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        at  a86289f   (tag)
   tagging  0873520fddd1cd47c596611cea97afbde6dc9381 (commit)
  replaces  v1.15.0
 tagged by  Stefan Schmidt
        on  Mon Oct 5 17:18:46 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Amitesh Singh (29):
      genlist: port "changed" evas smart callback to Eo.
      popup: fix resize issue in case of custom part text set
      test_popup: set popup content correctly
      intf scroll: handle wheel logic in post event cb.
      entry: fix since tag for entry_input_panel_show_on_demand_set()
      popup: make scroller optional in popup
      list: fix crash while setting nearest item in viewport
      popup: fix content_area resize in case of custom theme
      genlist: remove unnecessary bracket
      test_genlist: fix a typo
      scroller: fix memory leak on keys traversal
      gengrid: add curly braces to avoid ambiguous 'if'
      gengrid: fix item focus movement in case of horizontal mode
      gengrid: no need to loop in case of reorder mode is enabled
      toolbar: fix issue of focus not coming to item on mouse click
      config: revert first_item_focus_on_first_focus_in to 0
      gengrid: fix item looping in case of horizontal mode
      test_gengrid: add item_select_on_focus_disabled option in gengrid2 test
      genlist: fix indentation & remove whitespaces
      fix typos in APIs doc
      gengrid: fix duplicate edje signal (elm,state,focused) to item on focus
      gengrid: move item focus related code to internal 
      gengrid: rename function _elm_gengrid_item_focus_raise to 
      test_genlist: fix compilation warnings
      genlist: refractor item focus update code
      fix typos in APIs doc
      fix typo in elm_map_overlay_group_members_get API doc
      test_gengrid: Add test case for elm_gengrid_at_xy_item_get
      test_genlist: remove check for array comparision against NULL

Anand (1):
      elm_gengrid:Added Eolian changes in gengrid reorder Api

Andrii Kroitor (2):
      elm_genlist: fix sub-items prepending
      spinner: fix extra callback calls

Andy Williams (1):
      [spinner] Notify when value is edited directly

Boris Faure (1):
      update mailmap

Carsten Haitzler (17):
      elm theme - conformant - fix to have proper min size of conformant
      elm theme - add a blank focus style if you want invisible focus
      elm popup - simplify if logic to be more compact and readable
      elm test EXPLODE! feature! explore widgets and their content!
      elm win - fix to ensure smart calc is done before show
      elm map - fix module load craziness loading all elm modules
      elm map - fix crash on badly handled zoom timeout callback
      elm theme - make sure key sounds are on input channel for muting config
      elm autofocus show - fix cases where focus is inside containers
      elm - when focus goes back in to a window dont have scrollers jump
      elm - thumbscroll finger scrolling - make it far smoother
      elm config - fix labels in config ui for smooth time window
      elm toolbar 0 size items fix if icon not found
      elm scroller - improve thumbscroll smoothness even more
      fix elm performance example to init elm properly and not do engine stuff
      elm - fix focus set on focus in on window due to previous focus fix
      elm run - be explicit about elm run not nesting in docs

Cedric BAIL (3):
      examples: fix attrib name due to change in Evas Canvas3D API.
      view_list: small optimization reducing memory consumption using Eo_Event 
array of callbacks.
      config: fix NULL access on invalid config loading

Christopher Michael (2):
      elementary: Fix Copy and Paste test to actually paste clipboard text
      elementary: Comment out (#if 0) unused functions

ChunEon Park (9):
      config: add missing since tag in doc.
      win: code refactoring.
      win: remove usage of deprecated api.
      theme: fix theme file path parsing issue on windows.
      theme: mistypo in 2927b6a37990aec0aa9b325a4727bd11ec526986
      hoversel: rename api scroll_enabled_set to scrollable_set
      index: rename elm_index_priority_set to elm_index_standard_priority_set
      entry: remove evas_object_propagate_events_set() calls on buttons in test.
      multibuttonentry: code refactoring.

