
      ecore-drm: Only send output events when we enable/disable an output
      ecore-drm: Fix issue with output_current_resolution_get function
      ecore-drm: Add API function to set a new mode on an output
      ecore-drm: Remove debug output
      ecore-drm: Fix segfault if sending output event and output has no current 
      ecore-drm: Ignore output enabled flag when setting output mode
      evas-drm: Mark framebuffer as dirty before sending
      edje: Remove unused variables
      ecore-drm: Only try to set the crtc mode if an output is connected
      eina-bt: Fix Coverity CID1297405 (dereference before null check)
      ecore-wl: Set keycode in event structure for key down/up
      ecore-wl: Remove +x from ecore_wl_input.c
      ecore-drm: Remove call to set drm mode when creating an output
      ecore-evas: Fix issue of gl_drm engine not being able to load
      evas-gl-drm: Fix formatting
      evas-drm: Minor formatting fix
      evas-drm: Remove useless fields from Outbuf structure
      evas-gl-drm: Remove old engine code
      evas-gl-drm: Rework gl_drm engine to function again
      ecore-evas-drm: Update ecore_evas_drm for recent evas gl_drm changes
      ecore-drm: Remove erroneous error messages from EINA_SAFETY checks
      ecore-evas: Change gl_drm to be the proper engine name
      ecore-drm: Don't crash when trying to disable an output
      evas-gl-drm: Readd support for pre_swap/post_swap callbacks
      ecore-evas-drm: Use XRGB format for gl_drm canvas
      evas-gl-drm: Create eglContext before eglWindowSurface
      ecore-drm: Don't free an output on unplug
      ecore-evas-drm: We don't need to feed mouse events here
      evas-gl-drm: Refactor gl_drm engine to not use dumb buffers
      evas-gl-drm: Fix issue with swap mode returning wrong value
      Merge branch 'devs/devilhorns/gl_drm'
      eina: Fix warning about unused paramaters
      evas-gl-drm: Trap for invalid gbm bo
      ecore-wayland: Fix T2466: Update xdg shell protocol code
      ecore-x: Fix warning of unused variable
      ecore-x: Fix warning of defined but unused function
      ecore-x: Fix compiler warning of unused variable
      evas: Remove unused variables
      edje: Remove unused variable
      evas-gl-drm: Add swap_mode enum
      evas-gl-drm: Move gbm_surface field to Outbuf structure
      evas-gl-drm: Cleanup gl_drm engine code a bit more
      evas-gl-drm: Add support for EGL_MESA_platform_gbm
      ecore-evas-drm: Default to GBM_FORMAT_ARGB8888
      evas-gl-drm: Cleanup compiler warnings when building gl_drm engine
      ecore-input-evas: Fix Coverity CID1306803 (logically dead code)
      evas-render2: Fix Coverity CID1306141: Dereference null return value
      edje: Fix Coverity CID1299026 and CID1299027: Explicit null dereference
      ecore-wayland: Fix issue of events not getting dispatched properly
      ecore-drm: Fix issue of outputs not getting registered with the wayland 
      ecore-drm: Fix setting proper output subpixel value
      ecore-drm: Quiet down output from libinput
      edje_cc: Fix formatting
      edje_cc: Fix dereference null return value
      edje_cc: Fix dereference before null check
      ecore-wayland: Update xdg shell protocol file
      Revert "ecore-wayland: Update xdg shell protocol file"
      evas-fb: Fix compiler warnings about suggested parentheses
      evas: Remove unused variable
      ecore-wayland: Remove improper use of EINA_UNUSED

ChunEon Park (8):
      evas vector: cancel the transformation when null is passed.
      evas vector: remove white trailings
      evas canvas: add exceptional handling in invalid input case.
      Revert "ecore-evas: Added support for setting/getting window auxiliary 
      evas canvas: fix insane mouse move events on proxy source.
      ecore: null cb function is unacceptable.
      eina: add eina_simple_xml example.
      eina/simple_xml_parser: don't parse the <, > in the attribute string.

Daniel Hirt (4):
      evas: move evas_object_inject to super's ctor
      Evas textblock: Fix infinite loop case
      Evas textblock: Fix it->x value during layout
      Evas Textblock: Add obstacle objects feature

Daniel Juyung Seo (3):
      gitignore: Updated.
      edje: Fix distcheck.
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.0alpha1 release

