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discomfitor pushed a change to annotated tag v0.20.0-rc
in repository core/enlightenment.

        at  f801874   (tag)
   tagging  b4f92f518f5caaf177e31a33d374556563c561bd (commit)
  replaces  v0.20.0-beta
 tagged by  Mike Blumenkrantz
        on  Wed Nov 11 13:46:28 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.20.0-rc release

Carsten Haitzler (5):
      e - ibar - fix clash when 2 icons of the same path get added somehow
      e exec tracker - fix tracking to update desktop files on efreet change
      ibar - fix shutdown if ibar client menu is up
      e deskmirror - fix loss of mirror object from deskmirror
      e screens/zones/randr - store randr2 id in xinerama and zones for lookup

Flavio Ceolin (1):
      modules:mixer: Avoid pa backend from crash

Florent Revest (7):
      Adds eglfs to Enlightenment fixes wayland-only build
      e_signals.c: Inclues Ecore_DRM only if WL_DRM is built and not only if 
WAYLAND is built
      wl_eglfs: enable gl acceleration, mouse, touchscreen and keyboard
      [HACK??] Fixes wayland-only build
      Fixes build complaining about missing ABOUT-NLS
      Don't load xwayland if it isn't compiled

Mike Blumenkrantz (34):
      unset release mode
      always unalias x11 client parent window <-> pixmap relation during delete
      clean up some systray leaks
      add E_COMP_ENGINE env var to determine sw/gl
      Revert "when maximizing a wayland client with csd, use window geometry"
      adjust non-x11 client's saved frame geometry when changing csd
      simplify client SMART/EXPAND maximize
      Revert "queue pending buffers for wayland shm clients"
      add native surface (gl) clients to post render list
      fix comp object native surface config checking for non-x11 compositors
      use e_comp->gl flag to set native surface state
      add wayland egl client support
      check for wayland egl extensions before starting a gl compositor
      remove note about window close crashing
      account for window position in efm window drag initial positioning
      adjust efm multi-icon drag positioning by the current pan coords
      set e_comp->gl for wayland compositors based on gl display bind success
      break out x11 client visibility setting into util functions
      move client iconic hint setting into x11 hide function
      emit ibox icon signals to the internal edje object of the e_icon
      add counter and smart callbacks for comp object visible mirrors
      add e_comp_object_mirror_visibility_check()
      toggle x11 client iconic/mapped state based on mirror visibility
      Revert "force a software render in all cases when finalizing x11 client 
      disable client menu stacking functions for unstackable windows
      enforce fullscreen client stacking during nocomp end IFF client is 
      check client comp data existence in x11 mirror visibility callbacks
      clamp client to ABOVE layer when ending nocomp
      Revert "clamp client to ABOVE layer when ending nocomp"
      use unsigned int for client focus tracking freeze state
      ensure that all mixer volumes resolve to the appropriate gadget icon
      null efm icon eio handle in error callback
      20.0-rc release
      20.0-rc NEWS updates

Nicolas Aguirre (7):
      Revert "Don't load xwayland if it isn't compiled"
      Revert "Fixes build complaining about missing ABOUT-NLS"
      Revert "[HACK??] Fixes wayland-only build"
      Revert "wl_eglfs: enable gl acceleration, mouse, touchscreen and keyboard"
      Revert "e_signals.c: Inclues Ecore_DRM only if WL_DRM is built and not 
only if WAYLAND is built"
      Revert " fixes wayland-only build"
      Revert "Adds eglfs to Enlightenment"

Stafford Horne (3):
      e/conf_apps: Fix resizing of "Startup Application" dialog
      e/ilist: Fix issue with multiselect returning wrong index
      e/desk_wallpaper: Fix setting wallpaper from within Virtual Desk dialog

Vivek Ellur (3):
      e: Fix realloc issue in e font module
      Fix memory leak issue
      Fix null dereference issue

shorne (1):
      e/win_config: allow content of some dialogs to resize with the window


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  0388410   20.0-rc release
       new  b4f92f5   20.0-rc NEWS updates

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