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        at  388611d   (tag)
   tagging  96084930ed9ed5810c5e4d902feba278701104d4 (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.0-beta2
 tagged by  Vyacheslav Reutskiy
        on  Mon Feb 15 11:42:43 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version v0.6.0

Andrii Kroitor (55):
      Revert "diff: do not abort on undo merged diffs (text name undo)"
      editor: fix abort on redoing part rename
      editor: use correct type for program rename
      property: fix SEGFAULT after part rename from history
      editor_part: fix wrong undo value stored
      demo: add missing initialization of variable
      project_manager: correct declaration of function with no parameters
      fix clang warning: equality comparison with extraneous parentheses
      config: remove wrong check
      editor: fix targets clean logic on program action set
      container: remove unused calculation
      demo/live_segment_control: remove unused function call
      tabs: fix unsafe list usage
      groupedit_calc: remove unnecessaty evas_object_table_col_row_size_get 
      live_popup: fix possible out of bounds
      group_navigator: fix clang "Dead assignment" warning
      property: disable entries for group and program names
      hitory: fix genlist item style
      group_navigator: move part type selection from menu to combobox
      theme: expand "elm/genlist/tree/item/default" style
      group_navigator: use states for parts instead of separate item classes
      group_navigator: fix bug with double clicking on state
      group_manager: fix state reset after save
      managers: reset property on opening project
      group_navigator: remove elm_check animation on genlist_item_realize
      shortcuts: implement hisoty undo/redo
      history_ui: fix wrong item states when change is made while history is 
      history_ui: optimize genlist callbacks
      editor: add missing saves
      group_navigator: use separate style for items caption
      group_navigator: update parts/programs caption
      group_navigator: update gelist part style
      group_navigator: update states and items styles
      group_navigator: update program style
      project_manager: disable aggresive resource checks
      genlist: fix disabled state
      property_group: fix doubling rename change
      image_manager: disable del button after deletion
      image_manager: fix adding of deleted image
      navigator: fix group deletion
      project_navigator: fix group name regex
      history_ui: fix reverted change color
      history_ui: implement Discard
      history_ui: implement Clean
      property_group: fix text size units label
      editor: apply Eflete default values to new parts and states
      editor: change default text size to 12
      editor: reset relative values if rel_to is set to None
      group_navigator: return focus to entry after part type is changed
      group_navigator: passing data to part_ok callback simplified
      group_navigator: add activated callback to new part/state/item/program 
      demo: fix default color for swallow parts
      demo: fix image update
      sound_manager: fix validation
      ewe: fix make dist

Viacheslav Reutskyi (14):
      style_manager: No sence to point action in the names
      style_manager: disable menu item 'Tag' if any style not selected
      demo_group: update the caption style for part lst in the demo mode
      demo_group: caption item expanded by default
      entry.edc: align to top the text in the multiliner entry
      toolbar.edc: fix the separator color
      segment_control.edc: make size smaller, text size to 12
      workspace: turnoff the mouse wheel event while zoom is out
      layouts.edc: make the plus/minus buttons smaller
      tabs.edc: set correct padding for content
      sound_manager: unable to add the folder as sample sound
      popup: show the 'Cancel' button
      property_style: attributes name should be in lower case
      property_sound: delete colon after attributes name

Vitalii Vorobiov (84):
      genlist: Doubleclick on layout does not work correct
      UTC: include to make colorclasses compilable
      UTC: make change compilable (add include for Diff)
      UTC: include group_manager to make history compilable
      UTC: some minor structure and function renames in History Tests
      UTC: update sound editor tests
      UTC: make test_logger compilable
      UTC: no more notify
      UTC: even while workspace tests doesn't work right now, make it buildable
      UTC: live view prop and live view is no more exist
      property_group: fix SIGSEV on filters
      property_macros: only programs to select in afters
      image_editor: disable del button when no image is selected
      image_editor: unselect image property after del button is clicked
      property_image: unset and disable usage controls when no image is selected
      highlight: drag corners only with left mouse button
      image_editor: show image fileselector in the middle of win
      image_editor: rename create function
      image_editor: remove useless and no more required mods
      image_manager: rename image_editor into his new form
      image_manager: quick rename of important functions and structures
      image_manager: disable del button if selected image is in use
      image_manager: remove useless code (since we won;t show this to user 
      image_manager: set up name of selected image
      image_manager: no need in new image selection after add
      colorclass_manager: move public structures to main_window
      colorclass_manager: move manager into ui
      UTC: forgotten and removed files
      colorclass_manager: disable OK button when entry is empty at beggining
      colorclass_manager: use mem_calloc instead mem_malloc and memset
      colorclass_manager: preview shouldn't go out of swallow
      shortcuts: delete extra assert
      colorclass_manager: colorclass should be easy to delete, even if it is 
      colorclass_manager: disable del button when no CC is selected
      colorclass_manager: remove unused members
      layout: colorclass and style managers got their Apply buttons to be 
      property_color: unset property when CC got unselected
      property_color: delete not important flag
      colorclass_manager: disable button OK when CC's name is already exist
      colorclass: little refactor, create colorselectors at the very beggining
      property_color: add description field
      property_color: set and update CC'es description if neccessary
      property_color: little final macro refactor to fit it to eflete code style
      property_group: fix wrong property colorclass preview on colorclass 
      Style Editor: delete header and move function to main_window
      style_editor: rename function into ..._manager_add()
      image_manager: rename from editor to manager
      shortcuts: rename editors to managers
      style_manager: huge text to see some style params
      style_manager: use mem_calloc
      style_manager: add wrap
      property_style: remove printf
      property_style: remove unnecessary char ( ' ) at the end of tag
      segment_control: change style according to UI/UX
      style_manager: check if name of style is already exists
      style_manager: check tags on tag_add and disable OK button if already 
      property_style: able to save on property change
      style_manager: disable del button and unselect on deletion
      property_style: set toggle style for check
      property_style: check for enable/disable ellipsis (remove value -1 from 
      project_navigator: move group,open signal to signals.h
      groupedit_calc: alias-group's part should not be clickable
      live_gengrid: fix SIGSEV on item text load
      main_window: disable history tab when DEMO or editors are shown
      tabs: avoid double tab clicking
      popup: wrong layout name
      tab_home_open: delete recent if it is not found in filesystem
      property_style: set none if style of the text is not correct
      macros: update color_classes according to UI/UX
      property_style: wrong variable to check symbol ( ' )
      style_manager: change "style/tag add" combobox into menu
      colorclass_manager.edc: use color_classes instead of macros
      layout: remove unused layouts (live view)
      style_editor.edc: apply color_classes
      tabs.edc: use color_classes instead of colors
      genlist.edc: use scroller color_class, update colorclasses (return 80 82 
83 color)
      bg.edc: set up color_class for this bg
      button.edc: light fix and cleanup
      styles.edc: apply colorclasses
      styles: remove unused naviframe and panel styles
      tabs: fix Property attributes shown in wrong case
      main_menu: clickable main menu style
      menu.edc: completely new style
      tab_home: enable menu items when project creation was canceled during 

