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    update NEWS and README for release 0.6.0
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-Eflete 0.5.0
+Eflete 0.6.0
+Changes since 0.5.0
+* new project navigator: use tree to navigate within groups
+* tabs: move the managers to tabs
+* tabs: edit several groups at one time
+* history: support all group arrtibutes
+* group navigator: merge the parts, states and programs lists
+* demo: additional options for swallowed object
+* navigator: posible to add new group, copy or make alias of existing one
+* Eflete: add option for import edj file from command line
+* Property: make possible to rename layouts and styles
+* navigator: fix group deletion
+* image_manager: disable del button after deletion
+* property_group: fix doubling rename change
+* tabs: avoid double tab clicking
+* live_gengrid: fix SIGSEV on item text load
+* shortcuts: delete extra assert
+* image_editor: disable del button when no image is selected
+* popup: disallow empty group addition when popup just showed
+* property_group: better logic with filter
+* property: select program back if it was selected after tab change
+* property_sound: fix the close Eflete after a sound play end
+* property_macros: set None for targets and afters when NULL is selected
+* tabs: clear property so when loaded again it won't show last property
+* property_group: unset Program Property after program deletion
+* project_manager: fix import edc, set correct edje_cc params
+* Config: fix set projects dir path.
+* Main window: hide History block controls.
+* Property: unset and hide any previous content.
+* workspace: fix segfault after closing tab
+* project_navigator: set the corrent string to entry
+* project_navigator: fix group add
+* popup: get the selected path from fs on 'done'
+* property: fix bug with property over history
+* Popup: do not delete list of selected files returned by fileselector while 
+* style_editor: fix abort while 'open,close,open' routine
+* sound_editor: fix abort after sound editor close
+* Shortcuts: Hot key now work after export project as edc
+* Styles: fix the single line entry size calculation
+* History: fix the wrong property update on undo
+* History: disacart changes only if it exist
+* Styles: do not change the bg state if button disabled
+* Wizards: disable button 'Apply' if project name is invalid
+* History: fix part restack
+* Widget List: Nesting level does not match indentation
+* Part dialog: free validator before close the dialog
+* Connect: don't try unselect the deleted part
+* Property: set the correct name for image fill start and end points.
+* Groupedit: discard set text to part two times
+* Groupedit: discard the double object calculation
+* Colorsel: fix colorsel in property that changes it's size while moving window
+* History: update live view on all other redo/undo changes
+* Connector: rename part gets more and more laggy with every change
+* Live View Property: change parent for Check
+* Property: multiplier min value should be 0
+* Property: don't unset the color_class on part color set
 Changes since 0.5.0-beta
diff --git a/NOTES b/NOTES
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index 88a4245..0000000
--- a/NOTES
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@@ -1,27 +0,0 @@
-[ ] panes: add setter for minimal size of content;
-[ ] gengrid: add opportunity to set item (cell) diferent size;
-[ ] functionality: circle (ring) focus for widgets,
-     opportunity to set list of widget who can be focused;
-[ ] hoversel: scrollable list of item, new style;
-[ ] Elm_Object_Item - add to api a item index getter;
-[*] aliases: when group has some aliases it won't save any changes user is 
doing on it with eflete application;
-[*] aliases: we need API into edje_edit for detecting aliases;
-[*] aliases: if we cant detect alias then we cant delete group;
-[*] edje_edit_save: fix generating text description for parts;
-[*] edje_edit_state_aspect_pref_get - now returned value type is unsigned 
char, it not useful
-    Edje consist the struct Edje_Internal_Aspect need to share it structure to 
public api;
-[*] edje_edit_state_color_class_set - Not work. it func only set new string, 
but not update
-    color fields :-(;
-[*] missing getter and setter for fixed;
-[*] missing getter and setter for text_souce;
-[*] missing getter and setter for style for textblock;
-[*] edje_edit_save:
-    - crach when try to save edje_edit object which deleted image 
-    - generate wrong source (edc) for group;
-[*] edje_edit_state_add/_del: To fix this  we need to add function similar to 
edje_edit_state_exist that will check exact state match (name + value)
-[ ] eina_file_map_all: use mmap tools for edj files(like RAM disk). Increase 
up speed of saving changes in theme.
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--- a/README
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@@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
 EFL Edje Theme Editor (eflete)
 This is a EFL theme editor with some convenient functions. Eflete oriented
@@ -8,11 +6,11 @@ towards theme editor and UI design, and not GUI over the edc 
-   * efl (>= 1.16.0 && < 1.16.2)
-   * elementary (>= 1.16.0 && < 1.16.2)
+   * efl (>= 1.17.0 && < 1.17.99)
+   * elementary (>= 1.17.0 && < 1.17.99)
 Please note that some features may not quite function correctly or
-completely on EFL 1.14.0
+completely on EFL 1.17.0
 Please see http://www.enlightenment.org for information on these.


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