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  replaces  v0.5.0
 tagged by  Hermet Park
        on  Tue Mar 8 16:25:05 2016 +0900

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Enventor v0.8.0

ChunEon Park (124):
      remove redundant code.
      lib/auto_comp: support more keywords - anti_alias, ellipsis
      base_gui: + assert for easy debugging
      lib/main: minus initialization count when it's shutdown.
      auto_comp: +precise_is_inside
      Update part state in dependence of the cursor position.
      auto_comp: fix build break.
      eo: sync with eolian syntax changes.
      Revert " Update part state in dependence of the cursor position."
      live_edit: improve grip control.
      edc_editor: disable the part highlight on live edit mode.
      auto_comp: fix missing precise_is_inside.
      config_data: code refactoring.
      template: add rotation+zoom
      template: revise basic
      template: add group
      color: add zoom keyword
      template: update rotation+zoom
      configure: remove undefined commands
      setting: increase show transition duration.
      autocomp: fix the resoucre directory path
      update help description.
      removed template code insert feature.
      don't clip the tooltip in tools.
      change the short-cut key usage.
      fix the font/live zoom control issue.
      clean up help message.
      Indent: auto indentation when code is pasted.
      template: update basic.
      auto_comp: + exeptional case.
      recover the autocomplete backspace key issue.
      remove compile warnings.
      code refactoring.
      tools: improved ui.
      live_edit: fix regression bug that introduced in 
      --compiler warning.
      updated README/ABOUT
      fix the candidate list size.
      auto_comp: optimize code.
      auto_comp: close popup if the line is deleted.
      live_edit: fix focus highlight floating issue.
      live_view: fix incorrect zoom scale.
      tools: update line number icon image.
      live_edit: use ELM_SCALE_SIZE() for scalability.
      live_edit: support zoom on live editing.
      config: store/recover the editor panes position.
      live_edit: ... fix live edit scaling issue.
      modify zoom behavior.
      updated AUTHORS
      get prepare for v0.6.0
      updated NEWS
      update NEWS
      clean up code.
      template: remove new line trailiings.
      menu: removed tooltips from menu buttons.
      revise description of live view.
      auto_comp: fix crash at auto comp.
      adjust live view zoom range
      update warning button text.
      menu: fix wrong grammar
      edj_viewer: fix wrong spacer highlight position.
      live edit: don't clip by symbol layout but live view.
      live_edit: update live edit on scrolling.
      cancel live edit if the about is activated.
      updated NEWS
      updated NEWS.
      tools: update tooltip message
      updatd command line help message.
      color: added more keywords
      color: fix conflict set and set_xxx.
      edc_parser: code refactoring.
      remove unused functions.
      edc_parser: support new syntax keywords.
      color: support new keyword, spacer
      template: update to new sexy edc style.
      color: + one more missing keyword.
      edc_parser: support proxy, textblock
      color: + textblock
      template_code: updated to new style of edc.
      template: update live edit generation code for new edc syntax.
      autocomp: update to lazy edc keywords.
      update edj as soon as possible.
      edj_viewer: call the "live_view,loaded" at proper time.
      update for more lazy edc style.
      ctxpopup: support dramatic updation for live view.
      edc_parser: remove redundant code.
      edj_viewer: code refactoring.
      change Enventor_Path_Type interface.
      edj_viewer: track the images and update live view whenever they were 
      color: add nomouse keyword
      ctxpopup: remove a space in the generated code just around ';'
      edc_parser: remove the generated code '0.0' at the end of state.
      edc_parser: generate default time for transition
      edc_editor: clean up code.
      fix to avoid popup of "file modified"
      notify file changed popup correctly.
      newfile: code refactoring.
      main: code refactoring.
      syntax_color: apply string syntax color prior to others.
      code refactoring.
      autocomp: remove generation of optional code.
      ctxpopup: cutout slider updation.
      color: add more keywords
      syntax_color: improve logic.
      syntax_color: support configurable syntax color count.
      editor: set default tabstops size 10.
      syntax_color: reorder the syntax color.
      renamed color.src -> edc.src
      text_setting: code refactoring.
      text_setting: one more here code refactoring.
      edc_editor: code refactoring.
      indent: free memory correctly.
      add base_scale to templates.
      fix win32 porting.
      Makefile: build compatibility on Windows
      we don't use engine anymore. use acceleration.
      config_data: create config home folder if it doesn't exist.
      auto completion: fix malfunction of key input on Windows system.
      fix malfunction of key input on Windows system.
      fix broken key input in search/goto
      fix eo build break.
      color: +syntax color keywords
      about: add one empty line to align form.
      liveedit: fix the incorrect size of object.