Vyacheslav Reutskiy (74):
      sound_editor: disable button '-' if sound not selected
      sound_editor: delete old code for delete sound editor
      sound_editor: change the signal fomr SIGNAL_SOUND_ADD to 
      sound_editor: make property empty if sound is unselected
      sound_editor: reuse the image editor layout
      sound_editor: use cxtmenu instad combobox
      sound_editor: reset property when sound is deleted
      sound_editor: disable button '-' if selected sound is used anywhere
      layout.edc: fix mistake in layout name
      sound_editor: fix memory leak on select sound or tone
      property_sound: set the correct tone frequency
      property_sound: delete the tone duration, because tone hasn't it
      property_sound: set the correct sample compression level
      sound editor: add a structure for transfer sound data to prorperty
      property_sound: delete buttons prev and next from player
      property sound: collect the pointers to attribute controls
      gengrid.edc: update TEXT part names
      sound editor: use the Sound_Data for communicate sound editor and property
      sound editor: delete needless data structures
      property_sound: do not play the sound on select
      property_sound: delete the Sound_Prop_Data extra members
      property_sound: delete the code dublicationh
      property_sound: delete Eo out when playing is finished
      property_sound: use ecore_audio_obj_paused_set instead internal members
      update authors
      move the eflete config to $HOME/.config
      config: update the default size of left panes
      sound_editor: rename this module to sound_manager
      main_window: set min size to 1366x768
      delete tests for the edc top level block managers
      entry.edc: really single line entry can be smaller then 150 px
      genlist.edc: naming item styles correctly
      genlist.edc: propagate the events to lowed parts for tree default style
      Revert "tabs.edc: use color_classes instead of colors"
      Revert "genlist.edc: use scroller color_class, update colorclasses 
(return 80 82 83 color)"
      genlist.edc: add styles for item
      icon.edc: add icons 'text_style' and 'text_style_tag'
      style_manager: use icons for mark styles and tags
      project_navigator: use alias link insted file for mark the alias
      image.edc: update 'attention' image
      gengrid.edc: update the default/default item accordigly to guideline
      genlist.edc: delete elm.swallow.penult swallow as unused
      gengrid.edc: update the group_index style, make it more light
      gengrid.edc: update the sound_editor/default item accordigly to guideline
      thim.edc: add 'noframe' thumb style
      image_manager: use 'noframe' thumb style
      property_macro: update list of afters and targets
      update AUTHORS
      main_window.h: delete the symbol wich haven't implementation
      main_window: correct declaration of function with no parameters
      eflete: show the splash on project open form command line
      tabs: add API for set data to import edje tab fields
      eflete: fill the import edj tab fiels on import from command liane
      tabs: exclude the animator.h
      makefile: update makefiles for generate correct tarballs
      gitignore: add tarballs
      entry.edc: use correct test style for disable state
      image: update tile image for workspace bg
      property_group: use correct macro for update the 'state's entry
      propety_group: delete eina_stringshare after use
      main_window: turn off the window auto focus
      update efl and elementary dependencies to 1.17.* libs version
      property_group: fix potential segfault
      popup: set the default popup orient to center
      button.edc: make the text padding bigger for textonly state
      inwin.edc: add image declaration
      button.edc: delete extra color2(3) usage
      popup.edc: update default style accordingly to guideline
      property_group: set units for program attribute from/range (in/from)
      eflete: orient all popups to center
      colorclass_manager: set the correct aling items in the popup
      update NEWS and README for release 0.6.0
      configure: disable print info about enventor
      bump verion for 0.6.0 release


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