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-==== Constants ====
+These functions manage the amount of "voluntary throttling" ecore will do to 
its main loop while running. This is intended to be used to limit animations 
and wakeups when in a strict power management state. The higher the current 
throttle value (which can be retrieved by ''efl.Ecore.Throttle.get()''), the 
more throttling takes place. If the current throttle value is 0, then no 
throttling takes place at all.
+The value represents how long the ecore main loop will sleep (in seconds) 
before it goes into a fully idle state waiting for events, input or timing 
events to wake it up. For example, if the current throttle level is 0.5, then 
after every time the main loop cycles and goes into idle after processing all 
events, the main loop will explicitly sleep for 0.5 seconds before sitting and 
waiting for incoming events or timeouts, thus preventing animation, async IO 
and network handling etc. for t [...]
 ==== Functions ====
-=== adjust(args) ===
+=== adjust(amount) ===
 <code javascript>
-    code
+    efl.Ecore.Throttle.adjust(amount);
-   * parameters
+   * amount - A number with the amount that will be changed on the throttling 
setting. Can be positive (increase throttle) or negative (decrease throttle).
-Return value
-   * return
+Changes the throttling value by ''amount''.
-=== get(args) ===
+=== get() ===
 <code javascript>
-    code
+    var throttle = efl.Ecore.Throttle.get();
-   * parameters
 Return value
-   * return
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+   * integer - The amount of throttling.
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