Daniel Kolesa (263):
      elua lib: add Elua_State (used later to hold elua-specific data)
      elua lib: add elua_state_new and elua_state_free
      elua: use elua_state_new/free
      elua lib: add elua_state_from_lua_get
      elua: elua_report_error now takes Elua_State*
      elua: use more Elua_State
      elua lib: Elua_State for elua_state_setup_i18n
      elua: Elua_state for elua_loadapp
      elua: pass Elua_State through Main_Data
      elua: remove the smart cb wrapper (ffi callbacks work fine for us)
      elua: no need for luaL_openlibs, the lib does that
      elua lib: add elua_state_dirs_set
      elua: use the dir paths from Elua_State
      elua lib: use eina safety checks
      elua lib: elua_io_loadfile now uses Elua_State
      elua lib: more Elua_State usage
      elua lib: new APIs to retrieve dirs
      elua lib: const correctness
      elua lib: add elua_state_lua_state_get
      elua: use the new state get API
      elua lib: make Elua_State fields private (opaque pointers)
      elua lib: manage bound modules within Elua_State
      elua: remove EFL_RUN_IN_TREE hack (pass cmdline args)
      elua: remove path decision from register_require
      elua: new API elua_state_dirs_fill + utilize
      elua: remove elua_prefix from main runtime
      elua lib: add APIs for include path management
      elua lib: add APIs to retrieve refs to require/appload
      elua: utilize the new APIs for handling require/appload
      elua: remove -e param (we're not a REPL)
      elua lib: add progname to state
      elua lib: add a way to retrieve the progname
      elua: use the new progname API
      elua lib: add elua_util_ APIs
      elua: utilize the new elua_util APIs
      elua lib: move i18n initialization there
      elua lib: add elua_state_setup_modules + use
      elua: cleanup main runtime
      elua: cleanup launcher
      elua lib: unify API conventions
      elua lib: API rename
      elua lib: error_report is now in util namespace
      elua lib: add test suite
      elua: initial test (state creation/deletion)
      elua: test state retrieval
      elua lib: test progname
      elua lib: tests for core dirs + fix core dirs
      elua lib: test elua_state_dirs_fill
      elua lib: setup funcs tests
      elua lib: tests for require/appload refs
      elua lib: test some util APIs
      elua lib: test more utility APIs
      elua lib: test error reporting + lua stack state
      elua lib: test raw file load
      elua lib: unset environment vars in tests
      elua lib: test elua_util_file_run
      elua lib: test elua_util_script_run
      elua lib: hide some APIs that should not be public
      elua lib: start adding documentation
      elua lib: add init/shutdown doc
      elua lib: add state_new doc
      elua lib: add state_from_lua_state_get doc
      elua lib: add state_free doc
      elua lib: add docs for elua_state_dirs_set
      elua lib: add doc for elua_state_dirs_fill
      elua lib: add docs for the dir retrieval APIs.
      elua lib: add docs for elua_state_prog_name_get
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_include_path_add
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_require_ref_push
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_appload_ref_push
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_lua_state_get
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_i18n_setup
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_modules_setup
      elua lib: docs for elua_state_io_setup
      elua lib: docs for elua_io_loadfile
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_require
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_file_run
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_string_run
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_app_load
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_script_run
      elua lib: docs for elua_util_error_report + remove unnecessary arg
      elua: remove long opts (not necessary or useful)
      elua: include fix
      elua lib: merge the 3 setup funcs into one
      elua lib: fix tests
      elua lib: use Eina_Bool as return val in some utils
      elua lib: fix elua_util_app_load + docs
      elua lib: remove unnecessary checks (always initialized)
      elua lib: add a func to retrieve the current translation lang
      elua lib: add API to retrieve lconv from lua
      elua lib: use -1 for default values in localeconv
      Merge branch 'devs/q66/elua_lib_overhaul'
      eolian: reserve @beta and @property
      elua: use a minimal app to avoid loading eolian at runtime
      eolian: allow the new property syntax
      eolian: change all EFL .eo files to use new syntax for properties
      eolian: remove old property syntax support
      eolian: parse the @beta qualifier
      eolian: is_beta API plus tests
      eolian: beta funcs generation
      eolian: parsing for beta events
      eolian: oops... forgot to add a param
      eolian: fix generation tests
      eolian: API and tests for beta events
      eolian: generation for beta events
      eolian: fix doc comments across the tree
      eolian: fix up remaining doc comments in the tree
      eolian: update eolian_type_base_type_get for REGULAR types
      eolian: fix wrong enum tests
      eolian: butts
      eolian: new API eolian_type_enum_field_c_name_get
      eolian: remove unused variables
      eolian: do not check alias/struct/enum base for builtin types
      eolian: generate underscored structs as well as correct opaque struct 
      eolian: remove unneeded cruft (struct/enum cannot be a base for alias)
      eolian: check inherit validity before using it
      eolian: fix evaluation of "undefined" enum fields
      eolian: use the actual enum type in tests
      eolian: allow forced retrieval of enum field values
      eolian: precompute all enum field values (faster runtime, constness)
      eolian: force specification of inner type for all complex types
      efl_model_base: fix enum/struct syntax in comment
      eolian: use fprintf(stderr) rather than eina_log for compile errors
      eolian: much better and stricter redefinition checking
      eolian: use the new decl storage to retrieve REGULAR base types
      eolian: new syntax for params/values/keys
      eolian: Eina_Bool -> bool
      eolian: fix eolian_type_enum_field_c_name_get for namespaced enums
      eolian: initial lex/parse for import statement
      eolian: add a functional "import" statement
      eolian: tests for import
      eolian: cleaner cyclic import checks
      eolian: use data_type consistently in the C generator
      eolian: test for possible duplicates in deps list
      eolian: unify inherits and dependencies for parsing purposes
      eolian: keep track of all currently parsing files
