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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release version 0.7.1

Al Poole (250):
      @fix for T1852
      Fix SEGV on shutdown with main window and project open...
      Center the welcome window on start
      Mostly working...
      Fix not catching reload of files outside of program.
      Add option to delete file in browser
      Fix SEGV on goto line when out of range
      Fix SEGV on right click of file browser that is empty!
      Add optional menu for directories in file view.
      Move File/Dir Creation to edi_file.c/h
      Edi -> Search Project - Add initial support for search in project.
      EDI -> Welcome -> New Project -> Fix (OpenBSD)
      EDI -> Mainview -> Prev/Next tab Buttons -> FEATURE
      EDI -> Tasks -> TODO/FIXME -> Panel (NEW FEATURE)
      EDI -> Main Menu -> Open Project (No tabs) -> Dancing window on Start 
Weirdness Fix
      EDI -> Save -> Menu/Toolbar Indicator (w/o autosave)
      EDI -> Debugpanel -> Debug Process States/Signals -> Linux, OSX and 
FreeBSD et. al.
      debugpanel : Use correct system process state naming for 4.4BSD 
derivatives and Linux.
      debugpanel: update icons if process is resumed from the "console"
      debugpanel: OSX uses different struct kp_proc layout. Adjust for that.
      filepanel: when opening as different file type, close first then open to 
ensure the file is instantly accessible as text or code (editing).w
      debugpanel: automatically run gdb according to project type. 
      mainview: Don't allow any file without text/* mimetype to be opened.
      language_provider: quiten compiler if no LIBCLANG
      provider: add fallback for text-based mimetypes.
      skeleton: Add header to empty files to get proper mimetype discovery.
      build_provider: add support for BSD using GNU make.
      EDI -> Save -> Menu/Toolbar Indicator (w/o autosave)
      provider: add fallback for text-based mimetypes.
      filepanel: add menu for filepanel when no file is clicked.
      edi_file_screens: refactor UI create/rm/rdir and add directory and file 
renaming method.
      welcome: fix initial project selection issue.
      scm: add support for SCM (git) in library and the UI.
      about: linux to unix wording in about.
      settings: project panel - make entry widgets inset.
      popups/focus: add improvment to popup visuals. Also select items in 
settings panel to improve behaviour.
      menu: revert hack for when the ELM panel/menu issue is resolved upstream 
in EFL.
      edi_scm: add support to add status of changes to the commit dialogue.
      screens: scm_commit, add scroller to list widget for commit popup.
      toolbar bottom: make panel tabs easier to read.
      searchpanel/tasks: ignore further extensions.
      general input: work around elm_entry assuming markup in input.
      debugpanel: fix OSX and add OpenBSD support.
      debugpanel: fix segv if "make clean" has removed debug executable.
      debugpanel: fix debug process.
      edi_screens_scm: convert markup to utf8 for commit message.
      editor: replace refactor to coincide with search optimisations.
      screens: add confirmation dialogue to screens.
      search: fix segv on wrap!
      add open files in new tab.
      mainview_panels: on close tab focus on existing tab and always keep one 
mainview panel.
      config: remove panel from config when we remove a panel from the UI.
      mainview: Always open in first panel.
      filepanel: Add proper icon for "open in new pane".
      mainview: improve documentation.
      search: Fix Project Search
      mainview: add method for testing if mainview is empty.
      mainview: fix close_all and close.
      fdo icons: install in correct location.
      mainview: add separators between panels.
      editor: handle file modifications properly.
      windows: make windows work properly and autosave properly.
      popups: improve visual display/style of the main popup widgets.
      mainview: unrecognise mime popup UI improvements.
      edi_scm: make sure we always delete the file if it is untracked.
      mainview_panel: fix panel focus on click of empty panel.
      editor: unset focus on tab change.
      mainview_panel: do safe checks before accessing panel->current->view
      scm stash: on stash don't refresh all panels, let user decide on focus.
      mainview: ensure only one instance of file is open across tabs and panels.
      welcome: center file selector window when opening existing project.
      mainview: clicking on tabs or filename will focus the editor entry.
      filepanel: add method to select by path and select upon tab promotion.
      filepanel: Add documentation for new method.
      mainview_panel: remove unnecessary cast.
      main: change "split" option to "new panel"
      screens: move popup creation to screens.
      filepanek: set the filepanel focus on editor focus.
      mainview: also select filepanel on tab focus.
      widgets: Use consistent text style across widgets in the application.
      build: Add support for tracking build process exit code and add 
      exe: Add methods to handle async shell execution and acting on exit 
      main: show console panel before we start the build process.
      build: Add status detection of all build types.
      editor: background file changes. Fix editor reload on background file 
      edi_exe: modify method to allow additional data parameter.
      build: status. MOre verbose notfication title.
      edi_exe: Don't use global variables.
      edi_exe: don't send data if socket connect fails.
      scm: add method to get diff of changes in SCM repository.
      screens: slight UI improvement to scm commit popup.
      popups: refactor popups.
      scm: add elm code widget for diff in commit screen.
      scm: fix loss of last line.
      debugpanel: add useful comment.
      debugpanel: previous commit typo.
      popups: more UI tweaks.
      popup: more UI tweaks.
      scm: add support for file listing file status.
      scm: fix init.
      scm: undo the filepanel scm status far too slow.
      filepanel: Bad indentation.
      filepanel: remove uneccessary methods.
      scm: reimplement support for file listing file status.
      filepanel: move function for clarity.
      filepanel: don't duplicate unnecessary code and no need to memcpy.
      filepanel: update on contract.
      Revert "filepanel: update on contract."
      filepanel: add icon statuses.
      screens: scm. update label to be more sensible.
      scm status: filepanel and commit screen.
      screens: scm fix icons
      filepanel: 99% consistent icons
      filepanel: 100% ontinuity.
      screens: scm popup align icons.
      stash: fix bug missed. make sure to update all items on stash.
      build: fix race-condition.
      notify: less text is more.
      filepanel: add filename to the root of the filepanel menus.
      Build: make build proces more robust.
      filepanel: do allow focus, else this causes problems.
      edi_exe: fix bad bugs.
      exe: add header.
      edi_main: use proper method to disable menu items.
      screeens: scm. Replace list with genlist and make commit entry more 
      Merge Andy's fix
      scm screens: select text when staged changes made.
      screens: scm, remove unnecessary hash clear.
      scm: use relative path not absolute.
      screens: scm. only show staged changes.
      filepanel: make dialogues more informative.
      filepanel: make dir menu behave as file menu does.
      exe: fix cleanup on FreeBSD of ecore_con_server/clients.
      edi: escape paths where necessary.
      edi: escape paths
      scm: refactor scm screens.
      screens: scm. Stylistic changes.
      search: Add project-wide search and replace feature.
      edi_file: use a static buffer for the path.
      welcome: Add progressbar during retrievel of remote repository.
      welcome: don't show progressbar until downloaing.
      scm: Create edi_scm binary for commit dialogue and use elsewhere.
      scm: header file function erroneous description.
      scm: Actually allow for checking of scm anywhere within a git tree.
      edi_scm: win title.
      filepanel: simplify code by using existing method.
      edi_scm: pack list and commit dialogue on same line.
      edi_scm: Monitor for changes and update when possible
      edi_scm: rename some borrowed functions.
      edi_scm: refactor code and use threads.
      edi_scm: handle thread cancel and shutdown properly.
      scm_ui: make sure we clear the widget.
      edi_scm: show window at appropriate time.
      edi_scm: small stylistic.
      edi_scm: fix memory leak.
      about: explicitly set bg colour and alpha.
      mainview: search + search/replace popups, UI improvement.
      edi_scm: initalise to quieten compiler.
      Revert "about: explicitly set bg colour and alpha."
      main: parsing command-line options.
      edi_main: don't use exit, goto and shutdown properly.
      edi_scm: dont scroll on additions to elm_code_widget.
      edi_scm: make sure we give a sensible window title.
      Revert "edi_scm: make sure we give a sensible window title."
      edi_scm: sanitize titie.
      libedi_scm: make sure we always change to valid directory.
      edi_scm: fix use after free.
      mainview: Add support for split-panes.
      replace: fix a typo.
      welcome: Improve project creation.
      welcome: add visual notifcation when fields are empty.
      welcome: change layout, making it slightly smaller.
      skeletons: rearrange template/skeleton directory structure
      welcome: make _edi_welcome_user_fullname_get less complex.
      COPYING: include license information of icons taken from Faenza.
      build: small fix for meson builds.
      mainview: remove pointless code and guard against crash.
      edi_scm: remove bogus hack when clearing elm_code_file.
      edi_file: replace. use a local temp directory rather than /tmp.
      edi_scm: use better gravity when loading the diff into the widget.
      edi_main: find a consistent icon for "close" across icon themes.
      build: meson, fine tweaking of meson preparation.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
      editor: align search and replace entries. Neater.
      tests: fix build on FreeBSD.
      mainview: add support for the new EFL focus subsystem.
      edi_main: don't start build,test,clean when unknown project type.
      edi_filepanel: if file is deleted close item in view.
      Revert "edi_filepanel: if file is deleted close item in view."
      edi_about: include Edi version in title again.
      mainview_panel: fix focus issue and panel closing.
      edi_debug: improve debugging support.
      edi_debugpanel:  fix debug panel buttons to work more reliably.
      language: add initial support for Golang editing.
      edi_settings: simplify font test and allow for some variation.
      edi_filepanel: make the filepanel unfocusable.
      editor: dont use smart parent object.
      editor: on focus dont highlight file in panel.
      Revert "editor: on focus dont highlight file in panel."
      mainview: store an actual copy of the path.
      edi_filepanel: select on focus.
      editor: split view. allow deletion of views.
      edi_settings: set the default debugger as the selected if none set.
      edi_theme: Add support for colour themes in EDI.
      split_view: store and load split views between sessions.
      themes: add solarized theme (dark)
      edi_theme: add solarized basic theme.
      mainview: react properly to config changes.
      mainview: react to config changes for split editors.
      theme: add a title to theme edcs and use that.
      theme: set generic value to generic title.
      theme: sort themes.
      themes: final changes remove black.edc
      themes: introduce theme support with themes
      settings: some minor visual changes to layout.
      theme: "finish" settings for the theme translucency/shininig
      Revert "theme: "finish" settings for the theme translucency/shininig"
      theme: add settings for alpha
      theme: fix small bug and change label.
      Merge branch 'feature/edi_translucency' of 
git+ssh:// into feature/edi_translucency
      alpha: make sure window alpha is set on config change.
      theme: remove unnecessary call, and slight tidy.
      settings: slight tidy up and make code easier to read.
      filepanel: only pack the box once when showing the file search.
      editor: search wrapping inconsistencies fix.
      welcome: add visual indication for required but missing fields.
      editor_search: make it clearer in the code when we reset the cursor.
      edi_exe: workaround for ecore_con_server_del
      edi_scm: Add support for staging and unstaging.
      edi_scm: allow stage/unstaging outside of top scm dir.
      edi_scm: move project root detection into the library.
      scm: refactor of scm
      scm_ui: Add border to avatar w/effect (rotation)
      edi_scm: Consistent results for SCM root_directory.
      scm_ui: use already stored value, no need to query again.
      scm_ui: remove unnecessary check.
      editor: fix tab sizing with multiple panels.
      tabs: Ensure that all content types load with good dimensions.
      content: move alternative content to edi_content.c
      content: move statusbar into edi_content.
      statusbar: undo recursive dependency.
      scm: store scm credentials and fix UI stash and commit.
      screens: add a dialogue with a button for close and settings panel.
      content: dont check line endings for image.
      screens: add a dialogue with a button for close and settings panel.
      scm: do not check for git credentials on a LOCAL none-commit op.
      scm:  use cached value, but do check for "" return too.
      AUTHORS: update to use my real name.
      AUTHORS: update to use my real name.

