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seoz pushed a change to annotated tag v1.15.0-beta3
in repository core/efl.

        at  e7077fb   (tag)
   tagging  af46bc49997c11c2d455422f6984a03dc3231a02 (commit)
  replaces  v1.15.0-beta2
 tagged by  Daniel Juyung Seo
        on  Tue Jul 28 01:30:51 2015 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Carsten Haitzler (5):
      evas render - fix up debug macros so they don't generate any code
      evas render2 work - no new feature - paralell bit of code
      evas - image unload - fix unload to only unload imgs needing it
      evas - render2 - ensure region files are in dist
      evas - image data unload - try plug another possible crash path

Christopher Michael (1):
      ecore-drm: Ignore key events that are not seat wide state changes

Daniel Juyung Seo (1):
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.0-beta3 release

Daniel Kolesa (6):
      evas: fix missing render2_walk initializers
      evas_object_vg: fix missing initializer warning
      evas_canvas3d_scene: fix missing color initializer
      eina, ecore_imf: fix uninitialized field warnings
      eo tests, evas filter tests: fix compiler warnings
      eina tests, ecore_con tests: fix compiler warnings

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (5):
      Evas GL: Add missing call in case of direct rendering
      Evas/psd: Remove commented-out debug code
      Evas: Fix wayland-only compilation without Xlib headers
      Evas filters: Set to nil when not in transition
      Evas masking: Fix crash in async rendering

Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
      ecore-x: send last event time along with generic 

Srivardhan Hebbar (7):
      evas box: Eolian doc conversion of box.
      evas textgrid: Eolian doc conversion of Textgrid.Pallelt.
      evas object: Eolion doc conversion of object_smart.
      evas polygon: Eolian doc conversion of polygon.
      evas out: Eolian doc conversion of out.
      evas vg: Eolian doc conversion of vg.
      evas grid: Eolian doc conversion of grid.

Stefan Schmidt (16):
      Revert "Eolian: fix eolian helper for windows."
      ecore_x: Add since 1.15 tag for keyrouter API additions
      ecore_x: Add since 1.15 tag for keygrab API additions
      edje: Add since 1.15 tag for language_set API additions
      eina: Add since 1.15 tag for crc API additions
      eina: Add since 1.15 tag for evlog API additions
      eina_evlog: Remove trailing whitespaces while looking at this file.
      eina: Add since 1.15 tag for quaternion API additions
      eina: Add since 1.15 tag for environment*get API additions
      examples/evas/shooter: Remove unused variable
      examples/evas/shooter: Remove more unused variables.
      examples/evas/shooter: Add double include guards to header file.
      examples/evas/shooter: Move image path into file that uses them.
      examples/ecore_con: Mark some unused parameters as such
      examples/emotion: Remove unused callback functions from generic example
      evas/filter: Avoid leak in error path

Vincent Torri (7):
      Efreet: use eina_file_mkstemp() instead of mkstemp in efreetd.c
      Eina: use Eina API in documentation
      Ecore: lower log level
      Use eina_environment_tmp_get()
      Evas GDI engine: save the original bitmap into the memory DC
      Ecore_Evas GDI engine: free module data
      Ecore_Win32: do not allocate data as it is useless. Fix memory leak.


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