      eolian: use eolian_property_values_get correctly
      eolian: distinguish between get/set for property keys/values retrieval
      eolian: remove unused variable
      eolian: allow keys/values in property get/set
      eolian: remove @const_get occurences in the EFL
      eolian: remove const_get/const_set support
      eolian: properly handle errors in database_fill
      eolian: remove unnecessary function
      eolian: silence static analysis false positive
      eolian: disallow cyclic dependencies between .eo files
      eolian: initial support for importing eo files
      eolian: remove obsolete code dealing with multiple classes per file
      eolian: simplify eolian_eo_file_parse
      eolian: use eo_parser_database_fill for import
      eolian: reuse the parsed eot hash for eo too (simplify code)
      eolian: merge eo_file_parse and eot_file_parse
      autotools: ecore_con_legacy.c is not compiled directly, but must be in 
dist tarball
      eolian/generator: fix memory leak
      eolian: make sure CLASS/COMPLEX type is always pointer backed
      eolian: better error reporting (include correct token info)
      eolian: allow a filename (rather than path) to be given to 
      elua: generate separate key/value numbers for getters/setters
      elua: make eo bindings work with the new generated format
      eo_cxx: remove unused parameter
      eolian/generator: don't generate extern types
      eolian: reserve __builtin_event_cb
      eolian: tests for extern struct/typedef not-generation
      eolian: restrict the complex-type condition
      eolian: "generic_value" builtin type
      eolian: use fprintf(stderr) instead of logging where it makes sense
      eolian: more advanced comment parsing (properly skip asterisks etc)
      eolian/generator: clean up comment gen
      eolian: initial exposed declaration API - not yet very useful
      eolian: add actual useful declaration APIs
      eolian/generator: generate types in their original decl order
      eolian: tests for declaration api
      autotools: remove EOLIAN_FLAGS
      autotools: provide smaller EOLIAN_FLAGS for customization
      eolian: initial lexing of documentation
      eolian: Eolian_Object for docs
      eolian: preliminary parsing of doc syntax
      eolian: enums can't be opaque, check properly
      eolian: initial test file for docs (no APIs to test yet)
      eolian: start exposing Eolian_Documentation
      eolian: properly fill and free all doc fields
      eolian: add documentation handling API
      eolian: remove prototype of non-existent API
      eolian: double newline ends summary, not single
      eolian/generator: generation for new documentation system
      eolian: don't emit an extra empty line in certain cases
      eolian/generator: @param[in,out] is the correct inout syntax
      eolian/generator: fix silly shadow warning
      eolian: remove support for short doc comments (//@)
      eolian/generator: use more correct indent offset in types doc gen
      eolian/generator: generate @ref foo for @foo
      eo: move some eo files to new doc syntax
      eolian: silence static analysis
      eolian_cxx: initialize all members in a struct correctly
      eolian/generator: fix a false positive in eolian types_gen
      eolian: we need import_types_ref.h included in tarball
      eolian: support for @since tag in new doc comments
      eolian/generator: support for since tag in doc gen
      eolian/generator: use get/set doc as primary if needed
      ecore: move eo docs to new format
      eolian: pass rbuf to doc_error
      elua lib: sanitize all file paths before writing them
      ector: always initialize the array contents even without fetchfunc
      ector,ecore,eio,emotion: convert some docs
      eolian: fix wrong type keyword check
      eolian: add new __undefined_type builtin to silence warnings
      elua: bind recent eolian APIs to eolian lua api
      elua: remove unused code from lualian
      elua: unexpose "old" documentation api from eolian bindings
      eolian/generator: fix enum field doc generator bug
      edje,evas: convert type docs to new format
      eolian: fix a bug in expr serializer with wrong sign insertion
      evas,ecore_con: more struct/enum doc updates
      eolian: remove support for old doc style on types and vars
      eo: move all event doc comments to new syntax
      eolian: remove support for old event doc syntax
      efl_gfx_shape: convert docs
      efl_text_properties: convert docs
      efl_gfx_gradient_radial: convert docs
      efl_player: convert docs
      efl_image: convert docs
      eolian: check for C type keyword before trying to append as C type keyword
      eolian: remove the outdated and ugly database printer (needs rework)
      evas_test_mesh: 3d -> canvas3d (fixes broken test compile)
      efl_gfx_base: convert docs
      efl_model_base: convert docs
      efl_control,efl_text: convert docs
      ecore_audio_in: convert docs
      efl_gfx_gradient: convert docs
      ecore_audio: convert docs
      efl_gfx_view: convert docs
      ecore_con_base: converted docs
      ecore_con: convert docs
      Revert "edje: unset efreet cache update flag to prevent dbus connections"
      eolian: new doc token lexer/parser
      eolian: simplify doc parsing logic a bit
      eolian: relax doc parsing a little (no need to check if @since is allowed)
      eolian: try replacing '.' with locale specific decimal point
      eolian/generator: constify all prototypes for @const functions
      evas_line: convert docs
      evas_canvas3d_material: convert docs
      edje: fix shadow warning
      ecore_imf_evas: warnings--
      edje: fix extra parens warning with clang
      evas_engine_software_x11: fix incorrect enumeration type warning
      efreetd_ipc: fix shadow warning
      elua: remove obsolete xgettext wrapper
      eolian: allow trailing comma on last enum item (just like C)
      eolian: add support for monospace highlights in docs
      eolian: generate correct fallback character
      eolian/generator: use the __eolian function in overrides when default 
values are present
      eolian: add API: eolian_declaration_get_by_name
      eolian: initial work on doc syntax validation (disabled for now)
      eolian/generator: add proper generation of references
      eolian: improve function_full_c_name_get API
      eolian/generator: static-ify some funcs
      eolian/generator: delete a stringshare correctly on failure
      eolian: correct documentation ref validation (disabled for now)
      eolian: print more detailed location info for doc validation
      eolian/generator: check if the reference is generatable first
      efl: fix doc references across the tree to validate right
      eolian: enable the new doc validator

