I finally sync'ed up with Pasky 0.4.  Reviewing the diffs
between Linus tree and Pasky tree for the core part you seem to
have picked up some good changes (especially the byteorder one),
so I decided to rebase my changes.  So here it comes...

What follows are the 3 patches to the core part to support the
three-tree merge script, and another to introduce the script
itself.  I used to call it git-merge.perl, but now it is called
merge-trees (per request from Pasky to drop git- prefix, and
Linus has merge-tree that does not recurse while this one does
subdirectories).  The core functinality has not changed much.
The changes from the previous version at this point is still
code and interface cleanup only.

My next step will be to make it possible to tell it not to do
anything but just output recipe.

[PATCH 1/4] Add --cacheinfo option to update-cache
[PATCH 2/4] Add -z option to show-files
[PATCH 3/4] Add -r and -z options to ls-tree
[PATCH 4/4] Makefile change and merge-trees script itself.

The patches are against 516f2a088903a7b5f5a542de96b6a70c17856314

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