jpeg pushed a commit to branch master.

commit d63cc52c584e0b3304699bd1822df18c0b446e2b
Author: Minkyoung Kim <>
Date:   Thu Dec 10 16:04:57 2015 +0900

    evas/gl: Update texture when preload is cancelled.
    When preload is cancelled before finishing loading,
    should reload the image data and update the texture during rendering object.
    So, force texture to be updated on first drawing time.
    (It should be guaranteed that preload image object is hidden before preload 
    Test Plan: Local tests
    Reviewers: jpeg
    Reviewed By: jpeg
    Subscribers: eunue, jiin.moon, wonsik, cedric, spacegrapher
    Differential Revision:
 src/modules/evas/engines/gl_generic/evas_engine.c | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/src/modules/evas/engines/gl_generic/evas_engine.c 
index 03429d2..d7ea450 100644
--- a/src/modules/evas/engines/gl_generic/evas_engine.c
+++ b/src/modules/evas/engines/gl_generic/evas_engine.c
@@ -1076,6 +1076,7 @@ eng_image_data_preload_request(void *data, void *image, 
const Eo *target)
         gl_context = re->window_gl_context_get(re->software.ob);
         gim->tex = evas_gl_common_texture_new(gl_context, gim->im, EINA_FALSE);
+        im->cache_entry.flags.updated_data = 1;
    evas_gl_preload_target_register(gim->tex, (Eo*) target);


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