Daniel Hirt (2):
      entry: Add null safety check in _elm_entry_entry_paste function.
      Entry: fix cursor repositioning on theme_apply

Daniel Juyung Seo (7):
      spinner: Remove unnecessary temporary variable.
      popup: Fix wrong since version in the doc.
      test_table: Add variable padding config in the padding test.
      popup: Exceptionally set since as 1.15.1
      focus: Fix typo in commit 431492e.
      focus: Add elm_focus_item.h to make header include order correctly.
      example/performance: Remove unused variable.

Daniel Kolesa (24):
      hover: convert docs
      naviframe_item: convert docs
      list_item: convert docs
      menu: convert docs
      mapbuf: convert docs
      configure: the BSDs all supply the dlfcn funcs without -ldl
      configure: we can actually safely imply -ldl is only needed on linux
      flip: convert docs
      slideshow: convert docs
      table: convert docs
      popup: convert docs
      gesture_layer: convert and fix docs
      genlist: convert docs
      glview: convert docs
      toolbar_item: convert docs
      slider: convert docs
      genlist_item: convert docs
      web: convert docs
      datetime: convert docs
      map: convert docs
      layout: convert docs
      gengrid: convert docs
      win: convert docs
      toolbar_item: use actual doc refs

Daniel Zaoui (3):
      Tooltip: reset content delete callback directly after invocation
      FileSelector: fix behaviour when the file is chosen
      Eo: move Focus Direction to elm_general.eot

Dave Andreoli (8):
      Add a no-wrap mode to the "Entry Style Default" test
      Add a new (failing) test for table padding
      Fix docs for elm_object_tooltip_orient_set
      Genlist: reset item tree expanded state when putting item in cache
      Genlist test: cosmetics
      Genlist: add homogeneos mode to the tree test
      Label: add support for all the fancy tags already provided for entry
      Label test: split Slide and Ellipsis in two separate tests

Felipe Magno de Almeida (1):
      Added elm_general.eot file to EXTRA_DIST

Hosang Kim (6):
      progressbar: fix memory leak
      Revert "Elm_Interface_Scrollable: Improvement in looping behavior"
      scroller: fix page calculation logic when looping is enabled.
      elm_test: Add test case for page scroller
      slider: slider should be focused, when slider is handled with mouse or 
touch event.
      elm_toolbar: fix elm_toolbar_select_mode_set API

Jaehwan Kim (14):
      focus: add del callback always.
      scroller: fix the focus move bug in scroller.
      gengird: change focus move mechanism in gengrid.
      focus: add the focus region show mode
      test_gengrid: change the min size of gengrid
      focus: item focus moves by geometry.
      focus: add the comment about focus origin property.
      scroller: fix the misstake. change && -> ||
      gengrid: fix crash issue.
      focus: add the APIs to set the focus next about item.
      gengrid: remove EINA_UNUSED
      focus: remove checking the focus origin in highlight job.
      focus: add the focus_direction feature about item.
      focus: change the focus don't stay to scroller.

Jaehyun Cho (1):
      elm_config: Add flag to control pushing naviframe prev button 

Jee-Yong Um (6):
      elm_hoversel: add elm_hoversel_scroll_enabled_set/get() API
      elm_hover: Set min size hint for size and offset spacer before moving or 
resizing hover
      elm_hoversel: add support elm_object_item_part_text_set()
      elm_hoversel: refine hoversel scrollability function
      elm_hoversel: add elm_hoversel_label_auto_changed_set/get() API
      elm_hover: delay hover dismiss while handling edje signal

Jyotiprakash Sahoo (1):
      gengrid: extends D2418 to horizontal mode.

