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rimmed pushed a change to annotated tag v0.6.1
in repository tools/eflete.

        at  d436867   (tag)
   tagging  08e010007856dcd2ce61678ab4d2148734a39034 (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.0
 tagged by  Vyacheslav Reutskiy
        on  Wed Mar 23 07:53:31 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Andrii Kroitor (26):
      workspace: add demo navigation and content
      workspace: implement workspace_active_demo_mode_get
      workspace: implement workspace_group_navigator_update_part
      workspace: implement workspace_groupview hard and soft updates
      workspace: return group_navigator,history and workspace interaction
      editor: fix reseting string attributes to not NULL values
      editor: fix border_fill default value
      property: fix border_fill combobox items list
      property_style: fix shadow direction
      theme: fix description apply warnings
      UTC: update diff test
      UTC: update change tests
      UTC: rename new_history into history
      UTC: update history test
      image_manager: remove unnecessary thumb reload
      property_group: use thumb for tween
      popup: fix gengrid thumb style
      string_common: fix font regex
      new_project: don't include default fonts, colorclasses and macros for 
empty project
      import_edc: fix typo
      theme: fix 'fixed' errors
      editor: fix fill.size.offset default value
      group_navigator: reorder part dialog items
      group_navigator: fix program type label
      ewe_ruler: fix 'fixed' errors
      fileselector: implement style for path entry

Jaehwan Kim (1):
      Fix build errors

Vitalii Vorobiov (23):
      template.edc: remove wrong insert_after
      property_style: wrong behaviour
      group_navigator: set Action on program creation
      property_group: show and update program's action as label only
      group_navigator: check index instead of string for part add
      group_navigator: expand programs by default
      property_group: remove transition controls when program action is not 
      group_navigator: wrong index usage on part add
      demo_group: update item and demo_part structure on part rename
      demo_group: program deletion should be repeated for demo's list of signals
      group_navigator: indexes at part add function and forgotten part type
      demo_group: update program list on program changes
      property_group: update transition on action add
      demo_group: change icon for "start program" button
      property_macros: set NULL value program attributes (signal and source)
      property_demo_program: special property to show some program information
      property_demo_program: show info when program was selected in demo
      demo_group: fix type, Demo_Signal instead Demo_Part on group add
      property_demo_program: show correct information about selected program
      property_group: update target list
      shortcuts: cleanup unused shortcuts
      shortcuts: disable to ctrl+s when project is not opened
      shortcuts: do not undo/redo when group's tab is not opened

