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-EFL Typers.
+EFL Typers - A typing game to remove invaders(words).
+How to play:
+Type invading words to destroy them in order to prevent them from attacking 
your world.
+If any words reach to a wall, the wall will be destroyed.
+If any words reach to a bottom over the walls, game will be over.
+So please focus on destroying words which is going through to bottom.
+Sometimes, a random item word appears but you don't know it's effect unless 
you destroy it.
+Because their effects will be confirmed randomly. They will have one of below 
+1. Recover Walls
+2. Remove all invaindg words.
+3. Cast invading words move forwards.
+4. Cast invading words move backwards.
+Scoring is based on the detroyed enemy's word length.
+For instance, if a word is "BadCedric" you will get 9 pts.
+If a word is "ZmikeForever", you will get 11 pts.
+Whenever you mistyped, you will lose 25 pts. So be careful!
+When a game is over, your score will be sum up with this rule.
+Total Score = Current Score(destroyed words) * Current Level * Accuracy
+Accuracy tells how you typed accurately. So don't miss typing as possible.
+Then... Enjoy and Good Luck!


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