Jérémy Zurcher (1):
      win: declare elm_win_wm_rotation_available_rotations_set

Luciana Magno de Almeida (1):
      cxx: Added examples and tutorial for C++ binding

Lukasz Stanislawski (13):
      hoversel: add key binding for widget activation
      elm_web2: fix build break & warnings after migration to eo callbacks.
      atspi: reduce memory footprint
      atspi: use eldbus fallback interface
      atspi: add global event emitter
      Merge branch 'devs/stanluk/perf'
      atspi: encapsulate common behaviour in atspi mixin class.
      atspi: fix state macros after extending Elm_Atspi_State_Type.
      widget_item: emit atspi children-changed only for non-destroyed parent.
      atspi: properly set parent.
      atspi: add translation domain for name and description.
      atspi: support org.a11y.atspi.Collection interface
      atspi: add new relationship append/remove/clear API

Mike Blumenkrantz (14):
      cnp: add docs for Elm_Selection_Data members
      cnp test: add callback to print info when paste button is clicked
      cnp: init wayland dnd handlers upon creating the first drop target
      cnp: initialize Elm_Selection_Data.action for wayland drops
      cnp: fix wayland drop format selection
      cnp: pass wayland drop event size to handler, do not nul terminate drop 
      cnp: end wayland drag on allocation failure
      cnp: only nul terminate wayland drops for text type drops
      cnp: redo wayland drop to nul terminate for text_uri drops and free on 
every drop
      win: fix FAKE window geometry updating + resize object adding
      build: fix header ordering so the library builds
      colorclass: remove remote editor, make base api public
      colorclass: fix leaks on editor creation
      build: remove colorclass generated files

Prince Kumar Dubey (1):
      [elm_win] Possible memory leak Fixed.

SangHyeon Lee (2):
      genlist: add SIG_CHANGED("changed") smart callback in genlist.
      genlist: Refactoring genlist item cache logics.

Seunghun Lee (2):
      elm_win: set wm rotation hints _elm_win_xwin_update().
      elm_win: Initilize the variable 'preferred_rot' as a -1 before invoking 
_elm_win_xwin_update() in _elm_win_finalize_internal().

Shashank Pandey (2):
      Elm_genlist: Add Item filtering support
      [Genlist] Added correct container_get callback for filter iterator.

Shilpa Singh (9):
      mbe: remove unnecessary keypad hide call from multibuttonentry.
      Elc_Naviframe: When push is in progress, block pop until push is complete.
      Elc_Multibuttonentry: Item resize issue on text set
      elc_multibuttonentry: Input panel should be controlled only if
      elm_conformant: display mode set fix
      elm_calendar: weekdays do not get translated when language is dynamically 
changed issue fix
      elc_multibuttonentry: Memory leak fix.
      elc_multibuttonentry: add item disable support
      elc_naviframe: fix crash in strcmp, if text_set is NULL issue

Stefan Schmidt (14):
      configure: Switch to dev mode again. Merge window for 1.16 is open now
      tests/build: Make sure tests are finding the theme file
      elm_module: Load not installed modules from build dir with ELM_RUN_IN_TREE
      tests: Correct ATSPI role check for popup.
      build: Enable make check run during distcheck
      po: Update po files
      build: Exclude some more files from coverage as they are not in the 
correct path
      multibuttonentry: check return value from elm_layout_theme_set
      build: ensure we do not fail clean if check-results.xml does not exist
      po: update po files
      doc: make sure we actually run the command to get the example screenshots
      tests: disable new atspi parent test for me as it breaks
      po: update po files
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.16.0-alpha1 release

Subhransu Mohanty (2):
      check: add "elm,activate,check,on" and "elm,activate,check,off" signal to 
support state change animation.
      radio: add "elm,activate,radio,on" and "elm,activate,radio,off" signal to 
support value change animation.

Sung-Taek Hong (2):
      elm_colorselector: modify to select no item when create colorselector
      elm_toolbar: fix icon_size to consider edje base scale

Thiep Ha (4):
      dnd/x11: correct coordinates in pos callback
      test_dnd: transfer text without markup when drag label
      po: Add Vietnamese translation
      test/entry: add editable set