Alastair Poole (63):
      settings: Fix crash with non-SCM project.
      settings: Fix crash with non-SCM project.
      scm: init. Fix a crash on new project initializing SCM.
      edi_theme: use new method to update theme after layout change.
      credits_check/scm_ui: Fix bugs that crash.
      scm_git: Allow us to unstage even if there is no remote url.
      logpanel: fix crash when appending lots of lines.
      screens: improve settings popup slightly.
      main: increase lower toolbar icon size slightly.
      panels: add a frame around each panel for depth and clarity.
      scm: init. Fix a crash on new project initializing SCM.
      credits_check/scm_ui: Fix bugs that crash.
      scm_git: Allow us to unstage even if there is no remote url.
      logpanel: fix crash when appending lots of lines.
      filepanel: on tab focus improve visibility.
      tab: right-click tab for filename path.
      debugpanel: fix crash.
      welcome: display template icon at correct ratio.
      search in project: Use proper widget hierarchy.
      goto line: fix crash when inputting with keyboard.
      Fix translucency again.
      Revert "Fix translucency again."
      Do this better
      mainview: show path in tooltip when hovering tab.
      tabs: make tabs consistent size.
      settings: fix visual error when choosing font.
      tabs: let tabs with large filenames grow.
      build: fix unused variable warning.
      This should work it does not
      transparancy: update other widgets.
      Fix translucency again.
      Revert "Fix translucency again."
      Do this better
      This should work it does not
      transparancy: update other widgets.
      theme: add translucency to Edi.
      welcome: evas_object_rectangle_add needs Evas.
      settings: on alpha window change keep on top.
      filepanel: remove bogus minsize.
      filepanel: remove timer check for select path.
      settings: only allow one settings window instance.
      editor: register modify on cut and paste.
      editor: Fix typo.
      settings: move check into method.
      welcome: fix issue with template creation.
      settings: disable highlight settings win display.
      build: silence warnings due to unused params/vars.
      filepanel: update callback to match exp. prototype.
      create: bring back callback to notify UI.
      settings: add option to show hidden files.
      searchpanel: ignore ELF files.
      examples: update examples if repository exists.
      main: use scroller as container for logpane.
      editor: fix multiline comment syntax highlighting.
      Revert "editor: fix multiline comment syntax highlighting."
      provider: ensure we handle python3 mimetype.
      mainview: no need for popup when entry is empty.
      edi_theme: use appropriate API.
      edi_process: Introduce new process API.
      edi_settings: allow settings window tab open choice.
      BUILD: Fix changes in API for EFL 1.22