Hermet Park (143):
      set spacer image transparency to avoid additional color multiply.
      rename author
      don't jump part cursor when enventor object is disabled.
      live_edit: improve icon quality.
      close ctxpopup when warning popup is shown up.
      edj_viewer: fix failure at loading edj file when enventor is starting up.
      bump version up for v0.7.0 release.
      make enventor description clean and tidy.
      clean the enventor description once again.
      i hope this is the final. :-@
      fix the part flickering issue.
      prevent memory leak
      update dummy parts interfaces.
      don't read a value from an invalid address.
      fix invaild memory read.
      update po
      Makefiles shouldn't be on the po candidate.
      improve a autocomplete feature.
      highlight categories to be more notable.
      updated NEWS for enventor v0.7.0
      update authors
      ++ enventor config version
      modify spacer output style.
      remove redundant code.
      remove an unused prototype declaration.
      refactoring code.
      fix the incorrect tooltip positor for tools.
      add live view scale slider onto status bar.
      base_gui: remove redundant code.
      update gitignore.
      set slider step size for view scale in setting.
      main: update live view scale value after setting is done.
      code refactoring.
      don't block mouse events.
      code refactoring.
      code refactoring.
      code refactoring.
      code refactoring.
      improve menu ui.
      toggle on the fixed view size forcely,
      about - use entry_file_set() instead of direct file accessing.
      removed unused textblock tags.
      updated authors
      code refactoring.
      Fix template code inserting.
      edc_parser: fix build break.
      fix incorrect memory allocation.
      Set focus to the editor when zooming popup is dismissed.
      Revert "fix the problem of selection cusor moving"
      Here, it comes with new design of enventor logo.
      update enventor menu design.
      status: disable status when menus were enabled.
      logo - resize logo.
      change enventor embeded logo image.
      backup enventor logo original resource.
      update live edit tools
      tools - rearrange tool buttons position.
      polish tools icons.
      Eeek. This wans't intended.
      Improve a behavior of mouse wheel for live view.
      Improve the guide text (more kindly) for the live edit.
      change the guide text of the fixed live view size.
      add a function to invert view size.
      status: code refactoring.
      stats: inverting view size with transition.
      fix build break.
      remove the concept of resizable view size.
      align the setting's view scale slider label.
      status: improve button style.
      improve ux: change editor ctxpopup direction order.
      ui: adjust the preview image size.
      ui: improve editor ctxpopup.
      ui: improve editor ctxpopup function.
      stats: add a function to resize a live view.
      support a guide text for editor ctxpopup.
      updated AUTHORS
      edc_editor: optimize bracket logic.
      main: remove unnecessary call
      Revert "indent: Cover comment line and block name for insert indentation"
      Revert "indent: Apply indentation for newly loaded edc file"
      text_setting: remove redundant code.
      setting: fix broken view scale entries.
      console: code refactoring
      editor: remove an unnecessary comment.
      autocomp: generate lazy style code.
      remove minimum template code.
      fix broken live spacer image.
      fix build break.
      removed logo from about page.
      revise previous patch code.
      update readme/about guide.
      one more doc updation.
      fix broken view size reset.
      edc_navigator: not completed. but first patch set for base layout & infra
      rearrange a minimum size of window.
      fix a crash issue.
      ctxpopup: remove a warning.
      updated about.
      change message colors to white.
      edc_navigator: 2nd patch for base navigation behavior.
      updated icons
      statusbar: improve ui.
      edc_navigator: 3rd patch for base navigation behavior.
      edc_navigator: 3rd patchset.
      edc_navigator: support program list
      edc_navigator: remove program list when other item types are selected.
      edc_navigator: fix a case that programs were not listed.
      edc_navigator: 4th patch for base behavior.
      edc_navigator: improve finding logic.
      statusbar: replace a group guide text with a group icon.
      update status cursor image.
      status: update line ui.
      editor: fix initial max line 0 issue.
      editor: reset cursor position when edc is loaded.
      editor: restore error underline style.
      editor: don't auto save always.
      remove unused compile warnings.
      remove unused compile warnings.
      get rid of compile warnings.
      remove compile warnings.
      remove compile warnings.
      edj_viewer: fix a problem that live view failed to update images.
      bump up version
      updated README
      update NEWS
      Revert "edc_parser: check null for code safety"
      edc_parser: fix typo.
      edc_parser: remove unnecessary code.
      updated AUTHORS
      panes: free all transits when enventor is terminated.
      edc_editor: free string resources after it used.
      dummy_obj: don't allocate memory if the object is invalid.
      edc_parser: remove memory leak.
      indent: add a comment to be fixed.
      console: free memory after used it.
      edc_editor: free string memory after use them.
      edc_editor: one more memory leak :(
      edc_parser: go away memory leaks!
      edc_parser: fix one more memory leak.
      indent: free code line resource properly.
      Revert "Fix to apply Eo4."
      Revert "editor: don't auto save always."
      Revert "edc_editor: Support auto save to update preview."