Daniel Zaoui (8):
      Eolian: Add API to retrieve an event of a class by its name
      Eolian/Generator: fix enums generation
      Eolian/Generator: support eot files
      Fix Eolian Cxx generator
      Fix warning on unused parameter
      Examples: fix compilation due to inline
      Examples: Fix emotion basic example
      Interfaces: fix event name

Deborshi Saha (1):
      embryo: fix inverse trigonometry functions typos.

Dongyeon Kim (15):
      Evas GL: 1.x support for GLX
      Evas GL: destroy egl image when surface is destroyed
      Evas GL: Fix direct_mem_opt and direct_override
      Evas GL: Add indirect surface fallback and yinvert callback
      Evas GL: Make current to an Evas GL context before destroying surface 
      Evas GL: Share texture id in case EGL image is not supported
      Evas GL: Separate EGL and GL extension lists
      Evas GL: return correct context for context_get with indirect context
      Evas GL: Pass correct attachment enum for glDiscardFramebufferEXT
      Evas GL: Match FBO config with window surface config
      Evas GL: Skip surface buffers create/allocate for pbuffer with NO_FBO
      Evas GL: support surfaceless make current
      evas/gl_common: Reset mvp matrix only for shaders that are being used
      evas/gl_x11, gl_cocoa: remove static variable in eng_font_draw
      evas/gl: Add null checks

Doyoun Kang (2):
      ecore-evas: Added support for setting/getting window auxiliary hints
      ecore-evas: Added support for getting window auxiliary hint ID and value

Felipe Magno de Almeida (1):
      eolian-cxx: Removed unused function

Ivan Furs (3):
      evas: fix errors when updating the bounding box of Evas_3d_Node.
      evas: for aabb add interpolation frame when base frame is not found
      evas_canvas3d: cube chaotic was not initialized and relied on luck to be 
zeroed by default.

Jean Guyomarc'h (2):
      ecore_audio: integrate Apple's CoreAudio to play sounds on OS X.
      ecore_cocoa,ethumb: fix compiling after EAPI policy changes

