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discomfitor pushed a change to annotated tag v1.1.0
in repository enlightenment/modules/desksanity.

        at  f94c47b   (tag)
   tagging  6b4bd608956ae828f0da07108b92a4f68e994ce3 (commit)
 tagged by  Mike Blumenkrantz
        on  Mon Dec 28 12:12:55 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
1.1.0 release

Mike Blumenkrantz (87):
      fix build
      desksanity is go: 5 effects to start
      add comments
      add circle rotate in/out effects
      fix moveresize shutdown crash
      finish move/resize replacement effects
      block shape cutting during effects
      redo resize
      twm resize--
      fix shadow text
      require a version
      add maximize animations
      add module icon
      redo maximize animations to actually change window geometry
      don't break the world when new clients start maximized
      unset moveresize replace on unload
      move moveresize hooks to jobs to not interfere with focus changes
      fix move/resize on titlebars
      bump version
      remove copypasta file
      fix T1390 multimonitor maximize
      free edje file string on unload
      fix moveresize text edc
      fix maximize of fullscreen clients
      add config menu in settings
      finish out config menu
      add pips
      unify fading code
      expose start
      add pips menu edit, cancel edit on bg click, fix resize aspecting
      add pip zooming with ctrl+wheel
      add magnifier
      set pass events on fader during fade out
      greatly simplify zoom, use focus stack for ordering
      use x/y root coord adjustments
      allow drags from zoom
      disable zoom idle animations
      redo drag to be more indicative of results
      force render queue on unmaximize if client was fullscreen maximized
      bump to 1.0
      e_comp_get() -> e_comp
      convert zoom to elm widgets
      remove bad comp usage in pip
      fix edje warnings
      more elm conversions
      raise client zoom obj on mouse in
      fix input regions on shaded clients after desk flip
      fix multiscreen zoom and current desks zoom
      bump e version req
      update news, bump version
      make pip crop reset if user shift+clicks without moving
      and null the clip pointer because this module is way too smart to crash
      disallow pip manage action if no pips exist
      update to latest api changes
      more api updates
      ignore/clean 'compile' file
      maybe fix zoom animation geometries?
      show clients before performing desk flip
      fix zoom key actions
      reorder ds client iterator filter to catch override clients before 
ec->desk deref
      use correct int size for ds effect iterating
      add scroller indicator for zoom effect
      fix zoom focus rect sizing to be even on all sides
      clip zoom client focus rect to clipper
      make zoom focus rect more translucent when active
      don't enable map for zoom client effect
      make zoom effect more subtle when indicating which window is "active"
      use color3 for setting OUTLINE color on zoom text
      redo "active" signalling for zoom effect to be more easily themable
      improve keyboard navigation for zoom effect
      use bring_in for zoom keyboard navigation
      disable maximize effect for x11 csd windows
      force sizing of zoom effect tables before adding to layout
      remove pip delete callback during pip free
      make pip move/resize while clipped more accurate based on clip geometry
      enable pip edit mode when creating a pip
      add Super Ultimate Window Management binding under Desksanity actions
      add multipress functionality for superkey
      add handling for maintaining sticky windows with superkey
      move to single makefile build
      switch bzip2->xz in dist
      require E20+
      1.1.0 release
      1.1.0 NEWS updates

discomfitor (17):
      fix events; we don't need em during transitions
      fix batman wipe
      delete unneeded deskmirrors before animations
      I guess these two are necessary after all...
      start mr
      unset default desk effects
      add SLIDE_SPLIT
      add quad split
      run flips in order until user has seen all flips
      add fade in/out effects
      add quad merge
      add blink+viewport
      make slide split more awesome
      don't create dm_show unless needed
      unbreak BLINK
      also put back the random...
      make BLINK more blink-like


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  c2a1464   switch bzip2->xz in dist
       new  790d62c   require E20+
       new  76c0e98   1.1.0 release
       new  6b4bd60   1.1.0 NEWS updates

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