Andrew Williams (3):
      Merge pull request #1 from wilsonk/mainview_focus
      Merge pull request #5 from ilkosta/sh_create_new_project
      exe: capture command output to console

Andy Williams (864):
      Output of eflprj with a couple of tweaks - and EDI is born
      Update some copyright bugs from script
      Add some layout and dummy content
      Add a description
      Correct the toolbar issue
      Loading the panel from the filesystem. organise out a little and commit 
where i've got to
      Using Eina_File instead of Eio makes the tree much easier
      Order files by name in the tree
      Adding (blind) loading of files as text for editing. Use a naviframe for 
holding the content and a callback from filepanel through main to open new files
      If a file is open then re-focus the loaded file. Don't open directories 
or non-files
      whitespace fixes
      Add a more useful toolbar of functions. Set a more usable font for 
editing and make autosave a config option
      Load a project directory from the command line or by displaying a folder 
      Let's only open plain text fils mkay?
      attempt to look up icons for the file
      Make the filepanel expandable
      Add a right click menu for xdg-open
      Fix monospaced text
      Add an image preview type as well - why not
      Some docs for interested people
      Add actual log output to the log panel.
      Add an open-as menu so we can override the mime type detection
      Update TODO for previous work
      Remove the extra callback, we can just make type a required parameter 
that can be null
      Track tabs and content together to fix the sync bug.
      Make the text editable even on latest elementary
      Use more standard icons
      Manage open-in-new-window requests for files or open tabs. When selecting 
a file that is in a window raise the window rather than selecting the tab
      Add the app name to the title of the file windows
      Use panel overlays so we can slide in the extra content
      Add a simple content type picker if the mime is not recognised
      Add icons to the file type picker
      Add buttons that extend the area that's tappable to show the panels
      Allow the mime popup to cover the whole window
      Key bindings. Ctrl-s triggers save, ctrl-prior and ctrl-next cycle 
through open tabs
      Add a new file button to create new files
      Simple make function invoked from a build button and displayed in a 
console tab next to logs
      Actually use our library for building. Support ./configure and 
./ Move some common functions to the library too
      Added edi_build command line application for headless operation
      remember to remember the path
      Fix builds when running from a different directory
      Add icons to the console output that display next to warnings / errors etc
      Fix some warnings
      Add some more testing too
      re-add to match sentinal
      Added simple search function based on Ecrire's Find/Replace
      Added goto line feature, hook in ctrl-f for search (find...)
      Scroll found text onto screen even horizontally.
      Begin factoring out the text editor from the mainview code
      Added basic undo support - thanks to ecrire (Tasn) for the undo_redo_do 
      Let's open files that are reported on the console.
      Tidying up lots of warnings and fixing issues along the way
      Scale windows per elm scale configuration
      sync TODO with web changes and add a couple of my lower level ones too
      kill warning about ignored return
      scroll to the line not the cursor
      Adding line numbers to the text editor.
      Correct the lining up of numbers, still a little off for scale=2, not 
sure why
      Use the shiny EDI icon I made
      Update line numbers to be the same length as content to better match the 
      Move to a markdown file for  github readers
      Fix wrong relative path
      Re-add the original readme to make the builds work properly
      Initial welcome screen, working on adding the create project support
      tweaking readme for GitHub
      Adding a status bar to editors, currently displaying line & col info
      reducing complexity a little
      Move search UI into a panel at the top of the editor.
      Fix new window sizing following the layout changes
      Add/remove the serch panel as elm calculations are not working if we just 
how / hide
      Add mime or requested type to text editor status bar.
      TODO notes
      Include the skeleton tool in the edi build so we can work on project 
      Add basic creation of new projects using the skeleton tool
      Merge the clang syntax highlight parsing work from edi PROTO.
      Implement the colouring of code based on the clang parser.
      Fix scrolling to added line in console panel.
      Update TODO list in sync with feature completion and wiki changes
      Tweaking syntax a little to have 1) less vivid comments and 2) the same 
colour for macro introducing punctuation characters as the macro they introduce
      Trying some slight optimisations for highlighting
      Base addition of elm_code area within the edi codebase, including an 
empty test to verify it's working
      A pretty slim test of file loading and initial path apis
      Disable a broken test for now - we're focussing on testing elm_code at 
the moment
      Disable a broken test for now - we're focussing on testing elm_code at 
the moment
      updated gitignore
      Load lines sequentially and insert to a structure for reference
      Load the content and verify from our test files.
      Using the +/- format application to remove bold etc where used.
      Using the +/- format application to remove bold etc where used.
      Use the recommended formatting for colour, avoid font weight right now as 
it doesn't stack properly
      Use the recommended formatting for colour, avoid font weight right now as 
it doesn't stack properly
      Update tests to use the proper api check
      Fix building out of tree
      Warn if the passed parameter is not a valid project location.
      fix syntax mistake after changing markup type
      Update the syntax highlighting to work after text set - thanks a lot to 
herdsman for the initial patch
      Merging in master
      Add some documentation grouping
      Add basic structure for elm_code object - namespacing the elm_code_file 
properly to keep it clean
      Allow appending of lines to an Elm_Code_File, allow Elm_Code_File objects 
to be created empty without reading from a filesystem source
      Add an initial stab at an elm_code widget. It currently does not refresh 
at any time other than load or resize, so is not respecting content updates, 
but it's a start.
      Adding some initial concept of status flags for a line and default enum 
to start working on color pallette in our widget. Load enough colors to provide 
these statuses and hook into the EDI log panel implementation
      Fix a crash when resizing if the file is longer than the viewport
      Add a simple elm_code_test binary that loads the widget and inserts some 
demo text
      Passing Eo events from Elm_Code to the Evas_Object when the backend data 
changes. Track a list of all widgets connected to the Elm_Code so we can signal 
them all. Add API to change status of a line which will refresh the widget too.
      Take line coloring to the end of the line
      Adding simple build check and clean support to the CLI and main toolbar
      Add some simple version control status for lines too.
      Fixing some warnings. Not ideal handling of the Eo_Event_Description but 
it's less warn-tastic
      Fix the types of Eo Events - addresses lots of compiler warnings
      Adding simple build check and clean support to the CLI and main toolbar
      Fix compilation of tests
      Add a file load callback also - respect that with a widget refresh when 
      Fix issue where console error items would not open when tapped
      Fix issue where console error items would not open when tapped
      Add a simple token system to allow us to render some text styles
      change the colour of strings - does not seem to apply to all strangely, 
will dig further into CLANG tokens later
      A little more markup to the diff example with character add/rem/change 
      Refactor the widget token parsing so we can put it under test. Add simple 
test that demonstrates tokens split by space.
      Add parse hooks for lines and files within elm_code.
      Fix crash when appending a line off and the body
      Add tests PASSED and FAILED to elm_code statuses
      Fix potential crash when going to the line of a
      Improve displaying of test panel when running test
      Fix potential crash when going to the line of a
      Add some text mode icons to markup the lines for now
      Merge branch devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code
      Fix render test and an end of line corner case
