Ingo Molnar wrote:
* Ingo Molnar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

the patches contain all the existing metadata, dates, log messages and revision history. (What i think is missing is the BK tree merge information, but i'm not sure we want/need to convert them to GIT.)

author names are abbreviated, e.g. 'viro' instead of [EMAIL PROTECTED], and no committer information is included (albeit commiter ought to be Linus in most cases). These are limitations of the BK->CVS gateway i think.

Glad to hear cvsps made it through! I'm curious what the manual fixups required were, except for the binary file issue (logo.gif).

As to the actual email addresses, for more recent patches, the Signed-off should help. For earlier ones, isn't their some script which 'knows' a bunch of canonical author->email mappings? (the shortlog script or something)?

Is the full committer email address actually in the changeset in BK? If so, given that we have the unique id (immutable I believe) of the changset, could it be extracted directly from BK?


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