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seoz pushed a change to annotated tag v1.15.1
in repository core/elementary.

        at  bd81f34   (tag)
   tagging  77afec04f984b24e5016b1c93952861060bc2e66 (commit)
  replaces  v1.15.0
 tagged by  Daniel Juyung Seo
        on  Wed Aug 26 16:19:00 2015 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Amitesh Singh (7):
      intf scroll: handle wheel logic in post event cb.
      list: fix crash while setting nearest item in viewport
      popup: make scroller optional in popup
      popup: fix content_area resize in case of custom theme
      genlist: remove unnecessary bracket
      test_genlist: fix a typo
      scroller: fix memory leak on keys traversal

Carsten Haitzler (1):
      elm popup - simplify if logic to be more compact and readable

Cedric BAIL (1):
      examples: fix attrib name due to change in Evas Canvas3D API.

Daniel Juyung Seo (4):
      popup: Fix wrong since version in the doc.
      popup: Exceptionally set since as 1.15.1
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.1 release
      release: Update NEWS for 1.15.1 release

Daniel Zaoui (1):
      Tooltip: reset content delete callback directly after invocation

Hosang Kim (1):
      progressbar: fix memory leak

Jaehwan Kim (3):
      focus: add del callback always.
      scroller: fix the focus move bug in scroller.
      scroller: fix the misstake. change && -> ||

Mike Blumenkrantz (7):
      cnp: init wayland dnd handlers upon creating the first drop target
      cnp: initialize Elm_Selection_Data.action for wayland drops
      cnp: fix wayland drop format selection
      cnp: pass wayland drop event size to handler, do not nul terminate drop 
      cnp: end wayland drag on allocation failure
      cnp: only nul terminate wayland drops for text type drops
      cnp: redo wayland drop to nul terminate for text_uri drops and free on 
every drop

Seunghun Lee (2):
      elm_win: set wm rotation hints _elm_win_xwin_update().
      elm_win: Initilize the variable 'preferred_rot' as a -1 before invoking 
_elm_win_xwin_update() in _elm_win_finalize_internal().

Sung-Taek Hong (1):
      elm_toolbar: fix icon_size to consider edje base scale

Umesh Tanwar (1):
      Theme: Scroller.edc-Improvement in left/right/top/bottom arrow behavior.

Vaibhav Gupta (1):
      test_scroller: Fix item count variable

Youngbok Shin (1):
      multibuttonentry/spinner: Fix memory leak when eina_strbuf_string_steal 
is misused.

woochan lee (1):
      spinner: Add to support spinner value %d format.


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