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stefan pushed a change to annotated tag v1.16.0-alpha1
in repository core/efl.

        at  426373a   (tag)
   tagging  ee4a63ccaa00bf740d0951c151e19a5e83136ab0 (commit)
  replaces  v1.15.0
 tagged by  Stefan Schmidt
        on  Mon Oct 5 17:16:54 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Amitesh Singh (16):
      edje: set file permission back to 644
      eina: cpu - fix a typo in eina_cpu_count API doc
      fix typos in API doc
      edje: fix typos in documentation
      edje_edit: fix typo in error message
      ecore: fix typos in documentation
      eet: fix typo in documentation
      emotion: fix typo in documentation
      eio: fix typo in documentation
      eldbus: fix typos in documentation
      ecore_con: fix typo in documentation
      evas: fix typos in documentation
      ecore_buffer: fix typos in documentation
      ecore_buffer: fix typos in documentation
      ecore_imf: ibus - remove logically dead code
      ecore_ipc: fix typo in ecore_ipc_server_send() API doc

Andrii Kroitor (3):
      edje_edit: remove save from group_del and group_copy
      edje: fix internal colorclass field
      edje_adit: fix typos in header

Boram Park (2):
      ecore_wl: abort if wl_display_dispatch returns negative value
      ecore_buffer: abort if wl_display_dispatch returns negative value

Boris Faure (3):
      evas:textgrid: rename text_props to text_props_index
      evas:textgrid: correctly check malloc failures
      update mailmap

Carsten Haitzler (43):
      edje - signal matcvhes - fix null deref when patterns is NULL
      efreet - fix efreetd kill and start with clean cache case blank icons
      evas - handle case where layer->evas is null - don't crash
      evas render 2 - tiled rouding of updates to keep number regions down
      efl debug - add the ability to begin/end states not just call ranges
      efl debug infra - add more event types for ability to check extended inf
      eo - fix bug vector when unparenting of an eo obj may affect others
      eo - destruction - ensure child is removed from parent child list
      eo - use ren not xref for children to not waste memory
      efl - jp2k loader - guard against openjpeg bug tha causes an abort
      eet - improve eet file storage when encoding by aligning data
      evas - gl common - make yuv gl textures double-bufffered like yuy2
      ecore-con-url- split out the curl dleopener and resolver and headers
      ecore x vsync - add in exynos checks and move kernel v checks inside
      eina thread - add wrapper for setting thread name and fix affinity
      eina - thread naming - when naming thread, cut off at 15 chars
      efl - set thread names for internally created threads for debugging
      evas render2 - more work on fleshing it out a bit
      evas - sw async render - move pixel upload/swap to a thread
      evas - fix whitespace in code
      efl - edje_cc - fix double close of embryo script fd's to tmp files
      evas sw generic - comment NULL methods so we know what they should be
      evas gl engines - remove TIMDBG code that is unused entirely
      evas new region code - copy region size along with region math
      evas tiler update handler - move to region code to be accurate and fast
      evas cutouts - optimize to use less cpu
      evas - make new exact regions round up to 16x16 to keep count sane
      fix coverity complaint (not real bug) - CID 1324882
      evas image object - dont update just if image is dirty
      evas gl - optimize updates
      evas - software x11 - lock shmpool as now shm pool entities are threaded
      evas - lock render updates as this happesn to be accesed from threads
      evas - protect against invalid obj id in legacy wrapper func
      evas render - async sw - fix context duplication by using proper dup call
      eldbus - make method calls less crasy since libdbus likes to abort
      Revert "eina: change default log level at which we display backtrace."
      evas - cutouts - use less cpu by skipping non-intersecting cutout objs
      ecore - detect nested ecore_main_loop_begins from silly code
      ecore docs - adjust docs to be explicit about ecore main loops nesting
      evas rectangle - ensure centers of rects that just move/resize dont rend
      evas software x11 - increase shm buffer size for modern displays
      evas software x11 - set merge mode explicitly to smart or env var
      evas - region updates - go back to tiler as its faster