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (79):
      Evas GL common: Skip shaders generation if there is no change
      Eina log: Enable backtrace only for CRI and ERR by default
      Eina log: Fix previous commit (ERR & CRI -> bt)
      Evas filters: Disable excessive debug
      Evas GL common: Add very basic GL calls tracing method
      Evas filters: Fix glReadPixels usage for EGL
      Evas masking: Fix rare issue of invalid rendering (GL)
      Evas: Fix shadow warning
      Edje: Fix indentation after a clean-up commit
      Evas GL: Fix coverity CID 1304559, 1304560
      Evas GL: Make INF message more explicit
      Evas filters: Fix blend with color with rgba buffers
      Evas filters: Remove unnecessary copy of buffers
      Edje: Add clip as a property of a part description
      Evas: Add "no-render" flag for proxy sources & clippers
      Edje: Add test case for "no_render" and "clip_to" state flag
      Evas GL: Fix error message (ERR --> INF)
      Evas: Remove shader_3d .x generated file from BUILT_SOURCES
      Edje: Add doc in edcref for description.clip_to
      Ecore_Con: Fix make distcheck
      Evas render: Fix rendering of objects with no_render
      Ecore_Audio: Avoid abort() in PulseAudio
      Evas filters: Add internal function _program_run
      Evas filters: Fix potential crash
      Evas filters: Implement very basic print function
      Evas filters: Refactor parser code
      Evas filters: Add some @internal flags to the doxygen docs
      Evas filters: Fix runtime, allow state change on the fly
      Evas filters: Pass text colors to the parser
      Evas filters: Implement __index for Lua buffer objects
      Evas filters: Implement table & function support for curve
      Evas filters: Pass object scale to Lua state
      Evas filters: Pass edje state name & value to the filters
      Evas filters: Create specific log domain
      Evas filters: Implement Lua classes for colors & buffer
      Evas filters: Reduce debugging with default compile opts
      Evas filters: Fix blur from rgba to alpha
      Edje/evas filters: Quick renaming of evas filters related stuff
      Edje/evas filters: Add filter.source support
      Edje/evas filters: Use EDJ data sections to store filters code
      Edje: Move filter desc to common desc
      Edje: Factorise filter code for TEXT and IMAGE
      Evas filters: EO-ify the filters API
      Evas tests: Fix failing test due to API change
      Evas filters: Complete support for image filtering
      Evas filters: Add name to the filters
      Edje & evas filters: Add extra data from EDC to Lua program
      Evas filters: Fix buffer_push and add support for color classes
      Edje & evas filters: Properly pass data from EDC to Lua
      Edje tests: Add test case for embedded text filters
      Evas tests: Fix failing tests
      Evas filters: Remove overrides of methods from Evas.Filter
      Evas filters: Add explicit exec flag in data_set
      Evas filters: Add @protected tag where applicable
      Evas filters: Mark API as @beta
      Evas filters: Fix usage of proxy buffers (compatibility)
      Evas filters: Use smooth scaling by default for proxies
      Evas filters: Add some crash safety
      Doc: Try to fix build on Ubuntu
      Edje tests: Fix compilation warning
      Edje: Use array instead of hash for filters data
      doc: EDC reference: Add specific doc for
      Edje: Add proper filters section in the EDJ file
      Edje: Replace index() by strchr()
      Edje: Use bsearch() to find filters as fast as possible
      Edje: Fix test case (after syntax change)
      doc: Fixup EDC documentation about filters & examples
      Evas filters: Fix color(0xrrggbb) to be opaque by default
      Evas filters: Force filter redraw if object changed
      Evas: Make work with all images
      Edje: Embed verbatim scripts for Efl.Gfx.Filters
      Evas image: Remove useless piece of code
      Evas: Implement image_data_get for FBO images
      Evas gl_cocoa: remove code duplicated from gl_generic
      Evas: Replace image_map_surface_free by common image_free
      Evas.Image: Deprecate some functions and remove from Eo
      Evas.Image: Simplify logic (trivial change)
      Revert "Evas gl_cocoa: remove code duplicated from gl_generic"
      Evas.Image: Fix legacy EAPI name

Jee-Yong Um (3):
      edje_embryo: correct type mismatching in get_geometry() method
      edje: implement methods for mouse_events with edje_part for Edje Embryo 
      edje: add "mask_flags" instruction for "part" block

Ji-Youn Park (13):
      evas: fix bug in evas gl texture.
      evas: fix bug in evas gl texture.
      ecore_x: Add key router feature related with client side.
      ecore_x_xi2: remove useless define check XI_TouchXXX.
      ecore_x_xi2: remove useless define check XI_TouchXXX.
      evas_event: evas_event_feed_mouse_cancel set EVAS_EVENT_FLAG_ON_HOLD
      Ecore_input: Add "ECORE_EVENT_MOUSE_BUTTON_CANCEL" event
      ecore_input_evas: remove tab and unusable code
      ecore_x_xi2: fix crash if device info is NULL.
      ecore_evas: fix iconified state set bug
      ecore_x_xi2: fix only ecore input handler deals touch cancel event
      ecore_x_xi2: add small code to check device id
      ecore_x_xi2: remove build warning

Jihoon Kim (11):
      ecore_imf/wayland: hide input panel explicitly in focus-out handler
      ecore_imf/wayland: support feature to change layout of virtual keyboard
      ecore_imf/wayland: support autocapital mode in wayland text input
      ecore_imf/wayland: support password mode in wayland text input
      ecore_imf/wayland: support input hint in wayland text input
      ecore_imf/wayland: support input language mode in wayland text input
      Fix issue wrong surrounding text returns when there is selection area
      ecore_imf/wayland: support on-demand show mode
      ecore_imf/wayland: Add NULL check before accessing
      ecore_imf: fix wrong return type of 
      ecore_imf: check parameter of ecore_imf_module_register ()

