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davemds pushed a change to annotated tag v1.17.0
in repository bindings/python/python-efl.

        at  79b6d50   (tag)
   tagging  666817672096502a197bae021617348fde501b14 (commit)
  replaces  v1.16.0
 tagged by  Dave Andreoli
        on  Sun Feb 7 20:06:34 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 1.17.0 release

Dave Andreoli (32):
      Open the 1.17 development phase
      A new ecore module: ecore_con
      just a note
      Add test/example for Genlist tree
      More tests on GenlistItem show/bring_in
      emotion test: remove an unwanted/unused import
      emotion test: another harmless leftover removed
      Implemented efl.Ethumb.Ethumb class.
      Revamp old and broken EthumbClient module
      oh, this is really important ...   :)
      Forgot since 1.17 in last commits
      ethumb test: more correct global usage
      Add a new module: ecore_input
      Moved (un)focused and language,changed events down to Object.
      ecore_con.Url: do not fail when receiving an event that is not for us.
      Gengrid: a small doc improvement
      Implemented Genlist filter ability
      New 1.17 API: edje size_class family functions
      New 1.17 API: elm.Configuration.context_menu_disabled
      whops, forgot to commit this file in a previous commit
      New 1.17 API: edje.Edje.text_class_del()
      New 1.17 API: edje.Edje.color_class_clear()
      New elm widget: Combobox
      New 1.17 API: elm.Ctxpopup "geometry,update" smart cb
      New 1.17 API: elm.Configuration.profile_* family functions
      New 1.17 API: elm.Popup.dismiss()
      New 1.17 API: elm.Notity.dismiss()
      New 1.17 API: evas.Object.paragraph_direction
      just a bit of indentation
      fix the url for the remote image test
      Prepare the 1.17 release

Kai Huuhko (17):
      Elementary: Implement drag and drop
      Elementary.dnd: Fix various leftover issues Include all files in cdef search
      Ecore.Exe: Add missing documentation for the Events
      utils.deprecated: Fix compatibility with Python 3.5
      Eo: Add a private dict which can be used for callbacks etc.
      Elementary: Use the private internal_data dict instead of abusing user 
data dict
      Edje: Make ExternalParam_from_ptr a C only function
      Trivial todo note updates and doc fix
      Elm.MultiButtonEntry: Attempt to fix leaks, add more docs
      Elm.MultiButtonEntry: Fix filter callback
      Clean up cruft code
      Elm.FileSelector: Fix ref leak
      Elm.MultiButtonEntry: Correct documentation
      Elm.Genlist: Add small optimizations for filter and state cbs
      Update TODO


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