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stefan pushed a change to annotated tag v1.17.0-beta2
in repository core/efl.

        at  d36177a   (tag)
   tagging  23cceeeaaa567f2de06e8229fd28adafa42059c1 (commit)
  replaces  v1.17.0-beta1
 tagged by  Stefan Schmidt
        on  Mon Jan 18 14:37:05 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Andrey Gursky (1):
      Fix build if openjpeg-2 is installed

Carsten Haitzler (2):
      efl: edje: make comments for something we need to break for efl2 not now
      ecore imf: fix imf module load hangs when not even configured

Chris Michael (1):
      ecore-drm: Call inputs shutdown before eina_shutdown

Derek Foreman (1):
      ecore_drm/ecore_wl2: logging: remove errant usage of %m

Dongyeon Kim (1):
      Evas GL: Reset current surface for all contexts to null when surface is 

Duna Oh (2):
      ecore_wayland: send mouse_move when sets touch_focus window in 
      ecore_wayland: move check for pointer capability

Felipe Magno de Almeida (1):
      eina-cxx: Remove Eo classes defined manually

Jaehwan Kim (1):
      embryo: change the log catagory of printf in embryo

Jean Guyomarc'h (2):
      ecore_evas/tests: remove trailing whitespaces
      ecore_evas/tests: add tests for Ecore_Evas_Cocoa

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (7):
      Evas render: Fix typo (use & instead of &)
      Evas filters: Fix unused variables
      EFL: Mark EOLIAN functions as static when possible
      Evas filter: Rename constructor/destructor to ctor/dtor
      Ector GL: Remove duplicated functions (eo)
      Examples: Fix compilation of elocation ex (out of tree)
      Evas 3d example: Print message for usage

Jee-Yong Um (1):
      edje: convert Edje_Text_Class, Edje_Size_Class data type to public

Marcel Hollerbach (3):
      ecore_drm: check if device is already opened before open and free
      ecore_drm: close all devices in shutdown
      ecore_wl2: fix key down event called to often

Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
      edje: unswallow objects from parent edje when swallowing into new edje

Oleksandr Shcherbina (4):
      evas: fix resource file for billboard in evas-3d-shadow example
      eina: Fix possible wrong value due to null in determinant of matrix
      eina: Add test-case for eina_normal3_matrix_get
      eina_test: Add test-case for eina_quaternion_transform

Shinwoo Kim (2):
      Edje: enhance embryo stack broken error message
      edje: enhance edje_calc circular dependency error message

Srivardhan Hebbar (1):
      emile: Added example program for base64 encoding and decoding.

Stefan Schmidt (8):
      eina_inline_value: use void to force empty function parameters
      eldbus model: no need to double const a Eina_Stringshare
      po: update po files
      build: check for dlopen() when we build the ecore_evas drm module
      ecore_drm: make sure we include math.h and link against libm for floor()
      evas: follow file rename to keep distcheck working
      eina_cxx: make sure simple.eo lands in the tarball in all cases
      release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.17.0-beta2 release

Stephen Houston (1):
      Eo: Spell "Class" correctly when printing error.

Sung-Taek Hong (1):
      ecore: check eina_main_loop before lock.

Tom Hacohen (4):
      Revert "Edje UI mirroring: Fix UI mirroring for GROUP parts."
      Edje UI mirroring: Fix UI mirroring for GROUP parts.
      Evas textblock: slight style fixes.
      Evas textblock: Remove redundant NULL check.

Vincent Torri (1):
      win32: Fix compilation due to recent changes in Evil

perepelits.m (2):
      Evas: remove extra if from evas_3d_utils.h
      Evas: fix example for convex hull

se.osadchy (2):
      eina: add test case for eina_vector2
      eina: add all test cases for eina_vector2.


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