Lukasz Stanislawski (2):
      ecore-x: add new grab touch devices functionality.
      ecore-x: move grabbed_is check to multi_handler

Massimo Maiurana (1):
      Updating spanish translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (16):
      ecore-x: add function to init ecore-x from external Display* object
      ecore-input: add keysym to Ecore_Event_Key struct
      evas: add keysym member to key event structs
      eina: change module init error message to an info message
      evas: make image_size_get() return the actual image size
      edje: set GROUP/SWALLOW/EXTERNAL pass events based on mouse events
      Revert "edje: set GROUP/SWALLOW/EXTERNAL pass events based on mouse 
      edje: reformat all C files
      edje: unset efreet cache update flag to prevent dbus connections
      ecore-x: add ecore_x_keysym_get()
      Revert "ecore-input: add keysym to Ecore_Event_Key struct"
      Revert "evas: add keysym member to key event structs"
      ecore-wl: disable session recovery
      eina: don't return NULL silently when creating new tilers
      ecore-input-evas: fix canvas mouse event dispatch
      eina: make re-setting the same tiler tile size a no-op

MinJeong Kim (2):
      ecore_evas_wayland: prevent duplicated shutdown of ecore_wl
      evas_object_textblock: fix dereference before null check

Nak-Gyeong Kim (1):
      edje: edje_cc_parse should check pair of parens.

Oleksandr Shcherbina (10):
      evas: add to Evas_GL_Image flag disable generate atlas.
      evas: use Evas_GL_image for generate texture unit for Evas_3D_Texture.
      evas: pass disable atlas flag between Evas_3D_Texture and Evas_GL_Image
      evas: fix coverity CID 1297159 and CID 1297158.
      evas: correct normal map shader.
      evas: fix compatibility with GLES. Alpha test
      evas: fix compatibility with GLES2.0. Shadow effect
      evas: change interface evas_3d to evas_canvas3d
      evas canvas3d: Correct Eolian namespace
      evas: fix Evas.Canvas3D color pick

SangHyeon Lee (1):
      fb engine : Add NULL type handling in output free.

Sebastian Dransfeld (2):
      edje: rename variable
      efreet: fix signed warning

Seunghun Lee (2):
      ecore-buffer: Add ecore_buffer library to EFL.
      ecore-buffer: fix that installing pkgconfig when ecore_buffer is enabled.

Shinwoo Kim (1):
      [ecore_evas_extn] add function to block mouse event.

Srivardhan Hebbar (5):
      ecore_con: changed Ecore_Con_Url to Efl_Network_Url.
      ecore_con: add eo_event handler to efl_networ_url.
      ecore_con: eoifying ecore_con_eet.
      ecore_con: eoify ecore_con_eet functions.
      ecore_con: convert doc of ecore_con_eet.eo

Stefan Schmidt (26):
      configure: Switch to dev mode again. Merge window for 1.15 is open now.
      docs: Fix access to main elocation page from front page
      build: Do not show mkdir calls in silent mode
      eet: Remove direct usage of lz4 as we use emile for this now.
      lz4: Update our internal copy to release r128
      Revert "autotools: enable make check per individual modules."
      eina_ddebug: Fix build for the case without all requirements for 
      libunibreak: Follow README rename in EXTRA_DIST for distcheck.
      build: Pass on makeflags and use proper @$(MAKE)
      build: Add correct dependency for check-build target.
      build: Fix benchmark and exmaples dep on all target as well.
      rg_etc: Correct ifdef to keep function available for debug build
      data: Silent another mkdir when usign automake silent rules
      eavs_3d: Avoid enum check for < 0
      emile: Init ptrag as it might get used uninitialized if not
      modules/evas/engines/software_generic: No need to check enums for smaller 0
      evas/evas_op_sub_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/evas_op_blend_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/evas_op_copy_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/evas_op_mask_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/evas_op_mul_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/evas_op_add_main: Remove superfluous if branch.
      evas/render2: Put evas_render2_th_main.c in EXTRA_DIST to ship it in the 
      examples: Fix build after ecore_buffer commit.
      ecore_wl: Add generated session-recovery-protocol files to build
      ecore_wl: Hookup wl listener for uuid event from session recovery protocol

Subhransu Mohanty (6):
      evas/canvas: Null check for base class data pointer.
      evas/canvas : Call correct engine function for setting clip color
      evas/engine: Fix the ector drawing for gl backend
      evas/engines : renamed ector native engine to "default" from "freetype"
      evas/vg : Fixed issue regarding geometry change of vg object.
      ector/software: Update the PIXEL_BIT to 8 for better quality.