      Fix render test and an end of line corner case
      Fix a memory corruption issue on some systems
      Fix minor issues I saw in passing
      Actually use the eina_file memory mapping
      Fix a memory corruption issue on some systems
      Fix minor issues I saw in passing
      Fix a test missed in move to mem-mapping
      Moving the issues to phab
      Moving the issues to phab
      Lay out the UI better so you can use with panels open
      Fix a test missed in move to mem-mapping
      Merge branch 'devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code'
      Merge master
      Small layout tweak to panels.
      Add an option to change the font size of our widget
      Add a simple diff widget based on an incoming diff file.
      Merge branch 'devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code'
      Fix warning
      Let's use a consistant font size
      Open diffs in a new window if requested
      Render all filename headers in a diff widget
      Merge branch 'devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code'
      Heading to a working windows build.
      Fix the director parsing of build output.
      Use an in-memory file for new elm_codes by default.
      Refactor mime type lookup and UI creation code to use a content_provider 
      Merging in refactoring of elm_code file lookups and edi mime lookups.
      Fix issue where first tap on bottom toolbar would not open the correct tab
      Fix issue where first tap on bottom toolbar would not open the correct tab
      Fix make check after refactoring of content_provider
      Use an Elm_Transit to animate showing and hiding of panels.
      Adding keyboard support for search box and improve focus control - 
resolves T1851.
      Fix crash when ctrl-pgdn beyond first file
      Fix bug with undo not operating on current tab - fixes issue T1853.
      Smoothen panel animations to work from current space if closing
      Update syntax highlighting to run in the background.
      Fix crash when highlighting multiple files in the background
      Fix a crash bby removing some dead code.
      Add a config system for remembering settings etc
      Extend config and use it to store window size and panel states.
      Update the highlight code to refresh only what's on screen.
      Add a cursor to the view.
      Fix up headers and tests to remove the exposure of some private methods.
      Improvement to incremental highlighting - its not fast but it will not 
get slower.
      Improvement to incremental highlighting - its not fast but it will not 
get slower.
      Make incremental highlighting refresh a line at a time to reduce flicker 
on redraw
      Fix indentation of code
      correctly created nulled data for our lists which need to be NULL by 
default. Fixes T1928
      Fix logging so the bin is not trying to access the private lib domain - 
fixes build issues
      Remove circular include of the elm_code_file.h header
      Update various headers to use Elm_Code to load all our public headers and 
fix a few build glitches
      Elm_Code now compiling on Windows, thanks to Vincent Torri for the patch.
      Disable NLS by default when cross compiling, remove broken need for 
      Tidying up intl a little
      To be more portable let's use built in cross_compiling definitions...
      Better escape sed commands so URLs can include some rather special 
      Fix a crash on building a brand new project.
      Avoid a crash when right clicking empty space on file list.
      Don't try to open recent projects if they can't be found.
      Update year in skeleton user files
      Move project creation to our Edi library.
      cleaning up fork/wait removal
      Improving portability again
      Merge in the new elm_code widget.
      Update TODO with recent changes
      Add TODO note to list
      Allow up/down/left/right to participate in focus control.
      More updates to correct API/export declarations for Windows.
      Tidying some more headers to try and get windows builds working
      Add a click handler for lines in a widget
      Don't allow users to open multiple project choosers.
      Merge in master
      Adding replace support to our search bar.
      Experimental eo commit - structure in place and it's resizing but won't 
      Let's open .eo files too
      install our test diff for elm_code_test binaries
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      Fix eo and regen to generate the right code based on okra's changes.
      Complete port of elm_code widget to eo as widget2
      elm_code: Add focus support for the elm_code widget.
      Manipulate the position of the cursor.
      Port everything to use new widget API. Remove old widget API
      Refactor eo widget2 to widget - update in edi too
      Merge in key_down fixes from branch 'devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code'
      Bind up/down/left/right to cursor control.
      And document the wiget API
      Update TODO with recent changes
      Add TODO note to list
      Allow up/down/left/right to participate in focus control.
      elm_code: Update resizing to reflect only the space that's required
      Fix crash when creating a new file
      windows support: remove the last fork
      elm_code: When appending lines ignore widget size now we're scrolling
      elm_code: update scroller so content fills space.
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      Add proper gravity control when lines are being added to the widget.
      elm_code: Fix click calculations.
      Replace consolepanel with elm_code.
      elm_code: initial work on line numbers
      elm_code: Merge n scrolling work from branch 'elm_code'
      elm_code: And complete the line number render first case.
      elm_code: Update style and alignment of gutter
      Merging in line numbers feature.
      Cleaner test output, add click on test failures.
      Expand skeleton.tar.gz and substitute replaceable text with variables.
      A working skeleton processor built into EDI, no scripts needed
      Wait until the filtering is done to put everything in git
      Update TODO with latest work
      Use FDO icons for the toolbar.
      Merge in a new skeleton implentation.
      Correctly lookup icon paths - @fix T2044.
      Fix the tests to work with widget improvements
      elm_code: Bring in line numbers and a left gutter
      Provide project creation through the edi_build command line app
      Split code editor type from text, don't try to highlight text.
      Fix issues with distcheck.
      skeleton: Distribute the skeleton files as tarballs.
      Finally fix make distcheck - clean up Makefiles properly
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
      config: Fix indentation, pluralisation and tests for remember-mime work
      Let's ignore make's dirstamp files
      help: Add an about EDI screen.
      Fix a few warnings and possible build issues
      about: add a donate button too
      editor: Control the auto-save function locally so we can re-sync with 
      about: Fix window to be a dialog and layout a little to fit the dialog 
      elm_code: Tidy up some unused code and fix up some focus management
      elm_code: Update demo to split various functions. Adding more pages as 
use cases emerge
      Use public types as far as possible
      Fixing some warnings on Windows.
      Improving focus control a little
      editor: delay autosave to 5 secs but save on unfocus too
      elm_code: focus: block focus leaving text area when editable.
      elm_code: Tidying our callbacks and line manipulation.
      Update many missed changes of note
      editor: Let's reduce calls to saving files or resetting highlights.
      Fix some warnings when compiled without clang.
      An update to get closer to make check passing for windows.
      welcome: Fix issue where project browsing is cancelled.
      files: Use correct icon for mime/editor type
      elm_code: don't run resize code more than needed
      elm_code: Fill the widget and gutter to the end
      Fix a crash if andy env is not present
      create: Replace user lookup with a more efficient implementation
      Add a temporary fix for some scroll/append/refresh issue with layout
      elm_code: Actually use it as our main editor window!
      elm_code: get / set the cursor position
      filesystem: Update our listing if files are added or removed @fix T1857.
      elm_code: Update FIXME to be realisic - the textgrid size_set does not 
      Adding news about the 0.0.1 status
      about: Show version in about window
      eo: remove generated files from git
      Update to 0.0.2 for builds now
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      console: Fix where clicking an error does nothing
      filesystem: don't refresh on every change
      let's re-release 0.0.1
      elm_code: Ignore eolian generated files
      Back on to next release features
      syntax: Update clang to output elm_code tokens
