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        at  8d87b72   (tag)
   tagging  8181f03097a9c181936df5997f34a74fd0230eee (commit)
  replaces  v0.20.0-alpha
 tagged by  Mike Blumenkrantz
        on  Fri Oct 23 13:32:47 2015 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.20.0-beta release

Amitesh Singh (3):
      md5: fix wrong sizeof argument (SIZEOF_MISMATCH)
      pulseaudio: pass big data as pass by reference
      e_flowlayout: typecast return value to int

Boram Park (1):
      should remove a frame resource from pending.frames list also

Carsten Haitzler (4):
      e comp - default config was rather broken - fix
      e comp data - actually ... NO visibility effect by default is right
      e mixer - be more robust if pulse exits/crashes and def sink is null
      e - comps sync - ec client was null - i think, so protect against crash

Chidambar Zinnoury (2):
      e menus: Fix invalid comparisons.
      e fm: Use correct string length when copying path.

Christopher Michael (12):
      enlightenment: Update wayland readme
      enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function paramaters
      enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parameters
      enlightenment: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function paramaters
      enlightenment: Add missing field initializers for Evas_Point
      enlightenment: Add missing field initializers for Eina_Rectangle
      enlightenment: Fix E_CONFIG_LIMIT to use the proper min & max values
      enlightenment: Use 'fabs' to get absolute value of floating point types
      enlightenment: #if 0 out an unused variable
      enlightenment: Use 'fabs' to compute absolute value of floating point
      enlightenment: Make sure we have a zone before calling
      Fix e_menu trying to swallow an object from a different canvas

Marcel Hollerbach (5):
      mixer: install app to bin directory
      mixer: install icon and .desktop file
      mixer: start app from bin directory
      Fix make distcheck
      systray: search for the best available resolution of a icon

Mike Blumenkrantz (55):
      unset release mode
      add RENDER_DEBUG for forced renders when setting dirty flag
      fix return value of comp render for wayland clients
      fix comp render return value for failed draws of non-argb clients
      unify comp render returns for argb and non-argb clients
      move client post-update adding into render function
      fix systray to work with spec-breaking apps, eg. steam
      move configure init after intl init has completed
      make icon selection dialog resizable in .desktop editor
      clear menu cache when saving a menu file
      throw an ACK when trying to set comp frame geometry if frame exists
      do not set frame geometry on frame-possessing wayland clients
      attempt to load default e_bindings if initial load fails
      repopulate app list dialogs when efreet deskop cache updates
      update wayland readme
      only use fast-path pixmap size updating after a resize for x11 clients
      when removing VERTICAL maximize state, also remove LEFT and RIGHT states
      don't crash desktop gadget systrays when adjusting image sizing
      apply _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS for xwayland clients
      make wake-on-urgent apply for all cases of window urgency
      explicitly disable screensaver for wayland urgency wakeups
      remove duplicate surface size update for wayland clients during commit
      use correct param ordering for setting wayland client frame geometry
      force full damage for first frame of x11 override clients
      subtract x11 client damage region even when forcing full override damage
      do not return when x11 damage event returns no rects
      trap shaped x11 clients and prevent compositor blocking with high rect 
      cache systray items for each dbus session
      reject deleted clients from x11 sync alarm event callback
      use dbus unique name for tracking systray sessions
      check systray dbus name existence before attempting to recover session
      clear x11 client pixmap when returning from iconic
      force a software render in all cases when finalizing x11 client iconify
      queue pending buffers for wayland shm clients
      update csd using deltas of previous values
      do not use x11 input windows for grab dialogs when running in wayland
      fix typo in wayland keyboard resource unbind list management
      append new keyboard resources for wayland focused-client to the focused 
      do not use ecore-x functions in scale config while running in wayland
      make comp config unresizable...again
      require efl >= 1.16 for wayland support
      add hacks to work around pulseaudio+xwayland integration deadlocks
      unconditionally show opengl option in compositor settings
      remove dead modules from whitelist
      completely remove access module
      defer all module error dialogs
      clip client input rect to client geometry, not window geometry
      enforce cw->obj pass_events state more accurately
      set client input rects more accurately, accounting for SSD
      only apply frame geometry deltas for CSD if the CSD region exists
      reject frame theme changes for clients which have CSD
      when maximizing a wayland client with csd, use window geometry
      add NEWS from 19.12 release
      20.0-beta release
      20.0-beta NEWS updates

Peter Kjellerstedt (2):
      Add "(drag only)" to title for drag only edge bindings
      Add support for the ISO 8601 date format to the clock module

Seunghun Lee (2):
      clear the tiler for input region after setting to comp object.
      e-comp-wl-input: don't leak the initial keymap.

Thierry (1):
      mouse_config: fix accel threshold and numerator limits.

Tom Hacohen (2):
      Client: fix potential out of bounds read.
      Intl: fix potential stack buffer overflow.

Tomáš Čech (1):
      don't forget wl_desktop_shell's header in tarball


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