cedric pushed a commit to branch master.


commit b6a43da447876f9afb33e3d6fe51d49c810d869a
Author: Jean Guyomarc'h <jean.guyoma...@openwide.fr>
Date:   Fri Oct 16 15:14:22 2015 +0200

    eina: fix missing header
    This caused functions from eina_util to be undefined at compile time.
    The compiler would make implicit casts of return values into ints,
    which had major side effects (e.g. segfault edje_cc)
    Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <ced...@osg.samsung.com>
 src/lib/eina/eina_file_common.h | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/src/lib/eina/eina_file_common.h b/src/lib/eina/eina_file_common.h
index 3eb84ec..e8241d9 100644
--- a/src/lib/eina/eina_file_common.h
+++ b/src/lib/eina/eina_file_common.h
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 #include "eina_tmpstr.h"
 #include "eina_lock.h"
 #include "eina_list.h"
+#include "eina_util.h"


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