Steven Cole wrote:
On Thursday 14 April 2005 01:40 pm, Andrew Timberlake-Newell wrote:

Zach Welch pontificated:

I imagine quite a few folks expect something not entirely unlike an SCM
to emerge from these current efforts. Moreover, Petr's 'git' scripts
wrap your "filesystem" plumbing to that very end.

To avoid confusion, I think it would be better to distinguish the two
layers, perhaps by calling the low-level plumbing... 'gitfs', of course.

Or perhaps to come up with a name (or at least nickname) for the SCM.


Cogito.  "Git inside" can be the first slogan.

Differentiating the SCM built on top of git from git itself is probably 
to avoid confusion.  Other SCMs may be developed later, built on git, and these
can come up with their own clever names.

And the logo could be a dove which, as everybody knows, coos.

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