Cedric BAIL (53):
      evas: twice faster NEON intrinsics scaling up implementation
      evas: add a snapshot bool to Evas_Object_Image.
      evas: prepare refactoring necessary for snapshot.
      evas: implementation of snapshot feature.
      evas: we now need to force mark the object as changed.
      evas: make sure that the context is only relevant to the surface we are 
currently manipulating.
      evas: move make update to be outside of the reused code for rendering sub 
      evas: force full redraw of snapshot for every frame, every time.
      edje: add a SNAPSHOT part in EDC.
      Merge branch 'devs/cedric/evas_snapshot'
      eina: forgot to fix @since for Eina_Bezier.
      eldbus: do not release shared connections if connection is private.
      eina: change default log level at which we display backtrace.
      evas: fix ref/unref of ector renderer to always happen in the main loop.
      ector: fix naming and forcing this inline function to be static.
      evas: no need to get the data if it is not the right type of object.
      eio: limit race condition during shutdown.
      evas: be more pedantic in case of error in Evas_VG_Node.
      evas: properly fix unref of ector renderer.
      evas: add an unique name for each Efl.VG.Base object and make it possible 
to find it from parent.
      evas: add support for interpolating Efl_VG_Node tree.
      evas: allow parent during dup to be an Evas_Object_VG.
      evas: add logic to duplicate recursively an Efl_VG_Node tree.
      eina: our 3x3 matrix are 2D matrix, not 3D rotation matrix.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_determinant.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_normalized.
      eina: test eina_matrix4_normalized.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_inverse.
      eina: add tests for eina_matrix4_inverse.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_transpose.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_multiply and eina_matrix4_identity function.
      eina: add eina_matrix4_quaternion_get and eina_quaternion_matrix4_get.
      eina: add test for decomposition and composition of matrix.
      evas: improve simple VG example to interpolate a full VG tree.
      efl: prevent segv while interpolating empty shape.
      efl: fix Efl.Gfx.Shape.Dup to use const parameter.
      ector: don't forget to reset cairo matrix to identity.
      ecore_con: fix test to properly send the right amount of data (including 
the '\0').
      eina: fix coverity issue CID 1317154.
      ector: cleanup default backend drawer.
      evas: node that are used for a fill should not have a parent or they are 
going to be drawn.
      ector: fix cairo backend to properly multiply gradient color.
      ector: make it possible to have an unique id per Ector_Renderer.
      edje: remove unused variable and simplify function prototype.
      eio: add kevent backend.
      edje: fix a memory leak while iterating used color class.
      evas: use void * instead of struct wl_* to avoid compilation issue on 
system without Wayland extention.
      evas: move all GL safe define to a common header and use it.
      eina: fix misleading documentation regarding enum values.
      eio: improve documentation.
      ector: don't leak cairo context.
      eio: make poll backend pass eio_test_monitor.c test suite.
      ector: fix leak of dash info in Cairo backend.

Christopher Michael (9):
      ecore-wl: Support wl_keyboard_send_repeat_info for adjusting keyboard 
repeat rate and delay
      evas_check_engine: Remove tests for specific version of EGL
      evas-wayland-egl: Add support for partial update extension
      evas-wayland-egl: Remove extra blank line
      emotion: Fix typos in doxygen
      Add experimental implementation of custom animator ticks
      evas-wayland-egl: Add support for 'smart' merge mode
      evas-gl-drm: Add support for 'smart' merge mode
      evas-wayland-shm: Reduce size of resize pool during resize events