      elm_code: Support multi-line tokens
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      syntax: Remove unneeded timers and threads.
      syntax: Add line highlighting for clang errors
      elm_code: Support text insertion for simple edits.
      Merge branch master
      elm_code: display a line-width marker if requested
      create: Merge in welcome crash fixes from master
      elm_code: Add missing status icons from new states
      syntax: Actually use the elm_code parser api.
      console: Fix possible crash if errors occur before make starts
      elm_code: Move parser callbacks to private.
      merge changes from master
      elm_code parse: Add standard parsers starting with diff.
      elm_code edit: Support insert of any single char.
      filesystem: Use standardised icon names
      create: Pick up username in Windows.
      rework, remove attribute and quicklaunch
      elm_code: Fix finalized check macro
      elm_code tests: fix test path
      elm_code: require an elm_code for each widget
      elm_code: support line insertion
      elm_code widget: add show_whitespace option
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      editor: update to latest elm_code and show whitespace
      Merge branch 'master' into devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code
      elm_code demo: Show multiple widgets for one code.
      elm_code editor: adjust tokens when we insert text
      Add initial unicode support for elm_code
      elm_code unicode: update when editing
      elm_code edit: support backspace and delete.
      elm_code line: unsigned int for length
      elm_code line: move freeing to the line file
      elm_code widget: backspace or delete merges lines
      elm_code edit: split content on newline.
      elm_code editor: fix crash backspacing last line
      gui: break toolbar in 2 so we can right align.
      config: add settings screen
      Merge branch 'master' into devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code
      config: Update editor when font size changes
      editor: fix issue with closed tabs
      welcome: Fix launch crash issue on some systems
      settings: configure the display of whitespace
      elm_code unicode: highlight tokens correctly
      Merge branch 'master' into devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_code
      Update news for 0.0.2
      Fix issue referencing missing file
      elm_code file: detect line endings
      elm_code: selection highlighting
      elm_code whitespace: only display actual newlines
      elm_code selection: Input selecttion from mouse
      editor: display the line endings for the file
      elm_code file: get line ending chars
      elm_code file: add save method to write out lines
      editor: save using elm_code's new save method
      elm_code widget: fire user change events
      testpanel: fix crash for short log lines
      editor: fix goto line
      elm_code selection: move cursor to selection
      elm_code: add text search functions.
      editor: Delay goto until we've loaded the ui
      elm_code: Remove accidental dep on efl-git
      settings: Fix compile error due to wrong type name
      Merge branch 'master' into elm_code
      elm_code selection: test and implement single line
      elm_code selection: support two line selection
      elm_code selection: complete multiline text get
      fix wrong types / names
      elm_code file: test windows with new eina fixes
      Note that a fix is now temporary
      clang: save errors and display if clicked
      highlighting: clear errors that no longer apply
      tidy includes
      clang: tidy clang disposal and remove notes
      settings: Allow configuration of line width marker
      elm_code selection: Support selection deletion
      search: Update replace for elm_code selection code
      elm_code: Cut, copy and paste working
      elm_code: Support rendering tabs
      elm_code editor: display cursor over selection
      elm_code: Fix minor mistakes with tab commit
      editor: add tabstop configuration
      elm_code: fix tests to provide elm_code widget
      elm_code editor: handle tabs when deleting
      elm_code editor: Fix bug with newlines
      Summarise the changes that elm_code editor brings
      editor: Fix performance of adding deleting lines
      editor: Fix performance of loading large files
      editor: Add a tooltip popup if you hover over a line with a warning 
      elm_code: refactor widget to seperate space.
      elm_code: bring widget_text into widget object
      elm_code: Fix position calculations at line end
      elm_code: Correctly delete tabs when mid-tab
      Fix crash where clang encounters too many errors
      clang: remove debugging
      search: Fix issue when text is at end of line
      syntax: don't slow down by repeating tokens
      clang: fix paths used in syntax lookup
      syntax: reset status and hints when we reset token
      syntax: Only display errors for current file
      clang: Fix crash if error is not related to a file
      elm_code: retain line formatting on file callback
      elm_code: add multiline paste support.
      elm_code: add a TODO/FIXME standard parser
      editor: Fix crash when pasting multi line
      editor: correctly paste multiline windows text
      editor: bind home and end keys
      editor: wrap left and right cursor moves around
      Update elm_code widget .eo doc for EFL master
      eolian_gen fixes to inheritance
      Add visibility=hidden
      editor: add pageup/down support
      Fix issue with symbol visibility
      Settings: add a background to the window
      config: save project config in the project dir
      headers: remove includes if they are not needed
      editor: fix memory corruption when opening new win
      fix compile error
      editor: fix nulls being appended to lines
      editor: Remember open tabs and windows.
      config: free up memory when removing projects
      Update to latest .eo file type
      Use portable eina util methods for paths.
      Fixup tests
      Allow hiding of the toolbar
      list of important changes
      add a main menu to EDI
      Create helper for opening URLs
      menu: flesh out our application menu
      Update to latest eolian (getting stable we hope).
      Fix crash if closing with no project open
      better crash fix - mimic standard free() method
      Fix casing of app in desktop icon
      update intro docs for newer build requirements etc
      selection: fix crash when deleting large selection
      settings: Fix alignment of display settings
      settings: Split into project and global settings
      Update icons and about imagery
      Fix deletion inserting random data.
      elm_code: support setting custom fonts
      diff: Respect configured font (size)
      editor: trigger saves if selection cut or pasted
      setting: Add a font picker
      fix crash when deleting over a line ending
      tests: make content provider test work again
      performance: Fix issue where EDI would slow down
      highlighting: Fix threading to avoid overlap crash
      builds: Add a run button and the launch config to support.
      We're working towards 0.1
      run: Add args to settings for default run button
      Fix many warnings.
      Fix header location
      Remove confusion with old GPLv2 files
      Clarify EDI licensing.
      Fixing make dist
      Fix making after updating COPYING text
      Fix dist of licenses
      elm_code: add legacy API.
      elm_code: consistently use 0 based text index
      docs: Fix manpage and skeleton manpage
      elm_code: indent lines to match whitespace above
      texts: fix tests broken in previous refactor
      remove tabs from indent
      elm_code: remove selections if moving cursor
      elm_code: Fix tab behaviour following API changes
      tabs: load in the correct order...
      editor: fix a strange crash in calculations
      editor: Fix crash opening empty files
      editor: allow cursor placement in blank file
      editor: improve goto line dialog
      new file: create in selected directory
      Fix some bad memory access during widget creation
      [editor] fix stability of the highlighting thread
      [elm_code] Trim empty lines on save
      [elm_code] trim all trailing whitespace on save
      [tests] Correct checking of just length chars
      [elm_code] don't strip whitespace on current line
      [settings] Fix typo causing compile error
      [editor] Make whitespace trimming an option
      [create] use /bin/sh to execute the sed script
      prep for release of 0.1
      Fix make distcheck
      Fix NEWS file to respect the 0.0.9 release
      Merge commit '28bae570050d47d03a22ff49b570efbf31935679'
      Update version requirements for release
      Update to latest eolian spec
      [config] don't re-open files not really opened
      [editor] Fix indenting of newlines
