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@@ -23,8 +23,14 @@ Scoring is based on the detroyed enemy's word length.
 For instance, if a word is "BadCedric" you will get 9 pts.
 If a word is "ZmikeForever", you will get 11 pts.
 Whenever you mistyped, you will lose 25 pts. So be careful!
+Whenever you typed correctly, combo will be increased but it will be reset 
when you mistyped.
+If you destroy words with combo, the earned score will be multiplied.
+For instance, if a word is "HandsomeHermet" with 3 combo, you will get 42 pts. 
Wow! :)
 When a game is over, your score will be sum up with this rule.
 Total Score = Current Score(destroyed words) * Current Level * Accuracy
 Accuracy tells how you typed accurately. So don't miss typing as possible.


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