On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Sorry, I have not seen what you have been doing since pasky 0.3,
> and I have not even started to understand the mental model of
> the world your tool is building.  That said, my gut feeling is
> that telling this script about git-pasky's world model might be
> a mistake.  I'd rather see you consider the script as mere "part
> of the plumbing". 

I agree. Having separate abstraction layers is good.  I'm actually very 
happy with Pasky's cleaned-up-tree, exactly because unlike the first one, 
Pasky did a great job of maintaining the abstraction between "plumbing" 
and user interfaces.

The plumbing should take user interface needs into account, but the more
conceptually separate it is ("does it makes sense on its own?") the better
off we'll be. And "merge these two trees" (which works on a _tree_ level)
or "find the common commit" (which works on a _commit_ level) look like 
plumbing to me - the kind of things I should have written, if I weren't 
such a lazy slob.

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