      [selection] Fix so selecting backwards works
      [highlight] Split highlight tokens on line split
      [highlight] Merge highlight tokens on line merge
      Update NEWS with fixes since 0.1
      Update to efl on git
      [editor] Show a highlight for the current cursor line
      [logs] Ignore some common log lines to avoid clutter in panel.
      [log] filter out lots of efl debug
      [whitespace] Fix indentation after newline when splitting.
      Update to new eolian_gen usage
      metadata for release
      [build] Set up test environment in a way that supports fish and others
      [ui] Smooth file panel scrolling
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
      [elm_code] Update line status icons for additions
      [ui] Tidy open file toolbar
      [builder] Lauch /bin/sh to avoid local shell issues.
      Supress libtool warning on windows
      Fix maybe-uninitialized warnings
      [builder] use builtin sh support in Ecore_Exe
      [newfile] Check for filename and permissions
      [ui] Correctly focus popup inputs
      [ui] set icon size based on scale
      Revert "[ui] set icon size based on scale"
      [ui] one more toolbar fix to match scale changes
      Important bug fixes out in 1.17.0, let's require it across the board
      Fix clang detection on Fedora.
      [editor] Support space insertion instead of tabs
      Update NEWS file for changes since 0.2
      [ui] Add feature to filter file list
      remove trailing whitespace
      Fix typos in change log
      Elm_Interface_Atspi_Text changed to Elm.Interface_Atspi_Text.
      fix some autogen warnings
      [editor] double click and triple do selections
      [editor] stop auto selection on symbols too
      [tabs] add a close all feature
      optimise edge case checking
      [editor] various tidies
      [editor] Fix crash when deleting selections
      easier debugging of ck_assert_strn_eq
      [editor] begin re-adding the undo feature.
      Add arc config
      Fix crash when undoing a soft tab insert
      Complete the ending newline crash fix
      [editor] add delete and backspace undo hooks
      [ui] re-add the undo button, it's back
      [editor] a bunch of optimisations for redraw
      [editor] draw line width marker after file end
      Update to new eo event callback signature
      Fix make dist
      Update to latest eo syntax
      Update to latest eo_add syntax
      Update to latest eo_add syntax
      Fix the local lookup of diffs in the test app.
      Fix the local lookup of diffs in the test app.
      [editor] split out the grid into rendered rows.
      [editor] move tooltips to inline error meessages
      [editor] Split out lines from a standard grid in rendering
      [editor] fix line geometry when scrolled
      [settings] list all monospaced fonts
      tidy old stubs
      [selection] split words on * and & also
      [help] Stub out a right-click-help UI
      Update to latest eo specs
      ui: use standard icon names
      welcome: Fix icon sizing to not be bigger than we want
      [editor] Stop jumping around on click
      [editor] fix issue where selections didn't refresh
      Update the default license shipped with the skeletons.
      Fix build for latest API
      [files] Filter file names using regexp
      [build] Abstract build logic to provider lookup
      [files] Filter file list to ignore hidden files
      fix doc
      Update meta and news
      [test] Fix parsing for tests that crash.
      [elm_code] don't double free standard parsers
      [test] use correct parsing of test errors
      elm_code: ensure lines are visible when scrolling
      elm_code: Fix crash when tabbing in a small widget
      elm_code: Revert an optimisation to fix a crash
      editor: re-enable undo
      elm_code: Fix undo code for deleting tab
      elm_code: Fix build for updated eolian_gen output
      ui: Fix icon naming to standard
      ui: Update close icon to document-close
      elm_code: Removed and migrated to using the elementary merged version
      Fix compile errors with latest elementary from efl
      Update metadata etc
      create: Fix crash creating new projects
      ui: allow loading of a single file
      Add single file mode to help
      Depend on the first (pre) release of efl 1.18 so it's a known state
      Update to the EFL 1.18 release
      Update for a new release with Elm_Code and efl 1.18
      Update test suite to remove old elm_code references
      Update our requirements for latest efl
      Fix broken pkgbuild
      Add Create Project menu item
      Correct the EDI license in packaging - GPLv2.
      template: Set skeleton to ignore the edi storage that will be created as 
soon as we load
      syntax: Fix bad racey thread conditions
      template: More ignores of use
      template: Update build and default app settings
      ui: Fix the behaviour of tabs
      logs: disable logging for a while
      ui: Fix various toolbar items since tab chnges
      ui: drop toolbar for tabs, start rolling my own
      Authors fix since Elm_Code merged to efl
      ui: use the style from multibuttonentry for tabs
      oops, fixing the right temporary code
      ui: only use help lookup if control pressed
      lib: let the callback to create be optional
      ui: Move toolbar to left and remove the text labels
      config: update defaults since elm_code_widget fixed width marker
      files: Also ignore .a and .la for a make project
      files: tidy code to be easier to read
      lib: add pkgconfig support for libedi
      Change sed usage to be portable.
      fix typo
      config: Move project config into global config area
      Fix gitignore
      Fix build warning
      ui: Make file tabs scrollable and highlight current tab
      filepanel: don't reload on monitor until we have it fixed
      Fix pkg-config script.
      ui: Reset search term when activating search
      about: Update report issue link
      highlight: cancel the file parsing on line events
      ui: Fix file listing to stop duplicating entries
      ui: Don't how open context menu for directories
      Fix crash when opening a new window
      filelist: Actually update on file add/rm
      files: Avoid missing mime check
      fix extension lookup so we can see .eo files again
      fix typo in patch
      elm_code: update parameter order
      autosuggest: properly guard the clang variables
      editor: grab keys that should not feed down to elm_code
      don't crash on invalid lines
      editor: cleanup methods a little
      autosuggest: Move formatting to 1 place
      autosuggest: refactor to split clang suggest code from editor
      ui: When tests are running show the build results first
      filepanel: correctly look up files within their dir
      build: Fix some issues with the build output
      autosuggest: add tests to clang suggest provider
      we depend on elementary in git again
      elm_code: Update to new API signature
      documentation: correct size for scaled displays
      elm_code: update for latest elm init
      config: Store relative paths for open files
      suggest: Simplify sugggest API
      suggest: Move documentaton lookup to suggeest provider
      suggest: Move to a language provider
      editor: Display mime type description
      filepanel: Hide standard hidden files
      editor: Use elm_code for most of our syntax now.
      search: Fix multiple search and bringing offscreen matches in
      EFL fixes make this not needed
      filepanel: Fix file duplication bug.
      filepanel: Don't apply filter to folders
      filepanel: remove unneeded vars
      syntax: Still ask clang to highlight preprocessor/macros
      Update TODO based on latest EFL
      build: add trivial python project support
      cmdline: Add a little user feedback
      clang: Add support for compile command databases
      clang: Generate compile_commands.json using cmake builtin
      build: Split make from cmake so we can specialise better
      clang: re-scan after save to get latest changes.
      Centralise some more path handling methods
      clang: Update clang command database to support cmake too
      hint that bear is not needed for cmake
      Fix configure for bear-less machines
      syntax: trigger eolian highlighting
      Update TODO for milestone 2
      search: Fix off by one/utf8 issues in replace
      fix whitespace
      search: Show a notification that we wrapped search
      Add item to TODO
      welcome: Fix layout when not tabs are open
      welcome: correct showing the panel when all tabs are closed
      filepanel: Update directory context after refactoring
      filepanel: use data object to avoid file lookups
      disable broken tests - figure out why later
      searchpanel: Update render to give more space for results
      gui: Update undo/redo icons to show what actions can apply.
      Prep for 0.5 release
      Update to EFL release