Jaehyun Cho (72):
      syntax_template: Fix that font color popup not appear when font is small.
      themes: Apply entry theme extension.
      edc_editor: Fix typo.
      edc_editor: Add enventor_object_font_set()/get() APIs.
      text_setting: Add font name/style settings.
      Set default font if font name is given with NULL.
      lib/enventor: Use correct Eolian namespace syntax.
      lib/enventor: Use the new Eolian property syntax.
      syntax_color: add &gt;(>) and &lt;(<) keywords.
      templates: Change image file names.
      templates: Change sound file name.
      Remove eio_monitor for edc file.
      edc_parser: Fix compile error.
      config_data: Remove duplicated code.
      config_data: Fix to set random output file name.
      enventor: Fix to move scroller bar to correct position for find function
      Support to use macro as a group name.
      Parse macro only if EDC is modified and group name is searched.
      autocomp: Fix to remove unsupported keywords in EDC.
      autocomp: Fix to replace unsupported cursor mode value.
      autocomp: Fix not to deallocate memory of eet data descriptor.
      autocomp: Fix the count of box.items.item's node list.
      edc_parser: Fix to remove unsupported in EDC.
      edc_parser: Fix array count of aspect_preference.
      edc_parser: Fix to allocate correct size of memory for string.
      template: Fix incorrect template insertion inside LazEDC block
      indent: Apply indentation for newly loaded edc file
      indent: Cover comment line and block name for insert indentation
      indent: Fix to compare string before '\0'
      indent: Fix to paste copied text not ending with '{', '}', ';'
      indent: Fix not to insert a new line between '{' and block name
      indent: Fix to preserve separate code lines
      indent: Fix to insert a new line after comment line
      indent: Keep coding convensions in indent_text_auto_format()
      indent: Fix not to insert a new line within macro
      templates: Keep coding conventions in basic.edc
      indent: Fix not to process complex logic for single markup symbols
      indent: Fix to paste markup symbols
      indent: Fix indentation calculation in macro
      indent: Fix indentation calculation in line comment
      indent: Fix not to insert a new line between '{' and block state
      indent: Apply indentation to newly loaded edc text
      indent: Refactoring indent_text_auto_format().
      indent: Refactoring indent_text_create().
      config: Set monospaced font as a default font.
      config: Set default monospaced font on Windows and OSX.
      text_setting: Show monospaced fonts.
      text_setting: Change "Monospaced" to "Fixed-width".
      config: Set default monospaced font on Ubuntu.
      Revert "text_setting: Change "Monospaced" to "Fixed-width"."
      Revert "text_setting: Show monospaced fonts."
      text_setting: Select current font name and style.
      edj_viewer: Fix to show dummy swallow for newly created group.
      edj_viewer: Fix to call "part,clicked" callback for newly created group.
      edj_viewer: Fix to highlight part for newly created group.
      edj_viewer: Show selected part state for newly created group.
      ctxpopup: Refactoring to get toggles easily.
      ctxpopup: Refactoring to get sliders easily.
      ctxpopup: Reset candidate values by backspace key.
      Revert "Show the save warning dialog on close unsaved file."
      edc_editor: Fix to set edc changed in edit_text_insert().
      template: Fix to set edc changed in template_insert().
      Revert "edc_editor: optimize bracket logic."
      statusbar: Fix cursor arrow size.
      Fix to apply Eo4.
      edc_editor: Fix to call "edc,modified" callback when edc is modified.
      edc_editor: Support auto save to update preview.
      live_edit: Prevent memory overflow case.
      setting: Check entry string before translating to integer.
      config_data: Terminate if config init is failed.
      dummy_obj: Print error when setting swallow image is failed.
      main: Use destination length in snprintf.