ChunEon Park (22):
      evil: fix incorrect function call.
      evil: fix warnings.
      ector: freetype -> default software
      evas: fix win32 build warning.
      evil: add missing since
      ethum: fix compilation on Windows due to missing visibility setting.
      ecore_win: fix the incorrect mouse cursor position.
      Revert "ecore_win: fix the incorrect mouse cursor position."
      Revert "Revert "ecore_win: fix the incorrect mouse cursor position.""
      emile jpeg: more descriptive comment.
      ecore win32: modifiy to better meaningful exception.
      ecore win32: increase command buffer size.
      evas clip: add warning msg for wrong scenario.
      map: don't update surface unencessarily.
      eina: prevent compile warning.
      ecore_con: remove dead code.
      ecore_x: free the allocated memory after used.
      ecore_x: remove dead code.
      Revert "ecore_x: remove dead code."
      ecore_x: fix the memory leak.
      ecore_win32: code refactoring.
      ecore_win32: fix the mouse out behavior.

Daniel Hirt (2):
      Evas language: fix script run code
      Evas textblock: fix case of own_closer in style_set

Daniel Kolesa (32):
      evas_3d_utils: fix compiler warning
      autotools: more cross platform dlfuncs/shm_open checks
      eolian: @since no longer needs to be its own paragraph in docs
      eolian: do not treat @since specially in validation (not needed)
      eolian/generator: fix turning values into @return when generating docs
      eolian: class members now inherit their class's since tag
      evas_object,evas_image: partial doc conversion
      evas_image: convert more docs
      evas_image: finish doc conversion
      evas object: partial doc conversion
      evas object: more doc conversion
      evas object: finish doc conversion
      efl_vg_base: convert docs
      efl_vg_base: fix wrong @since (was pushed after 1.15)
      evas_canvas: prepare for doc conversion + partial conversion
      evas canvas: some doc conversions
      evas canvas: finish doc conversion
      eolian: disable parsing of old style docs
      eolian: remove support for old style docs completely
      eina_thread: non-linux fixes following latest changes
      eolian/generator: generation of doxygen @note and @warning tags
      eolian/generator: support for more paragraph tags
      eolian: split tokens/keywords for cleaner indexing
      eolian: preliminary doc dependency detection for external files
      eolian: use fully sanitized path names everywhere
      eolian: no need to double-sanitize paths, only do it when needed
      eolian: enable doc dependency parsing code
      Eolian generator: remove sentinel generation
      eolian tests: strip trailing newlines for ref file compare
      eolian generator: no need to replace newlines on win32 (lexer can deal 
with it)
      eolian generator: refactoring of file reads
      eolian: fix out-of-bounds indexing on tokens

Daniel Zaoui (1):
      Eo: fix double callback deletion

David Walter Seikel (1):
      ecore - let the ecore_con_eet_*.c examples build.

Dongyeon Kim (5):
      Evas GL: Restore current context to evas gl context when the backend has 
taken over
      evas/gl_common: Do not set minus value to unsigned int
      Evas GL: Free safe extensions hash when engine shuts down
      evas/gl_generic: set draw context in ector_renderer_draw
      evas/gl_common: Fix memory leak for font glyph extension image

Felipe Magno de Almeida (1):
      eolian-cxx: Fix inheritance from C++ classes after Eo ABI breakage

Guillaume Friloux (1):
      eio: unify deletion of eina_file_ls's iterator.

Jaehwan Kim (1):
      edje_edit: remove a redundant API declaration.

Jaehyun Cho (1):
      edje_cc_out: Fix edje_cc compile error with script on Windows.