Vyacheslav Reutskiy (132):
      merge two layouts to one
      Rename the file style_editor.edc -> style_manager.edc
      Move the layout to his file
      style_manager.edc: rename the preview style accourdingly to usage
      style_manager.edc: delete archic layouts
      cleanup: delete unsed layout
      sytle_manager: set icons to menu
      sound_manager: set icons 'sample' and 'tone' to menu
      Turn on the develop mode
      popup: fileselector helper - dismiss the helper on cancel
      toolbar.edc: make the bg tranparent
      workspace: move modules container, group_navi and demo_group to workspace
      update versions
      main_window: disable the minimal window size
      project_manager: make the exported build script executable
      workspace: prepare the workspace.c to new implementation
      workspace: add the core structure and start implement workspace_add
      workspace.edc: add helper layouts for worspace
      scroller.edc: delete 'workspace' style unnecessary
      workspace.edc: update the layout for scroller
      workspace: add scroller and rulers
      workspace: follow ruler pointer by mouse
      toolbar.edc: update the default toolbar styles
      workspace: add switcher for modes
      radio.edc: add styles for bg preview switcher
      main_window: add enum for bg preview
      workspace: implement the bg switcher
      main_window: disable the minimal window size
      project_manager: make the exported build script executable
      workspace: move to separatly stuct the scroll data
      workspace: move to separate func scroll area add procedure
      workspace: implment the switch between normal and demo mode
      container, fix mistake in the siganal name
      container: delete extra data set
      workspace: add container to the scroller
      workspace: select the bg radio accourdingly to mode bg
      container.edc: add style white
      workspace: change the bg style accourdingly to scroller bg
      workspace: change ruyler zero position on event 'container,changed'
      container: delete double size calculation
      container: add the base padding for container
      container: make the Tl handler move calculation light
      workspace: show the correct region on container resize
      UTC: delete test for groupedit
      UTC: delete test for animator
      groupedit: rename to groupview
      container.edc: drop the clipper
      workspace: show the groupview in the normal mode
      container: don't allocate memory for one time create struct member
      groupedit: no sense to recalc object on move
      container: add protrusion calc func
      container: update the geometry calculation
      container: set the correct unlimited max value
      container: delete top left handler
      container: delete unused macro
      container: add the smart move handler
      container: cleanup: rename the variable for smart data
      container: delete the content with container
      container: delete bg, now it's the extra object
      group_navigator: add parent to group_navigator_add signature
      workspace: set to workspace the group_navi for loaded Group
      workspace: add forgoten structure name
      workspace: add hilight and select part on select it in the group navi
      group_navigator: move out the SIGNAL_PART_UNSELECT
      groupview: make signals clearly
      workspace: highlight part on click it
      workspace: change visiblity of part by check
      workspace: emit global SIGNAL_PART_SELECTED on select part
      signals.h: delete SIGNAL_PART_UNSELECTED
      groupview: disable color for event object
      image.edc: add icons for zoom
      workspace: add controls for zoom
      check.edc: add style 'locker'
      check.edc: add style 'chain'
      workspace: add controls for container size manage
      workspace: resize container by spinners
      container: implement size aspect
      workspace: manage the container size and aspect from toolbar controls
      workspace: set hint max to -1 if group max value is 0
      workspace: set container hints on load
      workspace: add middle mark for relative rulers
      workspace: add to mode switcher 'code'
      Revert "workspace: add hilight and select part on select it in the group 
      Move to Eo_event
      groupview: delete arhaic signal, which not used anymore
      groupview: delete TODO about aspect
      groupview: remove from func names 'edit_object'
      groupview: calculate the parts geometry on move
      groupview: add highlight
      groupview: add signal for highliht events
      workspace: handle the highlight event
      layout.edc: add style for object area
      groupview: implement the object area
      groupview: make the event area larger
      highlight: merge 'show/hide' funcs for 'visibility_set'
      highlight: remove the 'follow' funcs
      hightlight: cleanup, delete unnecessary undefs
      workspace: don't use the ecore_job for close tab, it's broke the project 
      workspace: highlight part on group by group navi part selection
      panes: add style 'pan_hide' for workspace
      workspace: use 'pan_hide' style for horizontal pan
      workspace: save and restore the panes_h size on mode switch
      workspace: display the group code
      layout.edc: add overlay layout for entry
      workspace: show the reload request in the code entry if project was 
      container: replace the border visibility API to lock
      workspace: implement container resize lock
      Merge branch 'master' into devs/rimmed/workspace
      Merge branch 'devs/rimmed/workspace'
      popup: delete the popup in double shown case
      sound_property: changing according to the renaming of the eo_add() current
      UTC: delete unit tests for container and highlight
      UTC: delete main_window test
      makefile: include to tarballs tests header and specific files
      move about dialog to main window
      modal_window: deleted, because unused and never be used anymore
      workspace: set the default container size
      ewe_ruler: fix the dashes size calculation
      ewe_ruler: use Evas_Coord for object geometry
      ewe_ruler: update the smart_resize
      UTC: drop the test for pm_style_resource_export.c
      workspace: don't update the code if mode not MODE_CODE
      UTC: update test for pm_project_save
      UTC: remove the workspace tests
      UTC: remove extra edj files generation
      UTC: remove outdated tests
      demo_group: delete hard assert
      Revert "sound_property: changing according to the renaming of the 
eo_add() current"
      Revert "Move to Eo_event"
      Revert "Fix build errors"
      Revert "workspace: add controls for zoom"
      ewe_combobox: fix return value of select item function


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