Jean-Philippe Andre (5):
      Add .arcconfig file for arcanist usage
      Editor zoom: Ctrl + wheel should work even with numlock
      hilight: add a couple keywords (no_render)
      hilight: add more keywords (LOSSY_ETC1,2, SOURCE)
      add SOURCE aspect_preference

Jee-Yong Um (1):
      enventor: remove --eo option from eolian_helper

Mykyta Biliavskyi (98):
      Config: fill the paths to the resource directories from command line.
      Command line: add new arguments into command line.
      Update part state in dependence of the cursor position.
      edj viewer: update live view for different groups.
      Command line arguments: fix ignoring resource pathes.
      Command arguments: add recognize output file.
      Update README and ABOUT files.
      Update hale information.
      Fix generation path to theme, for enventor library.
      Support version fo the enventor config file.
      Save dialog: support save edj files.
      Use eina_prefix for generation path to resource of enventor library.
      Autocomplete: enhance the autocomplete feature.
      Fix candidate popup positioning is wrong.
      Edj viewer: support SPACER part highlighting.
      Build: delete auto_com_code.h from library sources.
      Edc parser: correct detection of current description.
      Autocomplete: fix ability to disable functionality.
      autocomp.src: fix mistakes and add dependencies.
      Autocomplete: make search context run in additional thread
      Parser: recognize comments in code.
      Autocomplete: show list of the candidates after '.'.
      Autocomplete: fix segfault, caused by '.'
      Autocomp: sort autocomp to alphabet order.
      Autopcomp: select first item in candidates list.
      Autocomplete: fix behaviour of the Backspace.
      Autocomplete: show list of the candidates by Ctrl+space.
      Autocomplete: fix memory leak.
      Hotkeys: fix work ctrl_l key with num lock.
      Autocomplete: fix memory leak on autocomplete terminate.
      Autocomplete: add attribute "dot" for lexems.
      Fix compiler warnings.
      Autoindent: fix increase line numbers.
      Fix -Wint-to-pointer-cast compiler warning in ctxpopup.c
      Indent: fix position of pasted block.
      Ctxpopup hide on focus out.
      Change  the file save policy.
      Correct handling ecore key modificators.
      Autocompletion: support multi names for the section.
      Build: marks line, that contain error in edc_editor.
      Edc_editor: run programs in case if name placed on new line.
      Autocomplete: except text between quotes.
      Autocomplete: support images subblock inside group block.
      Edc parser: recognize description block without state name.
      Autocomplete: change behavior of show candidate list.
      Candidate list: filter the generated program names.
      Edc_editor: enhance enventor_object_text insert API.
      edc_parser: recognize keyword "offset" as changeable value.
      Edc_editor: remove "cursor,changed,manual" callback.
      Autocomp: bring the selected item in candidates list.
      Ctxpopup: dismiss ctxpopup after the candidate chosen.
      Edc_editor: after insert candidate, move cursor to end of attribute,
      Static analyze: "Value stored to 'var' during its initialization is never 
      Edc_editor: fix compile warning and clear code.
      Static analyze: fix "Function call argument is an uninitialized value"
      Highlight: apply disable/enable the highlight status for all groups.
      Fix compilation warnings for enventor library.
      Fix compilation warnings for enventor application.
      Edc Editor: after dismissing candidate list, cursor is moved at the end 
of attribute.
      Goto: close window from the toolbar.
      Parser: enhance quality of parsing the part state names.
      Show the save warning dialog on close unsaved file.
      Ctxpopup: block the input values from ctxpopup if it already deleted.
      Candidates list: add attributes rel*.to_x/y.
      Multilanguage: Add infrastructure for multilanguage support.
      Multilanguage: apply gettext macro to bin/.
      Multilanguage: generate template pot file.
      Multilanguage: add english po file.
      Text settings: Add analysis typed text for redoundo feature.
      Localization: fix localization support.
      Localization: add Russian translation.
      Localization: add texts from setting layouts to locale.
      Localization: update localization and enventor.pot content.
      Dummy: Support dummy spacer like dummy swallow.
      Edje viewer:  Jump to code of current clicked part.
      Dummy object: split remove fake objetcts of Spacer and Swallow.
      Parser: rework parser_collections_block_pos_get function.
      Edc parser: improve cur_state_thread_blocking function.
      Dummy object: change image for spacer.
      Edc editor: highlight error line number.
      Ctxpopup: reload the image content for preview.
      Error highlight: fix highlight errors inside the first line.
      Build: reset error notification before each build.
      Console: reset console content on open or create new file
      Live edit: return focus to the entry, after insert template.
      Error notification: dismiss ctxpopup when error happen.
      Templates: fix indention for generated "images" block
      Template:  fix indention for generated "styles" block.
      Autocomplete: add support new keywords.
      Enhance amount of supported keywords for the autocomplete feature.
      Edc editor: improve search the cursor position for the selected part.
      Edc parser: fix memory leak.
      Edj viewer: clean the list of the part names when module terminate.
      Redoundo: Support the real-time preview when we undo/redo the code.
      Indent: add logic to paste formatted text above or below current line.
      Indent: clean code. Delete unused variables.
      Parser: recognize keyword with context.
      Indent: check last '\n' in file before convert edc source to the markup 