Tom Hacohen (39):
      Multibuttonentry item: Migrate docs to new eolian format.
      Eo files: Use Elm.Widget_Item instead of Elm_Object_Item.
      Hoversel: migrate docs.
      Hoversel item: migrate docs.
      Atspi widget action: migrate docs.
      Atspi accessible: migrate docs.
      Elm slideshow item: migrate docs.
      Elm index item: migrate docs.
      Elm segment control item: migrate docs.
      Eo files: Replace all occurances of EINA_TRUE/FALSE to true/false.
      Eo files docs: replace all @c/@p with $.
      Interface fileselector: migrate docs.
      Naviframe: migrate docs.
      Label: migrate docs.
      Widget: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi text: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi action: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi component: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi selection: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi value: migrate docs.
      Interface atspi image: migrate docs.
      Inwin: migrate docs.
      Widget item: migrate docs.
      Index: migrate docs.
      Segment control: migrate docs.
      Progressbar: migrate docs.
      Gengrid item: migrate docs.
      Genlist: migrate one missing doc string.
      Spinner: migrate docs.
      Prefs: migrate docs.
      Image: migrate docs.
      Multibutton entry: migrate docs.
      List: migrate docs.
      Interface scrollable: migrate docs.
      Toolbar: migrate docs.
      Elm win: Fix according to the new behaviour of parent_set.
      Revert "elm_calendar: weekdays do not get translated when language is ..."
      Genlist: only get item data if needed.
      Revert "Genlist: only get item data if needed."

Umesh Tanwar (2):
      Theme: Scroller.edc-Improvement in left/right/top/bottom arrow behavior.
      Scroller: Scroll indicatin arrows should be enable if loop is set.

Vaibhav Gupta (3):
      test_scroller: Fix item count variable
      Gengrid: Fix wrong focus movement in _item_single_select_down
      Genlist: Dont select first item if its DISPLAY_ONLY

Vincent Torri (1):
      Add missing documentation of DirectDraw rendering

Vivek Ellur (10):
      elm_entry: Convert eo docs to new format
      elementary: Port evas smart callbacks to Eo callbacks
      elm_conform: Port evas smart callbacks to eo
      elm_colorclass: Changed evas object smart callbacks to use eo event 
      elementary: Port evas object smart callbacks to use eo event callbacks
      elm_spinner: ported eo_event_callbacks to use eo_event arrays
      elc_multibuttonentry: ported eo_event callbacks to use eo_event callback 
      elc_player: ported eo_event callbacks to use eo_event arrays
      elc_popup: ported eo_event callbacks to use eo_event arrays
      elm_video: port eo_event callbacks to use eo_event arrays

WooHyun Jung (1):
      naviframe: fix a focus issue when deleting the first item

Woochan Lee (6):
      multibuttonentry: add horizontal, vertical padding between items.
      multibuttonentry: Fix box item append rtl when mirror enabled.
      spinner: Fix internal logic about special value show instead of number.
      multibuttonentry: fix MBE item clear, item delete logic error.
      flipselector.edc: array size +1 to prevent loosing last character.
      Revert "index: fix index object got a wrong min value."

Yakov Goldberg (1):
      FileSelector Entry: fix behaviour for events

Yeshwanth Reddivari (1):
      Gengrid: Set focus after item looping

Youngbok Shin (2):
      focus/list/genlist/gengrid: fix focus highlight issues on list widgets 
when auto focus enable is on.
      multibuttonentry/spinner: Fix memory leak when eina_strbuf_string_steal 
is misused.

j_yong.hwang (2):
      elm_theme: string function change for the exceptional file name
      elm_macros: fix for lack of precision with double due to order of 

jiin.moon (3):
      elm_win: add new condition about engine set when generate the elm_win 
      elm_image: fix image preload issue
      elm_image : call the evas_object_image_load_error_get() before calling 
the image_preload api

woochan lee (12):
      spinner: entry text makes to registered special value instead of number.
      index: add index item priority APIs for support multilingual
      multibuttonentry: item object scale set is not need when theme applied.
      index: fix index object got a wrong min value.
      spinner: Add to support spinner value %d format.
      multibuttonentry: Use elm focus for items instead of evas focus.
      multibuttonentry: Fix mbe  clicked signal is not work.
      calendar: fix signal process timing issue when view update.
      spinner: delete longpress timer when scroller enabled.
      calendar: weekday update when first day of week changed.
      multibuttonentry: Fix padding to be affected by base_scale in edc.
      multibuttonentry: Fix MBE item box min size calc error.


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