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seoz pushed a change to annotated tag v1.16.1
in repository core/efl.

        at  23041c2   (tag)
   tagging  e5695c9bc0a2755473f7ceff4834a0f8bbcbde30 (commit)
  replaces  v1.16.0
 tagged by  Daniel Juyung Seo
        on  Fri Dec 25 12:09:31 2015 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Amitesh Singh (1):
      edje: fix edje RTL description in case of custom state of a part

Carsten Haitzler (1):
      emotion - fix gst back-end to report title and other meta changes

Cedric BAIL (2):
      emile: deprecate the use of SSLv3 with GNUTLS backend to.
      ector: disable NEON build.

Christopher Michael (4):
      ecore-evas-wl: Fix issue of improper window geometry
      ecore-drm: Don't send mouse_move event too early
      ecore-evas-drm: Send fake mouse_move event after registering
      ecore-wayland: Make ecore_wl_window_maximized_get return proper values

Daniel Juyung Seo (2):
      po: Update po files.
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.16.1 release

Hein-Pieter van Braam (1):
      emile: fix compilation with --enable-liblz4

Mike Blumenkrantz (19):
      ecore-evas wayland: use correct values when updating wayland window size
      ecore-evas drm: null global device pointer after free
      ecore-evas wayland: enforce frame/state change triggering before 
      ecore-wayland: return only the relevant state value for 
      ecore-wayland: rewrite maximize/fullscreen set functions for consistency
      evas: do not add unclipped smart members to the master clip
      evas: resize master clip if framespace|viewport.changed is set
      evas: trigger FLUSH_PRE callback prior to kicking off an async render
      evas: do not unset/delete master clip after every frame
      evas: update/clarify RENDER_FLUSH callback docs
      efreet_icon_cache_create: null theme eet file to avoid double free
      edje_cc: track parts for descriptions, ensure part types match when 
      edje_cc: terminate filter file scripts
      edje_cc: move part desc free function within file
      edje_cc: correctly copy part descriptions when setting part type
      edje_cc: redo part type setting to be even more correct
      evas: unset pointer ungrabs when using 
      evas: handle existing pointer grabs when changing object pointer mode
      efreetd: send ipc for EFREET_EVENT_DESKTOP_CACHE_BUILD...always

Shinwoo Kim (1):
      ecore: thread - need to null check of function pointer

Stefan Schmidt (1):
      Revert "eet: removing useless assignment variables."

Vincent Torri (2):
      efreet: fix warning
      ecore_con: fix warning on Windows

Youngbok Shin (1):
      edje: initialize map.zoom values to fix old *.edj compatibility issues.


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