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (44):
      Evas filters: Fix for Lua 5.3 (with --enable-lua-old)
      Evas: Add debug env var EVAS_IMAGE_NO_MMAP
      Evas filters: Fix massive memleak with async sw render
      Evas filters: Fix proxy buffer size in Lua
      Evas GL: Simplify previous commit
      Evas GL: Add EVGL_FUNC_BEGIN() to GLES 3 functions as well
      Evas GL: Also generate debug functions for GLES 2
      Evas GL: Debug APIs should also restore context
      Evas filters: Fix char buffer size
      Evas filters: Fix build for Jenkins gcc_x32
      Evas: Remove useless include
      Evas masking: Make sure to check alloc before freeing old image
      Evas masking: Fix potential invalid access to mask image
      evas_render: moar debug (REND_DBG)
      evas: Add internal context_dup function
      evas_render: Cosmetic changes in evas_render_mapped
      evas_render: simplify masking and clipping in general
      evas_render: print out context clip with REND_DBG
      evas_render: Fix some clipping issues inside proxy
      evas: Use malloc instead of calloc in context_dup
      Evas: Move REND_DBG to evas_render.c
      Evas GL shaders: Add mask 21, 12, 22 downsampling modes
      evas_render: Fix invalid clip
      edje_cc: Fix TEXT part validation for aliased parts
      Edje: Move internal struct filter around (refactor)
      Edje: Fix filters for IMAGE parts inherited states
      Edje: Add support for filters to PROXY parts
      Edje: Fix IMAGE filters
      Edje tests: Add PROXY part to the filters test case
      Edje: Add filter support to SNAPSHOT parts
      Edje: Add test case for SNAPSHOT
      Edje: Fix invalid loading of snapshot parts
      Evas filters: Fix handling of FILL for image filters
      Edje: Turn SNAPSHOT objects into filled images for now
      Edje: Fix big oopsie in previous commit
      edje_cc: Check default state as well
      edje_cc: Allow PROXY as clipper (clip_to and desc.clip_to)
      edje_cc: Add "norender;" as lazEDC for "no_render: 1;"
      edje_cc: Add "render" keyword for lazEDC
      edje_cc: Fix inheritance of "no_render" flag
      Edje tests: Test inheritance of flag no_render
      Evas image: Simplify updates if adding whole region at once
      Evas GL: Add new API to get current Evas GL
      Evas GL: Fix render: force pixel_get if dirty

Jee-Yong Um (2):
      edje_embryo: add methods to handle event flags.
      edje_container: fix typo in edje_container_align_set

Ji-Youn Park (4):
      ecore_evas: fix first render skip in several windows
      ecore_pipe: add write fdset and except fdset.
      ecore_evas_extn: remove old buffer in evas render post function.
      ecore_x_keygrab: fix memory leak

Jihoon Kim (1):
      ecore_imf_example: remove unnecessary code to set client window

Lukasz Stanislawski (2):
      eldbus: add eldbus_message_signal_new to public header
      eldbus: fix broken fallback interface.

Marcel Hollerbach (3):
      evas_3d: fix defines
      build: replace libsystemd-{daemon, journal} with libsystemd
      eldbus: fix _eldbus_message_iter_arguments_vget

Mike Blumenkrantz (8):
      ecore-x: provide property state in Ecore_X_Event_Window_Property
      ecore-x: add property member to Ecore_X_Event_Selection_Notify
      ecore-wl: do not nul terminate drops
      edje: return immediately when deleting a color class if no users exist
      ecore_evas-x11: unset withdrawn state when window is mapped
      ecore_evas-x11: unset withdrawn flag when showing the ecore evas
      upower: free version string splits
      ecore-audio: defer deletion of pulseaudio timer until after event 

Mike Frysinger (2):
      use SDL2 everywhere
      fix spurious quotes in msg output

Mrunal Sovani (1):
      Evas smart: Add obj type safety check to callback_del.

Mykyta Biliavskyi (3):
      Edje_Entry: check selection before the cursor position change.
      Edje_cc: check value for text.source attribute.
      Edje_entry: emit "cursor,changed,manual" for Home/End/PgUp/PgDown.

Nak-Gyeong Kim (1):
      evas: fix memory leak in evas_object_image_render_pre.

