On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 11:12:35AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> >>>>> "PB" == Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> At this moment in the script, we have run "read-tree" the
> ancestor so the dircache has the original.  %tree0 and %tree1
> both did not touch the path ($_ here) so it is the same as
> ancestor.  When '-f' is specified we are populating the output
> working tree with the merge result so that is what that
> 'checkout-cache' is about.  "O - $path" means "we took the
> original".
> The idea is to populate the dircache of merge-temp with the
> merge result and leave uncertain stuff as in the common ancestor
> state, so that the user can fix them starting from there.
> Maybe it is a good time for me to summarize the output somewhere
> in a document.
>     O - $path Tree-A and tree-B did not touch this; the result
>                 is taken from the ancestor (O for original).
>     A D $path Only tree-A (or tree-B) deleted this and the other
>     B D $path   branch did not touch this; the result is to delete.
>     A M $path Only tree-A (or tree-B) modified this and the other
>     B M $path   branch did not touch this; the result is to use one
>                 from tree-A (or tree-B).  This includes file
>                 creation case.
>     *DD $path Both tree-A and tree-B deleted this; the result
>                 is to delete.
>     *DM $path   Tree-A deleted while tree-B modified this (or
>     *MD $path   vice versa), and manual conflict resolution is
>                 needed; dircache is left as in the ancestor, and
>                 the modified file is saved as $path~A~ in the
>                 working directory.  The user can rename it to $path
>                 and run show-diff to see what Tree-A wanted to do
>                 and decide before running update-cache.
>     *MM $path   Tree-A and tree-B did the exact same
>                 modification; the result is to use that.
>     MRG $path   Tree-A and tree-B have different modifications;
>                 run "merge" and the merge result is left as
>                 $path in the working directory.
> In cases other than *DM, *MD, and MRG, the result is trivial and

I believe there is simpler way to do it as in my demo python script.
I start it easier but you bits me in time. It is a demo script, it
only print the action instead of actually going out to do it.
change that to corresponding os.system("") call leaves to the reader.

Again, this is a demo how it can be done. Not python vs perl thing
I did not chose perl only because I am not good at it.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import re
import sys
import os
from pprint import pprint

def get_tree(commit):
    data = os.popen("cat-file commit %s"%commit).read()
    return re.findall(r"(?m)^tree (\w+)", data)[0]

PATH = -1
SHA = -2

def get_difftree(old, new):
    lines = os.popen("diff-tree %s %s"%(old, new)).read().split("\x00")
    patterns = (r"(\*)(\d+)->(\d+)\s(\w+)\s(\w+)->(\w+)\s(.*)",
    res = {}
    for l in lines:
        if not l: continue
        for p in patterns:
            m = re.findall(p, l)
            if m:
                m = m[0]
                res[m[-1]] = m
            raise "difftree: unknow line", l
    return res

def analyze(diff1, diff2):
    diff1only = [ diff1[k] for k in diff1 if k not in diff2 ]
    diff2only = [ diff2[k] for k in diff2 if k not in diff1 ]
    both = [ (diff1[k],diff2[k]) for k in diff2 if k in diff1 ]


def action(diffs):
    for act in diffs:
        if act[PREFIX] == "*":
            print "modify", act[PATH], act[SHA]
        elif act[PREFIX] == '-':
            print "remove", act[PATH], act[SHA]
        elif act[PREFIX] == '+':
            print "add", "remove", act[PATH], act[SHA]
            raise "unknow action"

def action_two(diffs):
    for act1, act2 in diffs:
        if len(act1) == len(act2):      # same kind type
            if act1[PREFIX] == act2[PREFIX]:
                if act1[SHA] == act2[SHA] or act1[PREFIX] == '-': 
                    return action(act1)
                if act1[PREFIX]=='*':
                    print "3way-merge", act1[PATH], act1[ORIGSHA], act1[SHA], 
        print "unable to handle", act[PATH]
        print "one side wants", act1[PREFIX]
        print "the other side wants", act2[PREFIX]
args = sys.argv[1:]
trees = map(get_tree, args)
print "check out tree", trees[0]
diff1 = get_difftree(trees[0], trees[1])
diff2 = get_difftree(trees[0], trees[2])
analyze(diff1, diff2)

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