Stephen Houston (1):
      Enventor:  Fix some grammatical/spelling issues.

Vincent Torri (3):
      Remove useless instructions
      Use eina_environment_home_get() instead of getenv("HOME") for portability
      Fix warning on Windows 64 bits

Vyacheslav Reutskiy (1):
      theme: add name for unnamed parts

Yongheon, Shin (2):
      Add keyword feature for base_scale
      Set the cursor region of part, when selecting in live editor

taehyub (31):
      edc_editor: add pair of bracket highlighting feature
      make group, description and program tempalte code compilable
      edc_parser: move update cb into bracket_thread_end
      edc_editor: fix bracket updateto be called one time
      edc_editor: remove unnecessary code
      fix the problem of selection cusor moving
      fix the problem of selection cursor moving
      Add bracket highlight function in thread function
      console.c: error log redirecting when double click in console box
      focus error notification when error is occured
      fix the unexpected selection problem
      remove unnecessary selection recover logic
      add back button in menu and about screen
      fix the error word select function
      apply ELM_CNP_MODE_PLAINTEXT mode to enventor entry
      add color modification feature to change color easier
      ctxpopup.c: change strcat function to strncat function
      ctxpopup.c: change sprintf function to snprintf function
      template: Fix undo error by correcting cursor position
      template: select the random name after inserting live view part
      edc_navigator: add return value
      base_gui: fix the wrong condition
      edc_editor: add null checking in error_line_num_highlight function
      goto: add null checking about the return value of elm_entry_entry_get
      enventor_smart: change the postfix operator to prefix operator to check 
next pointer
      text_setting: fix the unsafe code of string function
      newfile: change sprintf function to snprintf function
      config_data: change sprintf function to snprintf function
      edc_editor: change sprintf to snprintf
      main: change sprintf to snprintf
      edc_parser: check null for code safety


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