Nicolas Aguirre (1):
      evas: Add defines for GL_COLOR_EXT, GL_DEPTH_EXT, GL_STENCIL_EXT

Oleksandr Shcherbina (5):
      Evas canvas3d: Move evas 3d types to evas_types.eot
      evas_canvas3d: Recalculation coordinates for pick object from scene
      evas_canvas3d: sets for shadow rendering
      evas_canvas3d:Broken source file for generation 3D shaders
      evas_canvas3d: Unification algorithm generation shadow

Samuel F. Baggen (1):
      small typo in docs, mounse is mouse

Shilpa Singh (2):
      eina_tmpstr: add eina_tmpstr_strftime
      eina: add example for eina_tmpstr.

Shinwoo Kim (1):
      ecore_evas_extn: Fix server rendering after restart

Srivardhan Hebbar (14):
      ecore_con: update documentation.
      ecore_con: remove unwanted delete calls from ecore_con_eet test cases.
      ecore_psl1ght: Removed unused variable.
      ecore_example: Cleanup of ecore_compose_get_example.c
      ecore_example: Fixing NULL dereference.
      ecore_example: Fixing memory leak.
      ecore_example: Fixing NULL deference.
      eet_example: Fixing memory leak.
      ecore_x: fixing memory leak on realloc.
      ecore_con: preventing possible NULL pointer dereference.
      ecore_example: fix file name in the example's comment.
      ecore_exe: fix memory leak on realloc.
      ecore_con: replacing strncat with strncpy.
      ecore_x: remove useless assignment.

Stefan Schmidt (30):
      configure: Switch to dev mode again. Merge window for 1.16 is open now
      po: Update po files
      ecore_drm_evdev: Avoid shadowing a local variable.
      docs: Build documentation also for code that is still in BETA.
      eolian: add eolian group as link to main page to find API docs
      bindings/eina_cxx: add eina_cxx group as link to main page to find API 
      eldbus: remove now public eldbus_message_signal_new declaration from 
      evas/filter: Remove unused variable
      eldbus: add since tag for now public eldbus_message_signal_new API
      ecore_wayland: bind and destroy session_recovery interface correctly.
      ecore_wayland: add wayland session recovery listener
      ecore_wayland: only add listener if recovery interface was binded 
      evas/gl_common: add new header files to build to make them available for 
      eina tests: disabling eina_test_matrix_quaternion which fails for over a 
      edje: remove un-used edje_container code
      evas: tests: convert man_mesh.obj from dos to unix line endings
      ecore: cocoa: convert dos to unix line endings
      ector: software: convert dos to unix line endings
      ector: software: remove executable bit from source files
      ecore: win32: remove executable bit from source file
      edje_cc: remove executable bit from source file
      build: add efl as internal dep for eio
      evil: remove executable bit from memcpy assembler file.
      evas: gl_generic: fix leak if we return dst and not newdst
      evas examples: avoid shadowing a global variable in a function
      ecore_evas_convert: make sure we add all needed flags and deps for the 
      evas: include new header file in build to fix distcheck
      po: update po files
      examples: fix eina_tmpstr example after revert of strftime
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.16.0-alpha1 release

Subhransu Mohanty (21):
      eina: add Eina_Bezier infrastructure for manipulating cubic bezier curves.
      eina: add test for Eina_Bezier.
      ector: fix memory leak in cairo backend when using shape.
      ector: add dash stroking in cairo backend.
      evas: delete the ector_renderer when evas_vg_node gets deleted.
      ector: now software rasterizer allocates memory on stack to work in multi 
threading env.
      ector: add bounding box info in RLE data for software backend.
      ector: fix memory leak in software backend when using shape.
      ector: remove wrong implementation of singleton in software_surface class.
      ector: refactored shape generation in software backend.
      ector: add dash stroking feature in software backend.
      ector: add alpha field to gradient data.
      ector: refactored software drawing backend to use composition function.
      ector: add sse2 support for composition function in software backend.
      ector: add NEON support for composition function in software backend.
      ector: add SSE2 support for gradient filling in software backend.
      ector: remove depricated file ector_blend_private.h
      evas - fix texture context bind reset in gl common using wrong texture
      evas: clip the clip rect to surface boundary in ector draw.
      ector: convert to freetype co-ordinate before storing path data in 
software backend.
      evas: create ector surface per engine instance.