      Correctly ship the language C provider
      Fix issue where replaced items could not be undone.
      Use correct future API
      Merge branch 'edi-0.5'
      refactoring for re-use
      cmdline: don't try to open unknown file types
      search: ignore more binary file types in project search
      search: ignore more binary files
      editor: Initial work in snippet support
      Actually we only need the next EFL point release :)
      editor: With EFL fixes we can have multiline snippets
      build: Fix python project detection
      cmdline: don't try to open unknown file types
      build: Fix python project detection
      Releasing 0.5.1 with latest efl fixes
      Merge branch 'edi-0.5'
      cmdline: Fix create for out-of-project creation
      create: Allow detection of skeletons of different type.
      exe: add a helper for exe waiting
      scm: add safety in code and in git branching
      scm: Update settings screen to be a little smoother
      scm: make remote adding not overwrite previous remotes
      scm: Fix naming and hide implementation details
      scm: Add a nicer commit screen saying who you are committing as
      scm: Add avatar to commit window
      scm: Improving stability of avatar rendering.
      scm: OK avatars working now :)
      scm: Adding avatars to commit dialog
      Update to changed EFL setup for frame titles
      welcome: Tidy up our display and add button icons
      ui: Speed up screen load and remember current tab
      popups: Move text to content to render in latest EFL
      welcome: Add support to clone a project from the welcome screen
      console: Fix error highlighting for builds
      console: Jump to column on click when available in errors
      debug: Fix up exe_free usage as it is not needed for pipe_run calls
      taskpanel: Better ignore files that are not relevant
      editor: Record undo for autosuggest insertions
      menu: hide by default until we can fix elm menu calcs
      ui: don't allow menu to be added more than once
      Merge build fixes from 'arcpatch-D4917'
      make: use our CPU count to speed up build
      tabs: correct remembering of mime types
      debug: Fix libtool command for OSX
      debug: remove warning on OSX
      config: Correct project name comparison for substrings
      ui: Use correct icon naming for FDO arrows
      build: Add support for cargo based rust projects
      ui: Remove duplicate code from menu fix
      search: highlight each found search result
      search: Reset search highlights on cancel
      tests: we removed c++ syntax - don't test for it
      Update news file with recent changes
      Fix tests check / defaults
      config: Be less notification-happy when saving
      update feature list
      panels: Track focus of editors when we're changing panel
      config: Save the current tab of each panel
      settings: fix graphical glitch on smaller screens
      filepanel: reorder menu
      mainview: fix removal of panels from the ui
      mainview: Fix potential segvs from D5052
      Use EFL release
      refactoring mainview panel freeing and docs
      scm: Fix refreshing of panels on stash
      ui: fix cancel of goto popup
      build: fall back to make don't try it first.
      Fix possible crashes in windowed editor
      syntax: Fix python syntax by adding a basic provider
      Add translation support
      autosuggest: Show first match for tab completion
      autosuggest: speed up suggeestions
      autosuggest: veto tab propagation for all inserts
      disable broken tests - need to move from including C code!!!
      create: Escape single quotes in project and user name
      about: fix layout of AUTHORS content in about
      autosuggest: Add safety for optional language features
      snippet: add some python snippets
      filepanel: Make the filename in menu informational
      snippet: fix indentation of inserted lines
      autosuggest: avoid lingering tab-complete suggestions
      filepanel: fix menu icon for folders
      Fix make dist
      Update translations
      change list for release
      begin 0.7 devel
      Update TODO following release
      about: Fix background alpha for changes in EFL
      Ignore new binary
      scm: fix avatar caching memory handling
      scm_ui: Show user icon or a fallback, not both
      Update text for SCM changes
      Fix build on OSX with clang but no bear
      Fix clang lookup dirs on osx
      Ignore build dir
      And link libintl
      filepanel: don't update status and scm etc for hidden files
      Fixing up linux again - need a better solution for OSX as meson bails
      Fix meson issues for OSX
      missing dirs mess up build
      Fix meson build for non-dev libclang
      l10n: Update strings to remove non-translation and trailing symbols we 
can add in code
      l10n: latest strings from new features
      build: Fix edi_build with meson to compile from scratch in one pass
      welcome: Improve layout of project chooser
      Run edi tests in meson
      build: Allow meson builds to be tested
      clang: Let's load clang relative to the build commands
      clang: Don't bail on first error
      Update ignores of template tarballs
      Fix versioning of meson build
      Remove old autotools build files - meson only now
      meson: remove exposure of lookup paths
      Fix meson tests for OS X as well
      Update name casing
      Merge branch 'master' into develop
      mainview: Don't promote a tab immediately before closing it
      mainview: Scroll tabs correctly on open new tab
      mainview: Don't shuffle tabs on background close
      Remove trailing symbols from translations
      gui: Merge debugger menu into build menu
      Avoid infite tab focus loops
      build: Fix install location for template files
      Update TODO doc
      build: Fix chmod for DESTDIR builds
      build: Rplace PKGBUILD with a working script
      alpha: Fix config defaults
      alpha: Tidy settings screen for translucency
      Merge branch 'feature/edi_translucency' into develop
      Add to news
      settings: Improve layout in display settings
      settings: Fix slider for scroll wheel usage
      Add translation info to the about screen
      Up to date translations
      scm: Make the titles consistent and add them to translations
      scm: Fix initialisation to be based either on path or on 
      scm: Add command line options to specify path if we want.
      scm: pass new --commit param to edi_scm for commit workflow
      scm: Consistent dir usage in win titles
      scm: If we can guess user credentials don't block
      avatar: Don't clip rotated avatar
      scm: Update layout for scm commits for usability
      Fix unsafe usages of basename
      examples: First pass add of examples info.
      Example: Add more content for the main examples
      examples: Crash fix on going back
      examples: refactor data to be tidier
      examples: refactor template code to work for examples too
      templtaes: refactor to use template name rather than path
      suggest: fix potential crash. Don't list un-named methods?
      examples: extract example from git to create new projects
      Fix compile error for non-c99 buids
      Fix compile error for non-c99 buids
      Completion of examples feature
      theme: roll back for the 0.7 releaes
      Update for latest feature additions
      develop is now heading to 0.8
      theme: We don't need to build a theme until that's supported
      Update EFL version required
      block on efl-git for edi-git
      Fix typo in string constructon
      build: Add support for Go building
      Load the test results for Golang builds
      Rely on fixes in latest EFL release
      Fix possible crash on consolepanel
      Default to tab indenting for go projects
      Oops, fix compile error from merge conflict
      Fix EFL version required for release branch
      Fix escaping of names in git parameters
      Improve safety and simplify mime display code
      Remove duplicate line
      Display the text position rather than the visual column in info
      Remove duplicate line
      Display the text position rather than the visual column in info
      Rolling back release numbers for 0.6.1 next
      Attempting a meson build fix
      Version down for release
      Merge branch 'release/edi-0.7'
      Merge in from 0.6.1 release branch
      Revert "theme: roll back for the 0.7 releaes"
      Revert "theme: We don't need to build a theme until that's supported"
      Better explanations of the build options
      Fix false positives in search-in-project
      Update News for release
      prep for 0.7 release
      And moving on to next develop
      Fix dependency numbers now they are released
      Merge branch 'release/v0.7.0'
      Merge branch 'release/0.7.0'
      Merge tag '0.7.0' into develop
      Update docs for latest EFL api usage
      Prep for 0.7.1 release
      Merge branch 'release/v0.7.1'

