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  replaces  v1.1.1
 tagged by  Boris Faure
        on  Sun Apr 15 17:06:01 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Terminology v1.2.0


Al Poole (1):
      meson: fix build on FreeBSD of terminology.

Amitesh Singh (1):
      title: set focus to title entry

Benjamin Jacobs (1):
      popmedia: NULL dereferencing prevented in error path.

Boris Faure (119):
      update danish translation. Thanks to scootergrisen
      new development cycle
      we're in 2017!
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      harden the code around manipulation of cursor_state
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      support the REP escape code. Closes T6042
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      gravatar: get images through https
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devs/iscaro/meson' fix typo
      fix -e option. Closes T6175
      Merge branch 'terminology-1.1'
      meson: fix typo
      be able to configure shine level on the default theme
      settings: move translucent to wallpaper
      options: move shine slider to Background
      options: have Colors before Video
      theme previews: set shine according to config
      remove Marrakesh.mrk
      get rid of automake
      use 'ninja install' instead of 'make install' in error message
      handle -Wimplicit-fallthrough= remove teamwork check
      themes: add Nord theme
      meson: add 'nls' option. Closes T6398
      packaging scripts/files should not live here
      gitignore: cleanup autofoo mess
      meson: find ecore_con_url_head() with strict CFLAGS
      try keeping ChangeLog.theme up-to-date
      early work on multi-input support
      splits: fix focus issue when splitting a split
      win: remove useless callbacks
      options: rename options_active_get() to options_is_active()
      controls: simplify code
      controls: less globals, controls per window
      about: simplify code and no more globals
      options: simplify code and no more globals
      controls: keep ctx when on about/options
      options_keys: rewrite it to have multiple widgets at the same time
      options_background: rewrite to have multiple widgets
      fix coding style wrt _Ctx types
      options_background: fix segfault due to flip destroying hoversel
      options_behavior: be able to have multiple instances
      options_video: be able to have multiple instances
      options_font: be able to have multiple instances
      options_background: go to image grid when selecting user/system in 
      options_theme: be able to have multiple instances
      options_colors: be able to have multiple instances
      working on 1.2.0!
      controls: use both "bg" and "base" evas objects
      options_colors: clean up a bit and have a global reset button
      options_colors: compute pre-multiplied colors
      options_colors: fix selected item showing on multiple rows
      mailmap: add my other email
      we're in 2018
      win: set flag on_options when settings/about/controls are up
      win: do not focus termio
      win: getting events through conform is more reliable
      move input handling to win.c
      win: constify term_preedit_str_get()
      win: get out of grouped-input
      termio: really constify preedit_str
      win: focus the termio objects, at least to have mouse work
      termio: focus_in to show blinking cursor
      imf: handle cursor move
      win: remove useless comments
      group input: handle only_visible or all terms
      Add doc on group input
      Merge branch 'grouped-input'
      win: fix focus after editing title
      termio: fix key bindings for scrolling
      win: removes that blue focus animation
      win: shot in the dark about the positioning issue
      win: do not show win too early
      solarized: set faint/dim colors for black
      solarized: slightly better by switching base02 and base03
      options_behavior: expect EFL > 1.8
      options: default is the behaviour tab. Closes T2130
      win: do not force focus when on options. Closes T4769
      win: handle title popup like the options popups. Closes T6727
      shift-selection: reduce timeout to 15s. Closes T2254
      README: reorganize
      README: add doc on companion tools. Closes T6767
      man: add terminology companion tools
      convert README to markdown
      man: add missing entries + fix typos
      readme: now require EFL>=1.20
      termptyesc: approximate true color. Ref T746
      termptyesc: skip colorspace id if present. Ref T746
      termptyesc: handle transparent in SGR38/SGR48
      termptyesc: handle CMY/CMYK in SGR38/SGR48. Ref T746
      meson: detect 'offscale' support in edje_cc. Closes T6770
      shift-selection: reduce timeout to 5s, seems enough. Ref T2254
      support encircled escape code. Closes T6769
      termptygfx: fix stupid bug when printing encircled numbers
      tabs: on tab selector, be sure only one tab is focused
      remove compatibility #ifs to work with EFL < 1.16
      default.edc: add images for bar/underline cursors
      default.edc: add terminology/cursor_bar and terminology/cursor_underline 
      ChangeLog.theme: add about terminology/{cursor_bar,cursor_underline} 
      config: add cursor shape
      termptyesc: sort CSI escape code by ascii value
      handle DECSCUSR (changing cursor shape). Closes T6338
      options: select default cursor
      win: expose term_focus();
      termio: force refocus after ctx popup is deleted. Closes T6782
      termptyesc: handle Horizontal Position Absolute (HPA)
      termptyesc: document Media Copy
      build: add fix for coverity
      options_theme.c: fix CID 1388097
      Terminology release 1.2.0
      tabs: clicking on New uses current dir for new term according to config

Carsten Haitzler (16):
      add /build to ignore for meson
      installl - update docs to use meson configure
      update autogen to use meson configure
      add tysend cmdline and support in escapes for sending single files
      tysend - i was only testing ascii files. binary doesnt trasnfer well...
      tysend status - fix focus after close/cancel
      tysend - optimize sending - pretty much double the speed
      tysend - dont check if in terminology as it should also work remotely
      tytools - remove eina.h include from ty tools where really not needed
      move private.h down after system headers... to avoid conflict
      terminology efl version bump 1.8 to 1.20
      close terminal button - pass ctx ptr to callback so it doesnt seg
      do a thaw eval after thaw to ensure we dont miss any events
      win - imf - fix small typo that was not checking the imf ptr...
      termpty - set ty_hand to null if returning cancel which dels the fdhand
      selection handling - donmt use null string selections if they are

Guilherme Iscaro (1):
      Add support for the Meson build system.

Marcel Hollerbach (1):
      build: fix install permissions

Massimo Maiurana (3):
      Adding danish string to desktop file
      Removed an entry in POTFILES pointing to non-existent file, this way po 
update works again
      Update po and pot files


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