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@@ -15,4 +15,10 @@ var efl = require('efl');
    * [[api/javascript/eina|Eina]] - Data types and basic abstractions.
    * [[api/javascript/eldbus|Eldbus]] - Dbus-integration.
    * [[api/javascript/eo|Eo]] - Generic object system.
-   * [[api/javascript/ethumb|Ethumb]] - Generate thumbnail images of files.
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+   * [[api/javascript/ethumb|Ethumb]] - Generate thumbnail images of files.
+===== Under the hood =====
+The Javascript binding is split into two big parts. The first is a //manual// 
binding, wich is described in this documentation. The //automatic// binding 
covers the Eo-based classes, built with automatically-generated code and will 
be covered later.
+Due to the C++ being the native language of the libv8, it's was also used to 
write the bindings, with the help of the C++ bindings for EFL.
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