Boris Faure (2):
      use waitpid() instead of wait()
      fix some compiler warnings

Carsten Holtkamp (1):
      Opens welcome screen now under mouse, to follow enlightenments policy. 
Evas is picky about function call order.

Cedric BAIL (1):
      searchpanel: complete rewrite to have low hoverhead when processing 

Dave Andreoli (3):
      Added a python project skeleton
      Improve the python build provider
      python skeleton: added FDO stuff

Hermet Park (2):
      remove duplicated variable declaration.
      fix build break.

Jean-Philippe ANDRE (7):
      welcome: show after resize
      tests: add a test case for log viewer
      elm_code: Fix log test case
      elm_code: Fix scroller size when appending new lines
      elm_code: remove useless variable
      elm_code: fix crash from previous commits
      elm_code: unbreak previous commit

Jean-Philippe Andre (5):
      editor: Fix crash when resizing without any code open
      Revert "menu: hide by default until we can fix elm menu calcs"
      main: Fix some invalid API usages
      build: Add crude meson/ninja support
      build: Fix build in build dir

Kelly Wilson (15):
      Fix things so that opening a new file also grabs the focus. Add to 
AUTHORS file also.
      Fix horizontal scroll highlighting
      Edi_editor.c: Fix segfault
      Edi_welcome.c: Ability to delete project
      Merge branch 'horizontal_scroll'
      Merge branch 'open_file_new_win'
      Merge branch 'remove_project_button'
      Comment fix
      Merge branch 'hy_mixup'
      Welcome: conform to naming conventions
      Welcome: modify welcome popup
      Build: add cmake builder
      Content Provider: add new types
      Config: remember file types
      Mainview: prior/next tabbing wrap

Marcel (3):
      build: version 39.0 should be enough
      Revert "meson: remove exposure of lookup paths"
      build: use a include directory and not relative paths

Marcel Hollerbach (8):
      edi: follow namespace change from Eo_Event to Efl_Event
      time for meson!
      meson: handle also cases when the options are disabled
      meson: prefix need to be before that!
      meson: install AUTHORS
      edi: edi_lib is not edi_lib but edi
      meson: add a option where to find the clang library and header
      meson: alternative location for apple

Rob Hensley (1):
      Quick missing word fix.

Sanjeev BA (2):
      Fix the pattern to be matched for setting current_dir. Resolves edi crash 
on build errors.
      Fix typos.

Stephen 'Okra' Houston (1):
      Edi: Add double click expand/contract support on the file panel.

Stephen Houston (4):
      Elm_Code_Widget2: Inherit from box instead of layout since a layout is 
not provided.
      Elm_Code: For box to get key down, it needs to have a child receiving key 
      Elm_Code: Keep up with min size so scroller works properly.
      Fix meson build when clang headers don't exist.

Tom Hacohen (1):
      Fix out of source builds.

YeongJong Lee (17):
      ui:fix title bar attribute of settings, about window
      Adjust the code according to the eo event stop changes.
      autocomplete: Add code autocomplete using clang
      autocomplete: Refresh candidate list when typing.
      autocomplete: fix screen flicker when use autocomplete
      filelist: Check that the filelist has same file before insertion.
      autosuggest: Change the variable name from 'autocomplete' to 'suggest' 
for readability.
      autosuggest: Support detail of suggest
      autosuggest: One editor has one suggest evas object
      editor_doc: Add documentation finding support using libclang
      update AUTHORS.
      autosuggest: Fix position when the suggest list is hidden.
      autosuggest: Fix segment fault when type long word
      filepanel: fix bug that unable to expand again
      ui: Bring in current tab
      autosuggest: Refactor suggest list show function
      Fix build warning

Yomi (1):
      Edit welcome message.

ilkosta (2):
      removed a $ typo from sed command
      sh for git scripts


No new revisions were added by this update.


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