jpeg pushed a commit to branch master.

commit 8db552511bb7fb7db52b88a490d8e53cfc370703
Author: Jean-Philippe Andre <>
Date:   Wed Oct 14 18:00:24 2015 +0900

    elm_test: Fix bug in GLView test
      const char * accel = accel_get();
    Now accel may not be valid anymore since the original
    Eina_Stringshare might have been destroyed. So there was
    no point in saving the const char * pointer. It was not valid
    after the call to set(). This is a bit confusing here. Returning
    char* would be clear: the caller would own the data.
 src/bin/test_glview.c | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/bin/test_glview.c b/src/bin/test_glview.c
index ceaf7cc..31c76cf 100644
--- a/src/bin/test_glview.c
+++ b/src/bin/test_glview.c
@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@ test_glview(void *data EINA_UNUSED, Evas_Object *obj 
EINA_UNUSED, void *event_in
    // add a Z-depth buffer to the window and try to use GL
-   accel = elm_config_accel_preference_get();
+   accel = eina_stringshare_add(elm_config_accel_preference_get());
    // new window - do the usual and give it a name, title and delete handler
@@ -633,6 +633,7 @@ test_glview(void *data EINA_UNUSED, Evas_Object *obj 
EINA_UNUSED, void *event_in
    // restore previous accel preference
+   eina_stringshare_del(accel);
    bx = elm_box_add(win);
    evas_object_size_hint_weight_set(bx, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND);


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