Subodh Kumar (6):
      Edje entry: Make filter logic consistent across all input methods
      Edje entry: Fix to delete selection when preedit status has not ended.
      Edje entry: Remove useless commented code
      Eina rectangle: Check for valid rectangle before taking intersection
      Edje entry: Make cursors to null after free
      evas_box: fix children size and position calculation when padding is used 
for horizontal flow layout

Thiep Ha (3):
      eldbus: add dbus_pending NULL check
      po: Add Vietnamese translation
      doc/eldbus: fix parameter in document

Thomas Guillem (2):
      emotion: add libvlc module
      emotion: lock pending events and pending objects

Tom Hacohen (31):
      Evas out: migrate more eolian types.
      Migrate more eo files to use Eina.Rectangle.
      Ecore audio: Fix eo references.
      Eina quad: Remove unused function.
      Eina strbuf: Remove unused variable.
      Ecore audio: Fix typo
      Edje entry: Clean up conditions a bit.
      Eo base: clean up parent removal in destructor.
      Eo base: Change parent_set to be an assignment of ref.
      Revert "Eo base: Change parent_set to be an assignment of ref."
      Revert "Revert "Eo base: Change parent_set to be an assignment of ref.""
      Eo base: print an error when an object with a parent is destructed.
      Remove TODO-eo2 file.
      Ector software gradient: Fix cast from integer to pointer of wrong type.
      Eo: Drop doc field from ops and events.
      Eo: Fix eo function name getter on windows.
      Eo: Clean up windows code.
      Eo: Remove EO_SENTINEL.
      Eo: Fix examples and benchmarks according to recent Eo changes.
      Eo: reduce memory usage across applications.
      Eo legacy events: Fix broken callback comparison
      Eo: add a regression test for broken callback comparison.
      Eo: Clean up windows code a bit more.
      Ecore win32: Fix compilation.
      Revert "eina_tmpstr: add eina_tmpstr_strftime"
      Eo: Remove dead code.
      Edje test: remove unused variable.
      Ecore pipe: clean up handling of already read information.
      Ecore Con: Fix possible timing attacks.
      Ecore con: Prevent possible use of uninitialised buffer on the stack.

Vincent Torri (4):
      eina: fix direct_ls_simple and ls_simple tests on Windows
      Evil: fix compilation when MSVC is not available.
      eina: add API to join pahs, as well as path separators
      eina: use new eina_file_path_join API

Vyacheslav Reutskiy (6):
      edje_edit: delete gradient funcs prototope
      edje: edje_edit - add getters/setters for min container size
      edje: edje_edit - add getters/setters for container padding
      edje: edje_edit - add getters/setters for container align
      edje: edje_edit - add getters/setters for a container item position
      edje: edje_edit - add getters/setters for a container item spans

WooHyun Jung (1):
      edje_cache: remove duplicated call of _edje_file_coll_open

Yeshwanth Reddivari (1):
      Edje Example: Fix wrong usage of evas_object_color_set API

Yomi (1):
      Fix grammar in error messages.

Youngbok Shin (1):
      edje: Fix double free scenario caused by static pointer.

jiin.moon (2):
      emile: fix can not parsing the EXIF info of the jpeg file which has IFD 
      emile: fix can not check ifd offset of jpeg in MM(little endian) format

mythri.venugopal (1):
      evas gl: add support for new partial update extension.

perepelits.m (5):
      evas: add tangent space algorithm
      [Evas] Counting of tangent space (fix)
      evas: CID 1323091
      evas: remove unused variable in evas_tangent_space_get.
      evas-3d: fix primitives


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