On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 16:53 +0200, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> but the specific scenario you described would require _Linus'_ tree to
> be in limbo for a long time, and have uncommitted half-done edits.
> I.e.:
>    (A1B2)--(A2B2)--(A2'B3)
>     /  \   /            \
>    /    \ /              \
>  (A1B1)  X               (...)
>    \    / \              /
>     \  /   \            /
>    (A2B1)--(A2B2)--(A3B2')
> in the above scenario Linus' tree needs to 'cross' with a maintainer's
> tree.  (maintainer's tree wont cross with another maintainer's tree,
> as maintainer-to-maintainer merges rare.)

Is that true? Consider (A2B1) to be a bugfixes-only tree which I make
available for Linus to pull from. I keep doing more experimental stuff
in my own private copy of the tree along the bottom branch, while Linus
_eventually_ responds to my pull request and moves on, stopping only to
add a 'static' to one of my new functions. I move on too but don't pull
from Linus again for a little while; the final merge happens when I _do_
pull again.


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