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Lira Junior
 pages/tutorial/javascript_tutorial.txt | 11 ++++++++++-
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diff --git a/pages/tutorial/javascript_tutorial.txt 
index 304abfe..8d0ab67 100644
--- a/pages/tutorial/javascript_tutorial.txt
+++ b/pages/tutorial/javascript_tutorial.txt
@@ -192,5 +192,14 @@ Add a layout widget to Elm.List and call ''list.go()'' 
start to display the list
 <code javascript>
         item = list.itemAppend("", layout, null, null, null);
+    list.go();
+You will find this and more examples in directory ''src/examples'' in efl and 
elementary source code.
+All you need to run is:
+<code bash>
+node <example_file_name>
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