* David Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've been looking at tracking file revisions. One proposed solution 
> was to have a separate revision history for individual files, with a 
> new kind of 'filecommit' object which parallels the existing 'commit', 
> referencing a blob instead of a tree. Then trees would reference such 
> objects instead of referencing blobs directly.
> I think that introduces a lot of redundancy though, because 99% of the 
> time, the revision history of the individual file is entirely 
> reproducible from the revision history of the tree. It's only when 
> files are renamed that we fall over -- and I think we can handle 
> renames fairly well if we just log them in the commit object.

how about the following structure:

    - tree_new --->
    - tree_old ---> rename_commit -> blob

the rename_commit object just contains a pointer to the file content 
blob. If a rename happens then the old tree references the rename_commit 
object (instead of the blob), and the new tree references it too. This 
way there's no need to list the rename via namespace means: if a tree 
entry points to a rename_commit object then a rename happened and the 
rename_commit object is looked up in the old tree to get the old name.

there's no redundancy caused by this method: only renames (which are 
rare) go through the rename_commit redirection. (to speed up the lookup 
the rename_commit object could cache the offset of the two names within 
their tree objects.)

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