On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I was looking at merge-tree.c last night to add recursive
> behaviour (my favorite these days ;-) to it [*1*].
> But then I started thinking.

Always good.

> LT> ... For each entry in the directory it says either
> LT>   select <mode> <sha1> path
> LT> or
> LT>   merge <mode>-><mode>,<mode> <sha1>-><sha1>,<sha1> path
> LT> depending on whether it could directly select the right object or not.
> Given that the case you are primarily interested in is the one
> that affects only small parts of a huge tree (i.e. common kernel
> merge pattern I understand from your previous messages), your
> "hacky version" [*2*], extended for recursive operation, would
> spit out 98% select and 2% merge, and probably the origin of
> these selects are distributed across ancestor=90%, his=4%,
> my=4%, or something similar.  Am I misestimating grossly?

No. That's _exactly_ right. You do not want a recursive merge-tree. 

The "diff-tree" thing is different, exactly because it prunes out all the 
differences early on.

> I am thinking about:
>  - adding recursive behaviour (I am almost done with this);

I think your suggestion sounds perfectly reasonable.

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