Subodh Kumar (2):
      edje entry: Improves anchors handling
      Evas textblock: Add underline height support

Thiep Ha (1):
      Eo: Add Null check

Tom Hacohen (79):
      Eo base: mark composite API as not ready.
      Eo: Take eo out of beta.
      Eo: Improve documentation.
      Eo base: Fix eo_constructor's declaration.
      Eo base: Reorder the eolian file to be in a sensible order.
      Eo tests: Add the needed define for accessing protected calls.
      Eo: Add eo_do_part.
      Eo tests: Add the needed define for accessing protected calls. (2)
      Emotion: Migrate some more of emotion to Eo/efl.player.
      Evas gl: Fix shader generation with out of source builds.
      Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep.
      Revert "Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep."
      Static deps unibreak: update to what will soon be version 3.
      Efl debug: Rename shadowing variable.
      Ecore audio test: Remove unneeded test.
      Eo: Mark composite APIs as beta.
      Ecore tests: Properly split (some) unit tests to units
      Ecore tests: REMOVE wayland tests.
      Eeze tests: Remove an unreliable test.
      Ecore audio: Remove redundant constructor/destructor.
      Eo: Add a return value to eo_constructor().
      Eo base: Correct comment regarding the finalizer.
      Ecore con url: correctly destruct the object.
      Ecore con url: Fix wrong object destruction.
      Eo: Remove eo_error_set() and clean up finalizer()
      Ecore file test: Fix access to uninitialized memory.
      Eo: Better handle object cleanup on failure.
      Eolian cxx tests: Fix tests according to new Eo changes.
      Eo: Fix typo in error message.
      Eina cxx tests: Fix the failing tests.
      Eo: rename conflicting internal Eo_Base to Eo_Header
      Eo base: Fix Eolian files to use Eo.Base instead of Eo.
      Eo base: Remove the free_func parameter from key_data_set.
      Eo base: move type definitions into eo_base.eo.
      Evas object: Use correct type in .eo file.
      Eo: Add eina_types.eot for general types.
      Efl gfx stack: Fix eolian warnings.
      Efl gfx shape: Use correct class names in .eo file.
      Evas: Add a general evas types header.
      Evas: Move evas coord to eolian and start using it.
      Evas: Move evas aspect control to eolian and start using it.
      Evas map: Move opaque type definition to .eo.
      Evas types: Fix inclusion of evas types from the right location.
      Evas: Migrate more types to Eolian.
      Evas common interface: Add a workaround for Eolian issue.
      Evas text: Migrate types to .eo.
      Evas textblock: Migrate types to .eo.
      Evas polygon: Migrate types to .eo files.
      Evas smart: Migrate types to .eo files.
      Evas grid: Migrate types to .eo files.
      Evas textgrid: Migrate types to .eo files.
      Evas box: Migrate (some) types to .eo files.
      Evas table: Migrate types to .eo files.
      Evas object: Migrate (some) types to .eo files.
      Eo types: Fix Eina.Stringshare's namespace.
      Eo types: Fix Eina.Rectangle's namespace.
      Efl File: Add Eina.File eolian type and use it.
      Edje object: Fix more Eolian warnings.
      Evas canvas: Fix some Eolian warnings.
      Evas image: Fix some Eolian warnings.
      Evas 3d texture: Fix some Eolian warnings.
      Eina debug: Fix shadow warning.
      Evas canvas: Fix Eolian warnings (migrate types).
      Evas: Fix abi break in Evas_Callback_Type
      Efl model: Fix Eolian warnings (and migrate types).
      Edje object: Fix Eolian warnings (and migrate types).
      Edje object: Fix some Eolian warnings regarding callbacks.
      Edje object: Fix remaining Eolian warnings.
      Evas: Remove unused variables.
      Eo: Fix a potentially dangerous lack of {}.
      Eo: Fix windows support.
      Evas textblock: Fix issue with line_coord_set and y before the first line.
      Evas textblock: Fix the newly added test to use ck_assert_int_eq.
      Eo: Remove redundant semicolon.
      Ecore exe (windows): Fix object destruction/failed creation.
      Ecore con eet test: Fix const discard issue.
      Evas gl core: Move variables to the correct ifdef branch.
      Evas line: Remove obviously wrong default values.
      Evas line: Migrate Eolian file to use the Eolian types.

Vaibhav Gupta (1):
      evas_smart: Add a check for zero size before malloc

Vincent Torri (25):
      Ecore_Exe: remove process_id field as it is a duplicate of the pid one
      evil: minor formatting in dlfcn.c
      evil: fix mem leak in dlsym() when using UNICODE
      evil: fix dladdr() implementation, add 2 unit tests for evil.
      autotools: cleanup
      eina, efl: add copyright notice.
      ecore_avahi: fix definition of EAPI on Windows.
      ecore_con: add missing declarations on Windows.
      eina: fix warning on Windows.
      eina: add crosss platforme API to retrieve tmp and home directories from 
      eina: use less stack on Windows for eina_environment_home_get, and no 
      evil: deprecate evil_tmpdir_get() and evil_homedir_get().
      Ecore_Con_Ares: fix undefined variable warning
      Edje_Player: disable code unused on Windows.
      Efl debug daemon: Fix Warning on Windows.
      Evil: add a wrapper around _mkdir
      Eina: include string.h on Windows as memcpy is used (fixes warning)
      Ecore_File: improve comment of ecore_file_mkdir()
      Ecore_File: better implementation of ecore_file_mkdir()
      Ecore_File: use ecore_file_mkdir()
      Ecore_Con: decrease log level in ecore_con_local_win32
      Ecore Con: Fix ecore_con_local hangs on Windows.
      Ecore Exe: decrease log level on Windows
      Ecore Anim: fix compilation on Windows
      Efreet: Fix config and data dir paths on windows.

Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira (1):
      ecore: add documentation for ecore_timer_dump

Vitor Sousa (5):
      eolian_cxx: Fix @beta on generated bindings for C++
      eina_cxx, eldbus_cxx: Fix perfect forwarding of arguments
      efl_player: Add playable property
      eolian_cxx: Use C++ wrappers instead of native types as parameters
      eolian_cxx: Fix C++ generated inheritance wrappers

Vivek Ellur (10):
      eina: add test cases for various eina_inarray functions
      eina: fix eina_inarray_search to do linear search
      eina: add tests cases for eina_rectangle and eina_str functions
      eina: add test cases for various APIs in eina_quad module.
      eina: add test cases for eina_matrix3 APIs
      eina: add test cases for various eina_matrix operations
      eina_matrix: Added test cases for fixed point matrix functions
      eina: add test cases for eina matrix map and transform functions
      eina: add quaternion test in eina suite and fix the test case errors
      eina: fix failure of eina_quaternion_test.

Vladyslav Shevchenko (1):
      Evas textblock: Add a failing test for line_coord_set.

Vyacheslav Reutskiy (2):
      edje edit: don't set the color_class color as main
      edje_edit: return EINA_TRUE for unset color_class

WooHyun Jung (2):
      Evas gl_common: Fix up error handling
      Evas gl_common: Fix up error handling

Yomi (1):
      eio: fix grammar and spelling mistakes in Eio.h.

Youngbok Shin (1):
      eina: print error message when eina_module_load() fails.

Yury Usishchev (8):
      evas: enable NEON-optimized code for aarch64.
      evas: implement _op_blend_c_dp_neon in NEON intrinsics.
      evas: implement _op_blend_p_dp_neon and _op_blend_pas_dp_neon in NEON 
      evas: implement _op_blend_mas_c_dp_neon in NEON intrinsics.
      evas: improve _op_blend_mas_c_dp_neon intrinsics implementation.
      evas: implement _op_blend_p_c_dp_neon in NEON intrinsics.
      evas: implement _op_blend_mas_can_dp_neon in NEON intrinsics.
      evas: add support for BUILD_NEON_INTRINSICS to evas_convert_rgb_32.c

jhyuni.kang (2):
      Check a key repeat using xkb ruled keycode
      ecore-wayland: Add a grab_count variable for synchronization 
wl_input_grab/ungrab with pointer and touch event

jiin.moon (5):
      embryo_cc: prevent memory curruption
      edje: fix memory leak detected by prevent static analyser.
      emile: fix region load for jpeg image with orientation different set.
      edje: add support to control the transition time of edje animation 
      evas: opaque value does not change even if image data be changed

kabeer khan (2):
      autotools: enable make check per individual modules.
      autotools: enable make check-build which builds only test suites

katpavalli (3):
      edje: support translation on static strings in edc.
      edje: add ability to change the language on one specific edje object.
      edje: add po file support in edc translation.

kumar navneet (4):
      edje: fix parsing issue in edje_cc with bezier program transition.
      set_tween_state_anim API added.
      edje: add set_state_anim API to embryo script.
      edje: add cubic bezier transition example.

perepelits.m (7):
      edje: add align 3d support.
      edje: switch Evas_3D color to use Edje_Color.
      edje: add of descriptors for Evas_3d integration.
      eina: add eina_quaternion_set
      edje: add of edje-3d to edje_calc.c
      evas: fix shooter example
      edje: add Convex Hull logic

se.osadchy (2):
      evas: fix bug in the example of evas-3d-cube-rotate.
      evas: fix color pick compatibility of Evas_3D with GLES.

shilpa.singh (2):
      Edje: Add have_selection check to avoid unnecessary function calls
      Edje_entry: Fix control + (x,a,y,z,m,c) not working issue.

vivek (7):
      emile: add emile_suite_build function to separate creation of test suite.
      eina: add CRC implementation to Eina module.
      eina: add test case for eina_crc function in eina module.
      eina: add benchmark for crc hash in eina benchmark
      eina: add crc hash function to eina hash module.
      eina: add test case for eina_hash_crc function.
      eina: add test case for eina_file_copy function.


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